A Complete List of Businesses that Need Cleaning Services

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Considering that the planet has just discovered a newfound respect for cleaner environments, it is a great time to be involved in the cleaning business industry. In the United States alone, the cleaning service industry is expected to be worth USD 74.299 million by 2022.

This incredible potential is down to the fact that numerous businesses tend to employ office cleaning services on a regular basis. In the following article, we provide a comprehensive list of all businesses or establishments that need cleaning services.

Government Buildings

One of the industries who needs regular cleaning contracts on a regular basis is the government sector. A government cleaning contract is a hard one to secure without a doubt, but once it is under the belt, it can be lucrative for many years to come. 

As there are many separate departments within the government sector, there are many contracts to be handed out as well. 

These offices tend to see a lot of foot traffic on a regular basis and there are people from all corners of the world who visit government offices. Such locations tend to accumulate huge volumes of bacteria over time and hiring a full-time cleaning company is the only way to manage this problem thoroughly.


Elementary schools, private school, public school, and universities, all require cleaning services on a regular basis to keep their premises neat. While some institutes such as public schools tend to have an in-house janitorial staff to keep the expenses low, most others tend to utilize the service of an external agency.

Of all the industries mentioned on our list, perhaps schools and hospitals are the ones that require cleaning services the most. It is no secret that children, and the youth in general, specialize in making a mess. The only real way of tackling this is by using a commercial cleaning company that wipes the premises clean at the end of the day.

Download our cleaning checklist for schools here.

Medical and Dental Offices

As previously mentioned, no other industry on our list needs professional and commercial cleaning services as desperately as schools and hospitals. The healthcare industry is a business looking for cleaning services perpetually, and there are a lot of lucrative contracts to be secured in this sector.

Any customer who is looking to visit a hospital has an eye out for the cleanliness levels in the building to be a barometer of all-round professionalism. An unclean hospital does not command any respect or attention, and thus it remains one of the top industries that require a cleaning service.

Download the following: (1) medical offices cleaning checklist and (2) dental offices cleaning checklist.

Restaurants and Bars

Of all the businesses that need commercial cleaning or janitorial services, only the restaurant and bar industry have their profit margins so closely tied to their cleanliness levels. No one wants to eat in an untidy restaurant or drink at a poorly kept bar. Thus hotels and restaurants constantly seek out the best cleaning services and invest in the latest cleaning supplies to bring out the best in their interiors as well.

Download the following: (1) restaurants cleaning checklists and (2) bars cleaning checklists.

Gyms and Fitness Centers

Gyms and fitness centers are notorious for the sweaty customers and casually wiping down the equipment just won’t do it! These brands require the help of professionals who can take care of their equipment and ensure that they are clean and ready for the next batch of hopefuls on a daily basis.

Malls and Retail Businesses

There are millions of malls and retail businesses around the world that require the help of professional cleaners to keep their premises neat. In these establishments, the proprietors don’t have the time to engage in cleaning during business hours. More often than not, professional cleaners are utilized to clean the premises before or after working hours.


A warehouse is not the first place one thinks of when pondering business establishments that need cleaning services. On the contrary, however, warehouses tend to hold various valuable and sensitive goods, and they require cleaning on a regular basis. Keeping a warehouse clean can prevent the formation of any fungus or molds, and can thus prevent shipments from getting damaged irreversibly.

Download our cleaning checklist for warehouses here.


Salons tend to hire in-house cleaners, but larger brands with various outlets will require a professional cleaners’ contract in order to tackle the duties of cleaning all the outlets.

Car Dealerships

The prime assets of a car dealership are the cars themselves. In order to keep these valuable goods looking spick and span, professional cleaners are employed on a regular basis. Their duty involves not only cleaning the premise of the dealership but also keep the exteriors and interiors of the cars looking like a million dollars.

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The banking sector is not always known for their customer service, but at least they cannot be faulted for having unclean premises. Any bank one walks into has an air of freshness to it, and this comes down to the use of professional cleaners who are responsible for maintaining this hygienic environment.

Download our cleaning checklist for banks here.

As we have just seen, there is no shortage of companies looking for cleaning services. Nearly every establishment in the world worth their salt looks to keep their business neat and tidy. Cleaning services play a major role in that department, ensuring that the task of maintaining the hygiene standards are taken care of by professionals. This allows companies and businesses to do what they do best and focus on the grand scheme on things.

1000+ Reviews
All our happy customers can’t be wrong! Let us take care of your home cleaning need.
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