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Our lives now revolve around our computers. We typically use computers in our work, social life, and in our hobbies. Laptop computers, or CPU units, computers have widespread usage around homes and offices. In fact, 92% of all households would have some form of computer device, or a similar 

Since we use our computers everyday, it gets exposed to germs, dirt, and dust that fly around your workspace daily. The exterior of our computers can get grimey, and build up oils from our skin. The software, on the other hand, can get cluttered enough to make your computer slow. 

You may be wondering “how to clean my computer?” especially as you may be afraid to clean an advanced device in fear of breaking a part. In this guide, we’ll tackle how to safely clean both the computer software, and the computer exterior so you can work on your device faster and more efficiently.

Cleaning the Files and Software

The first place to look in cleaning your computer is the software. Take a look at your computer files, and decide whether you have unnecessary files that you can clean out. These files cluttering your computer may be the reason why your computer is getting slow, lagging, or shutting down unexpectedly.

Disk Cleanup

This function is an automated process wherein your computer software will automatically choose which files are no longer needed or viable for your computer to function properly. All the files that clutter your computer will be deleted, keeping only the important files. This process makes your computer faster, and less susceptible to glitching and lag.

To perform a disk cleanup, search for the disk cleaning function on your computer or laptop, and allow the program to run by clicking start. Most computers have their own cleanup tools in their software, but there are also reputable softwares online that you can download and use to clean up your hard drive.

Temporary Files

Temporary files are the data stored on your computer that the system needs to process permanent files, and run programs in the background. These include system files and cache data that may fill up your hard drive with unnecessary data.

Deleting these files frees up disk space, and allows your computer to run faster as there is less data stored and processed by the software systems. To delete files, go to your local disk or hard drive storage tab, and look for the temporary file category. Choose which files you don't need, and delete them to clean up your local hard disk.

How To Clean A Computer

Besides internal cleaning, the exterior of your computer will need to be cleaned and sanitized as well to prevent overheating, glitches, and loose connections. 

Cleaning The Keyboard

The keyboard is a high-contact area, as we type on our computers and laptops using the keyboard. Whether you have a flat, built-in keyboard on your laptop, or an external mechanical keyboard, the keys can often get jammed and stuck when debris accumulates underneath the keycaps. 

To clean out your keyboard, use a small-tipped paint brush to sweep away any excess dirt, making sure not to sweep them underneath the keycaps. For jammed keys, use a small screwdriver to unhinge the stuck keycap, and brush away the debris underneath before replacing the keycap back on the keyboard. 

There are also gel cleaners available on the market to clean keyboards. These work by getting into the nooks and crannies of the keys, and grabbing any loosened debris that may be trapped underneath. You may also use a can of compressed air and a narrow straw to push the debris out of the keyboard without harming the keys.

Cleaning The Mouse

In the 1990’s and early 2000’s, the computer mouse had a huge problem with debris getting in due to the ball roller that the mouse had on the bottom of the device. However, nowadays computer mouse models have a laser sensor underneath instead, which makes them much easier to clean. 

Gently wipe your computer mouse with a gentle disinfectant such as diluted soap, or rubbing alcohol to disinfect the surface. Go over the top and bottom of the mouse, and the keypads on mechanical mouse models. Use a dry cloth to wipe it dry, and to remove the dust from the mouse cord. 

Both standard mice and mechanical mouse models can be easily cleaned, but disinfection is the key to ensuring that germs don’t breed on the surface of your mouse, making you sick.

Cleaning The Computer Screen

The computer screen, or monitor screen, is the face of the computer where we view graphics, text, and the overall functions of the computer.

Use a soft cloth, such as a microfiber cloth, to wipe away any dust from the computer monitor. Fingerprints and oils may be wiped away with a few drops of rubbing alcohol on the wiping cloth. Keep wiping the screen until you no longer see fingerprints, and the screen is clear.

Cleaning The Computer Ports

Did you know that the USB, micro USB, and earphone jack ports can get dusty? Especially for those who keep these ports exposed to multiple different environments, like for laptop users, these ports can build up with lint and dust from the carrying case and the surrounding area.

Use a toothpick and shine a bright light over the ports. Tinker around the ports gently, making sure not to poke too hard into the port. Take out the dust and lint that accumulated, and these ports should work much better than before. You may also use a can of compressed air to blow the debris out without damaging the ports.

Cleaning The CPU

For CPU models, the CPU typically overheats due to a dirty interior. To clean a filthy interior, best to bring the CPU to a professional cleaner, as they would need to open the CPU to clean the insides. 

Besides the interior, you can clean the outside of the CPU on your own without permanent damage. Take a damp cloth that has been wet with water or isopropyl alcohol, and use it to wipe down the CPU exterior, focusing on the vents. Use a toothbrush or a paint brush to clean out the dust from the vents, and wipe the disk drive clean as well.  

Want more guides on cleaning your office? Head over to our blog for a few tips on how to clean different parts of your workspace!

1000+ Reviews
All our happy customers can’t be wrong! Let us take care of your home cleaning need.
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