5 Tips to Organize Your Office Desk and Keep It Clutter-Free

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Your desk space is your most personal space in the office, especially as you spend most of your day in the area. When your office desk is messy, your work is affected, and it's just a matter of time that the stress of a cluttered workspace weighs down on your productivity.

An organized desk, on the other hand, makes it easy for you to find what you need when you need them. At the same time, you can free yourself from any distractions brought about by the clutter on your desk, and have ample work space for you to focus on the tasks and other goals you need to accomplish for the day.

How to Organize Office Desk

Step 1: Clear and Clean Your Desk Space

First, clear out everything from your desk that isn't nailed down. Place all your supplies in a box or container in the meantime while you clean your desk with a spray disinfectant, a disinfecting wipe, or some hand sanitizer. This will give you a clear space to figure out how you want to organize your desk.

Step 2: Categorize Your Items

Take each item and define it into one of three categories: keep, store, and toss. Keep all the items you use on a daily basis, such as pens, paper, sticky notes, tape, scissors, and more. These will be placed within arms reach right on top of your desk.

Store refers to the paper clutter, files, and unnecessary office supplies that you do not use often. These are to be kept in a designated storage space, on a shelving unit, or in your desk drawers for easy access. Toss out food wrappers, spent sticky notes, inkless pens, and other garbage in the trash can.

Step 3: Remove Unnecessary Items

Keep only what you need. Take all the items you're planning to remove, and place them in storage boxes labeled with the contents of the box. This will help you find those items again as needed in the future. If you're removing personal items from your office, place them in a bag or box to take them home instead.

Step 4: Store Files in Filing Cabinet

Files should not be stored in boxes, but in the filing cabinet as you will need a proper record of your projects, deadlines, meetings, and more. Alphabetize your files, and place each file under its designated project folder for convenience. Label each folder with the project name, date, category, and other necessary tags depending on the nature of your files.

Step 5: Place Pens, Paper Clips, and Other Office Supplies

You can now work on placing items back on your desk. Start by placing small items, then work towards larger items. Place your paper clips in a magnetic storage case, and your stapler nearby for quick access. Keep pens and highlighters in a pencil cup, and use desk organizers for papers and important files. It is best to label everything as you organize your desk.

Step 6: Tie or Organize Cables Together

Lastly, work on your cables. Those device chargers and wires can easily entangle, causing damage to your devices later on. Prevent these cables from intertwining with a cable organizer, some binder clips, or zip ties to keep cables from one device separate from others.

How to Keep Your Office Desk Clutter-Free

Tip #1: Make Use of the Wall

Are you the type to place your to-do list on the side of your computer screen? Stop cluttering your office desk with notes and lists, and instead make use of the free wall space right next to your work space. Install a functional DIY pegboard wall, which you can find alongside craft supplies in art stores, for you to place your notes and to-do lists.

You can also place floating shelves to optimize your office space, a tracking system overhead, or install a wall-mounted desk lamp to save up on space. Making good use of the wall removes some of the items on your clean desk, and keeps your desk organized as you open enough room for you to focus on work.

Tip #2: Use a Desk Organizer for Files, Pens, and Supplies

Place as many shelves, wooden boxes, or other organizers on your desk as you wish, but be sure to keep an area open for you to write, type, or otherwise do your work properly. Organizers will categorize your items, and you can store supplies in small cabinet-styled organizers to keep them on hand for when you need them.

Tip #3: Organize the Desk Drawer Too

Don't forget to organize the multiple drawers in your office desk as well. Place drawer organizers to keep your items from rolling around each time you open or close the drawer. Place small, easy-to-lose items in your drawers, as well as items you don't often use but may need at any time. Alternatively, you can store all office supplies in the drawer to keep your desk clear.

Tip #4: Use a Desk Mat

A desk mat made from silicone or fabric works well to ensure your working space is clear. It provides a designated area for you to keep clear from all your items and supplies. The general rule should be nothing is within the desk mat by the end of the day to keep your desk well-organized. Go for plain mats instead of printed or patterned for a more minimalist look.

Tip #5: Keep Personal Items to a Minimum

Our number one tip is to keep personal items out of your work environment as much as possible. Whether you're cleaning your desk in the office, or keeping your home office organized, avoid bringing personal items to work as these only serve as distractions.

Organization Station

The best way to stay organized is to keep all the visual clutter away, but what about the clutter we don't see? Those small dust particles, germs, and other microorganisms can hinder your work just as well as any clutter, so it is important to keep your entire office clean.

Luce SG offers the best quality in home and office cleaning services as we ensure your space is thoroughly clean from top to bottom! Our expert cleaners are well-versed in keeping surfaces spotless, and your space will benefit from a scheduled cleaning every now and then.

Contact us today via email or through our website to schedule your cleaning day!

1000+ Reviews
All our happy customers can’t be wrong! Let us take care of your home cleaning need.
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