20 Easy Cubicle and Office Organization Ideas in 2023

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There are many advantages to having an organized office space. Not only are you able to locate all your documents and supplies right away, but you’ll also find that a neat workstation can help increase productivity and make work a bit more enjoyable. Here are some cubicle organization ideas, tips, tricks, and products to make your work life a lot easier.

Make a Cleaning Schedule 

If you’re the type who always forgets to clear out your desk, you should probably set specific times during the week for you to do some cleaning. This could mean getting rid of files you no longer need, taking out the trash, or getting rid of those sticky notes on your desktop from months back.

Go Paperless Whenever You Can 

Miscellaneous papers are usually the biggest culprits when it comes to office clutter. Notes from last month’s meeting, contracts from decades ago, and other various files can take up more space than people think, so if you can opt for a soft copy, the better! Not only will you be able to access these files from virtually anywhere, but it will also be better for the environment long-term.

Locking Drawers

If you do need a hard copy for contracts or any other document of value, we recommend having a locking drawer specific for these important files. Best to keep these papers close by and not stowed away in a filing cabinet with the other files, especially if they’re documents that require being accessed quickly.

DIY Storage Containers

This is where things start getting creative. Depending on the type of documents you need to store and the supplies you frequently use, you can purchase all sorts of organizers to keep all your things in check. Find a system that works for you, and you’ll find yourself accomplishing tasks faster than ever.

Pro-tip: you can stick to one color scheme to make your space look more unified, as a large number of mismatched items can look cluttered.

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Desk Trays for Smaller Supplies

Pens, paperclips and rubber bands scattered around your desk or drawer can easily turn into a hot mess. Keep tiny items in place with this fun option:

Snack Containers

If you’re the type who has several snacks in your drawer, here is a space saving idea to keep them neatly stored in one place:


If you have a lot of miscellaneous items on your desk, you can hang them on a wall to clear up more space in your cubicle. This is a popular cubicle organization idea that works for almost any type of workspace.

Display Your Most Used Items on the Wall

Similarly, if you’re struggling with drawers full of supplies, you can also opt to display some of your most used ones on the wall. Not only will these give you easier access, but they also double as décor for your office cubicle. 


Sticky notes are great for jotting down notes quickly, but can easily turn into a landfill once stacked up. Swap out those post-its for a markerboard for a much neater space. Not only are they affordable and reusable, but they also come in different sizes depending on your cubicle. You can opt for a transparent glass option for a more contemporary feel:

Dual Monitor Arms

If you want to free up some desk space, consider adding dual monitor arms to your office cubicle to improve ergonomics in your work area, as well as accommodate a variety of gadgets. Not only will you be able to work faster, but it’ll also give you more screen to work with. The best part is that it can be attached to just about any surface, and takes up less space than a regular monitor stand. 

Cord Tacos

Keep wires from turning into a tangled mess with these leather cord tacos. These handy half moon organizers are perfect for smaller wires such as USB cables, chargers and the like. 

Plastic Channel Hooks

For thicker wires, consider installing these cable combers in your cubicle. These can be mounted horizontally under your desk to prevent people from stepping or tripping on electrical cables.

Decorative Paperweight

If you want to decorate your cubicle a bit, consider decorative items that double as a paperweight. Just be sure to only add a couple though, so you don’t end up cluttering your cubicle with pretty but unnecessary items. 


Labels come in handy if you store your documents in similar folders and envelopes. This also helps your co-workers if they need to borrow or drop things off. 

Filing Cabinet

If you still need extra space inside your cubicle, you might want to invest in a filing cabinet. Not only do they take up little room, but you can also easily fit them under your desk for easy access to all your files, supplies, and even snacks. Opt for a locking file cabinet if you have a lot of items that need to be kept safe. 

In and Out Box

Bring more structure and order to your daily routine by adding an in and out box in your office cubicle. This is especially handy when you have a lot of deadlines, as you and your officemates will be able to see your workflow clearly, and also prevent papers from getting misplaced or buried under other documents. 

Wire Shelves

Vertical space is your friend. If your working area doesn’t have a lot of square footage, invest in a rack that you can hang on a wall for even more space. You can use these to hang folders, mementos, and even décor to brighten up your cubicle. You can also change this up from time to time to stay motivated and inspired.  

Multifunctional Rolling Bench

If your workplace is frequented by co-workers and clients for varying reasons, they’ll need a comfortable place to sit without having to drag chairs from other rooms. Because cubicle space can be tight, hit two birds with one stone with these multifunctional rolling benches. Not only do they make additional seating easy, but they also provide you with additional storage. 


No matter what climate you’re in, it’s always nice to have a proper place to hang your jackets, umbrellas and scarves whenever you need them. The great thing about installing hooks is that they’re multifunctional and take almost no space at all.


For printed books, magazines, manuals and other common office items, it’s best to keep them all in one place for an efficient work area. Bookshelves are an absolute must in every office, since it can be used for just about any storage need. 

Cubicle Organization Made Fun

Office places are meant to encourage creativity and productivity. Use any of the cubicle organization ideas and tips mentioned above to make your workplace a more enjoyable and efficient space to work in. 

For more handy tips and information about office maintenance and cleaning, visit our blog page!

1000+ Reviews
All our happy customers can’t be wrong! Let us take care of your home cleaning need.
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