The Best Platforms to Look for Office Cleaning Jobs

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Office cleaning and maintenance is an essential part of business operations. This can provide you with job security as a professional commercial cleaner, and being part of a commercial cleaning company can get you a stable income, as well as proper training on the different cleaning tasks around the office.

Job hunting is a long process, and you may not even know where to begin looking for employment. Are you looking for an agency, or going directly to the company? Are you looking for jobs that include training, or are you already experienced in cleaning an office building? 

For starters, you can check out these 10 best platforms to find office cleaner jobs around Singapore, and assess which leading provider is right for you.

Best Platforms to Find Office Cleaning Jobs in Singapore


JobsDB is the leading recruitment site for all sorts of jobs and employment ads. You can easily filter out searches to show you only the office cleaner jobs, and the site will also show you job details like whether the job is for a day or evening office cleaner, and how big the office space you're expected to clean is. 

You will need to log into an account, and pass the background check to ensure you're a legitimate job seeker and not a spambot or troll account. Otherwise, JobsDB can curate office cleaning jobs for you.


Like JobsDB, Jobstreet is also popular in Singapore as the platform collates different job openings from various companies across the country. Jobstreet requires hiring managers to include the salary, working hours, scope of business, and other job details along with the job ads. 

Using Jobstreet, you can find several employers, and filter out your expected salary, employment hours, and location in the search results. You can also look for specific companies if you're looking for office cleaner jobs only in hotels or certain agencies.


Indeed is another leading provider for job ads and hiring posts. Indeed works similarly to Jobstreet and JobsDB where you can find job ads looking for an office cleaner, and filter out the results based on your employment preferences, location of the office building, and rate per hour. 


LinkedIn has a job search function that is useful for job hunters. With certain keywords, tags, and filters, you can optimize your search to show you only office cleaning jobs and job ads looking for an office cleaner. LinkedIn's EasyIn Application system streamlines the application process with a two-step application.

LinkedIn also allows you to find office cleaning jobs through connections with other LinkedIn users. Flip your profile to show your job hunting status, and you may find employer bids in your inMail as companies seek for the ideal candidate.

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Jooble processes listings from thousands of job sites per day, and shows you results based on location rather than salary or title. If the proximity of your new job is a priority for you, then you can look to Jooble to find companies hiring office cleaners near you. 


Can't find an office cleaning job appropriate for you? Kalibrr can provide you with job alerts to inform you of new jobs and any fitting job listing that you may be interested in. Simply configure settings to show job alerts for certain employment factors.

Once you receive a job alert, you can easily apply through the Kalibrr platform, and talk directly to the hiring manager for any concerns you may have regarding the job post.

Facebook Job Groups

Although you have to be wary of random job posts online, there are well-managed Facebook groups meant to post job hunting advertisements where employers and candidates can connect informally to discuss employment opportunities. 

Use your own discretion, and only join groups where you can tell that the admins are taking page management seriously. Do research on the company and the person posting in the group before you respond to their queries, and ask questions to assess the validity of the job post.


Monster Singapore provides unconventional filters in their job site, including work from home setups, part time work, and new job listings that popped up during the Covid-19 pandemic. For jobs that require cleaning offices, however, you may need to look for onsite job listings. 


One of the factors that Glassdoor is known for is the review system where current, previous, and waitlisted employees can review the work environment or application process of the company. While there are many reviews from disgruntled and fabricated users, you can filter these out by looking through their comments.

Glassdoor provides you a glimpse of the company before you enter it. Is the company honest in their job scope, or are they managed poorly? Will you be scrutinized in the company, or is the company willing to protect you from work-related mishaps? Glassdoor reviews can bring these issues to light.

Direct to Company

Sometimes, the best way to find employment is to apply directly to the company. When looking for a specific company in mind, you can search through their official websites under the Careers page, and see whether they have a job opening for a day or evening office cleaner.

Alternatively, you can find out whether a cleaning company or agency has openings by asking them about their hiring status. More often than not, these cleaning companies are always looking for responsible and alert cleaners who can do office cleaning services such as vacuuming and mopping floors.

We at Luce SG would love to have you on board as part of our trusted, trained, and experienced professional cleaning team. Contact us today to inquire whether we have a job opening that can make use of your skills!

1000+ Reviews
All our happy customers can’t be wrong! Let us take care of your home cleaning need.
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