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We exist to take the load off our customers’ day, giving them more time and head space for things in their lives other than house chores. We provide a range of services from home cleaning to aircon servicing at competitive rates, with scheduling options that fit into their lifestyles.
Maintaining a clean and healthy environment is essential for our well-being. There is a wide range of aircon cleaning services available that cater to different needs and requirements. With professional equipment, trained staff, and eco-friendly cleaning products, our aircon cleaning services can help you achieve a spotless and healthy environment, saving you time and effort in the process.
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Our Leadership
Jason Zhang
Jason graduated Stanford University with a background in Economics and Computing. At Luce, he is passionate about combining his prior experiences in consulting, banking, product management and operations to deliver Luce's promise of giving users the help they need at their fingertips.
Joel Parsons
Deputy Director
Joel runs the commercial cleaning division at Luce. His origins in facilities maintenance started during his university years in Australia, where he did part time work as a hospital cleaner. His on-ground experience gave him insight into organizing large scale cleaning operations and sparked his passion for delivering efficient and cost-effective solutions for his client partners at Luce.
Interested in joining us?
Interested in
joining us?
We’re always on the hunt for people who share our mission of giving our customers a great day. If you’re looking to build your career, achieve your goals, and realize your full potential - come and join us.
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How Luce stands out
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