What Are Day Porters and What Do They Do?

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Have you ever walked into an establishment of high standard, and noticed the dust-layered tables, sticky floors, and pieces of trash everywhere? No? Then you have the day porter to thank for that. Day porters are essential to every commercial space, but what is a day porter, and how are they beneficial to office buildings?

In this article, we'll look into the day-to-day work of a day porter, and why companies cannot function properly without a maintenance and cleaning crew to keep the workplace spotless and in perfect condition.

What is a Day Porter?

Day porters are individuals hired to ensure that an establishment is presentable to guests and visitors. A day porter is responsible for maintaining the clean face of an establishment of commercial area through cleaning and janitorial services. They are also known as janitors, custodians or a day matron, and are hired in most commercial spaces.

What Do They Do?

Day porters provide invaluable service to their companies as they perform cleaning and maintenance tasks such as regular cleaning, minor repairs, and general upkeep. A day porter job description often includes tasks relevant to the company, such as to prepare conference rooms for office settings, or clean up spills in restaurant or grocery settings.

In essence, anything that pertains to the overall look and cleanliness of the company falls under the scope of a day porter service. In addition to cleaning crises, day porters respond to incidents that may hinder day-to-day operations in the company. They are often overlooked, but valued, team members that keep their companies running smoothly.

Public areas like malls, parks, and food establishments are most likely to avail of a day porter service as the reputation of these areas are of utmost importance to keep customers coming. Office buildings may also hire custodians, and would typically avail day porter services from a third-party commercial cleaning company.

What Are the Common Services of a Day Porter?

A day porter job description is different for every hiring company, but janitorial service is a standard for all day porters. A day porter must be a highly organized and responsible individual as the work involves tasks that must be completed in a timely manner. A day porter checklist would help keep track of the daily tasks needed to be done for the day.

Day porter services may include:

  • Do general cleaning throughout the establishment: including wiping down surfaces, sweeping, mopping major spills, vacuuming, dusting, trash removal, and other cleaning crises.
  • Complete minor repairs, place safety hazard signs, change light bulbs, and remove hazardous elements from the establishment as needed.
  • Disinfect kitchen, break room, common areas, high traffic areas, and service washrooms.
  • Do continuous, everyday upkeep and restroom restocks during business hours, particularly for open, public spaces.
  • Provide front lobby support, arrange conference rooms before and after important meetings, and maintain the condition of the building or facility.

Overall, day porter duties depend on the needs of the hiring company, which they can discuss with the custodian before employment. Cleaning companies like Luce SG train custodians in various tasks, making sure they deploy knowledgeable and responsible day porters on site.

The Benefits of Hiring a Day Porter

Janitorial services are essential to any company. For one, companies do not have to worry about the sanitary condition of their establishment as the custodian will take care of the cleaning duties around the area. At the same time, companies can have minor issues with their establishment immediately addressed as the day porter works in-house.

There are two ways a company can hire a day porter: through direct applicants, or through a cleaning company. Most establishments prefer the latter as cleaning and maintenance companies have already screened and trained the hired day porter.

When hiring from an agency, establishments will no longer have to filter through applicants, or teach the hired custodian their daily tasks. Cleaning companies like Luce Office will introduce establishments to a day porter they can trust. Plus, the costs of hiring a day porter service from a third-party agency is moderate as there are no hidden fees compared to hiring direct.

On the other hand, some establishments may prefer to interview direct applicants for the day porter position as they feel the need to train custodians on tasks specific to the company. Regardless of how the day porter is hired, their services are beneficial to all commercial spaces.

Choose Luce SG

Luce SG is the leading provider of commercial cleaning services across Singapore. Our decades worth of experience makes us the trusted custodian partner for our long roster of clients. You can be assured your establishment will be kept pristine throughout your business operations with our day porter services.

Contact us today, and we can discuss cleaning services tailored to your company!

1000+ Reviews
All our happy customers can’t be wrong! Let us take care of your home cleaning need.
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