5 Ways to Reduce Dust in Your Office Workspace

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Dust is everywhere. No matter what you do, they keep coming back and messing up your workspace. Even a thin layer of dust can make your office look dull and dirty. Nobody likes working in a dusty office, so maintaining a regular cleaning schedule does not only brighten your workspace, but also increases your productivity.

The air is always filled with dust that floats its way indoors and settles on surfaces. Dust particles may also be made up of skin cells, hair, lint, and pollen. As gross as it sounds, dust is inevitable, and we need to treat it as part of our daily routine. 

What Causes Dust in the Office?

Dust in the office is mainly due to fallen skin cells and hair particles from the people working there, but outside forces can be brought in through open windows, items brought into the office, and dust that clings onto people’s clothes and shoes. Even with the most airtight spaces, dust will find a way to get in. 

We don’t usually notice dust when it comes into our spaces, because they’re pretty much invisible to the naked eye. We notice them when a lot of particles form a dust layer on our surfaces, causing the dusty, powdery feeling we get when our hand swipes against a surface. 

The Risky Effects of Having Dust in the Office

Dust isn’t just a pesky form of dirt, it’s also a health hazard. Besides causing seasonal allergies, dust can carry germs and viruses that can pose a problem for your health. Studies have shown that dust clumps don’t only contain organic material or harmless lint, but may also contain potentially toxic chemicals used in producing everyday items.

DCHP, a phthalate found in plastics, and phenols found in industrial cleaning products can leave residue that turn into toxic dust. When these particles are inhaled, they can cause irritation of the respiratory tract lining, and prolonged exposure can be detrimental to your health in the long run.

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Different Ways to Remove Dust in Your Office Workspace

Throw that feather duster out the window, as dusting only moves dirt particles around the air rather than clear them away. The best way to clean dust is to maintain a healthy work environment - literally. Here are some tried and true ways for cleaning your office workspace:

1. Use a Damp Microfiber Cloth

The water retained in the cloth traps dust, making sure they don’t just float off to another surface. Use a clean microfiber cloth dampened with water to clear off dust from any surface. Add a sanitizer to clean and disinfect your workspace simultaneously, or add some soap to get rid of greasy dust spots. 

For laptops and other electronic devices, use dry microfiber cloths to wipe off the loose dirt, then use a cloth dampened with rubbing alcohol to give your devices a clear, polished look.

2. Mop Your Floors

Unless you have a carpeted office, giving your floors a thorough mopping can get rid of days’ worth of dust from your floor. Sweep your floor first to get rid of any loose dirt, then use a damp mop to pick up any remaining dust. Do not walk on the floor while it is wet. Allow the floors to fully dry.

3. Bring Out the Vacuum

Vacuuming away dust is always a good idea for any type of surface. Vacuums work by sucking up loose particles and storing them in a compartment that you can clean out later. Vacuum up particles from your office carpets, floors, ceiling, walls, and other surfaces including fabrics and furniture. 

Some vacuum cleaners come with a brush attachment to make cleaning tight spaces easier, and to reach ceiling heights. Cordless vacuums are also available on the market, suitable for unobstructed cleaning in small spaces. 

Helpful Tip: Clean out the dust compartment of your vacuum after every use, and wash the brush attachment before keeping to maintain the cleanliness of your unit. 

4. DIY Dry Cleaning

For fabrics like the cover of your office chair, curtains, or any other cloth material, opt for a DIY dry cleaning that can dust off the items without the need for washing. Take a large plastic bag or container, and place all the items to be cleaned inside. Add some dry baking soda, and take the entire container outside.

Shake up the container until all the items are covered in baking soda. The baking soda acts like a magnet, pulling dirt together into clumps. The static from shaking the container pulls the clumps out of your fabrics. Open the container and dust off the items one by one until the baking soda is removed. Vacuum if needed. 

Helpful Tip: Mixing a few drops of essential oil into baking soda before applying to fabric items can leave a clean, refreshing scent that will last for days!

5. Call the Professionals

DIY cleaning only removes the surface dirt, but can’t clear out deep-seated grime. When the cleaning job is too tough to handle, it’s time to call in the professionals for a thorough, deep cleaning. Professional cleaning services offer more than just wiping and mopping, they have heavy duty tools to tackle even the grimiest of offices. 

At Luce SG, our experienced team of office cleaning professionals in Singapore have seen and cleaned it all - from your usual dusty office, to water-damaged office furniture. Give us a call and we can work out a cleaning schedule that works for you!

Preventing Dust from Your Office Workspace

Preventing dust from settling in your workspace is easier said than done. Dust is inevitable, and there are numerous ways for dust to find its way into your office. The best way to clear your office of dust is to maintain a routine cleaning schedule. Preferably, clean frequently used areas daily, and do a thorough cleaning at least once a week.

For the busy entrepreneur, equipment like an air purifier and smart vacuum cleaners can help with general upkeep of your workspace when run daily. These modern machines will work on getting rid of dust for you, so you can focus on your work.

1000+ Reviews
All our happy customers can’t be wrong! Let us take care of your home cleaning need.
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