How to Get Rid and Prevent Fruit Flies in the Office

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Maintaining the hygiene levels of an office space is a multi-faceted task. It requires paying attention to and caring for a wide range of elements within the office. When an office is neglected enough, there are some tell-tale signs that start to emerge, one of them being the presence of fruit flies.

While fruit flies may seem like harmless entities floating around your produce, they can actually pose a wide range of health risks. This includes transferring germs from a dirty surface to a clean one and eventually even causing food poisoning. 

We discuss the many methods you can utilize to help keep your office space free from fruit flies. The following guide discusses how to lose and prevent fruit flies in the office.

How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies in the Office: 10 Different Ways

Before we start listing the different ways to get rid of fruit flies, make sure that you have the necessary cleaning supplies and equipment.

1. Don’t leave food out at the office

One of the simplest solutions to prevent the emergence of a fruit fly is by simply disposing of any unnecessary foods at the end of the day. This includes all kinds of edibles such as meat, yogurt, candy, fruit, and bread. 

It is important that you dispose of these foods outside of the building. Leaving as little food out as possible is one of the easiest methods of preventing fruit flies in your office.

2. Keep all food in closed containers

If you don’t want to dispose of the foods that are lying around the office at the end of the day, the next best solution involves packing the foods in airtight containers and leaving them in the fridge. This not only prevents the wastage of food, but also prevents the formation of fruit flies.

3. Wash all fruits before eating

If there are fruits lying around the office pantry and you suspect that there are fruit flies lurking around, it is always recommended that you wash the fruits thoroughly before consuming them. Fruit flies are able to easily move germs from one surface to another, and chances are the upper layer of the fruits are dirtier than you perceive.

4. Always clean counters and desks

Another excellent routine that is a must for an office space is the habit of cleaning counters and desks on a regular basis. This is just a great habit to maintain the hygiene in the office but also to prevent attracting unnecessary pests.

5. Rinse cups, bottles and containers

Any container that has the possibility to accumulate moisture always remains under threat of attracting unwanted attention from any fruit fly. In order to keep fruit flies away from the pantry and kitchen, make sure to rinse and dry all cups, bottles, and containers thoroughly.

6. Keep all areas dry at all times

Moisture tends to stick to various surfaces apart from containers, which is why it is a good idea to keep all the areas in your office dry at all times. Wiping down surfaces with a microfiber cloth should do the trick nicely.

7. Disinfect surfaces all the time

Once you’re done wiping down surfaces with a microfiber cloth, using a disinfectant on these surfaces is an excellent touch. This removes all stains and odors entirely and prevents the attraction of fruit flies.

8. Check windows and screens for holes

Make sure to seal off all entry and exit points around the office to prevent fruit flies from entering with ease. This involves sealing off any and all holes in screens and windows.

9. Dispose food waste properly

A good waste disposal system is important for any office and this also prevents fruit flies from bothering you. Since fruit flies are attracted to anything perishable, it’s always best to be a step ahead of anything going rotten and sour. Make sure to have plenty of dustbins handy and to clean out the trash in a timely manner.

10. Call an exterminator

If your fruit fly problem has gotten out of hand, make sure to call an exterminator or a pest control expert for an easy fix.

Prevention Over Extermination

Fruit flies can be extremely bothersome once they’ve infiltrated a location, which is why when it comes to fruit flies, prevention is always better than extermination. We hope that the guide above helps you prevent the formation of fruit flies in your office. 

For more useful guides and walkthroughs, make sure to visit our blog today!

1000+ Reviews
All our happy customers can’t be wrong! Let us take care of your home cleaning need.
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