How to Organize Office Supplies Like a Professional

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Tired of your messy, cluttered home office? You might be overwhelmed with the amount of supplies lying around your office space that you can not properly work. Organize your home office supplies the right way with our simple tips!

Thankfully, organizing office supplies is not as difficult as it may seem. Organize your office space one small area at a time, and you'll be able to finish the work in no time! Here are 10 easy ways to organize office supplies:

How to Organize Office Supplies Like a Pro: 10 Easy Ways

1. Break Down the Areas in the Office

Looking at the office area as a whole, it is easy to feel overwhelmed with the amount of clutter in the office. Handle the office organization one area at a time to break down the chore into smaller, more manageable tasks. Start with your work desk, work your way to the bookshelves, then get into cleaning the floors. You'll manage your time much better this way. 

2. Store Extra Office Supplies Away

We typically purchase extra office supplies as a way of preparing ahead for when you run out of your current supplies. While these items are certainly helpful to your work, they should be stored away from your usual supplies. Store office supplies in labeled, preferably clear boxes so you can conveniently replenish your supplies as needed.

3. Categorize Papers and Files

Paper clutter is almost inevitable in an office as you may have been too busy or stressed to store documents properly. Still, you will need to organize your files and documents into folders carefully labeled and categorized. Place all folders pertaining to financial reports together, while sales data folders should be categorized under the same file, and so on.

4. Set Aside a Print Station

If your office is very print heavy, set one area aside specifically for printing. It is in this area where you can place your papers, extra ink cartridges or refills, printer manuals, and more. Choose an area close to you, but has an electrical outlet for you to plug your printer in. You can use the area to print DIY projects as well. 

5. Label All Containers

Your home office supplies may be stored properly, but chances are you'll forget what is in those boxes in a few months' time. Use a label maker to name these containers with the contents inside so you don't need to scurry around looking for that ink refill or extra staples. Label everything as much as you can in an easy to read font. 

6. Make a List for Organizing Office Supplies

Create a list of the items you have in your office, and take inventory of each item. List down the item type, category, and how many of each item you have in stock to keep record of your consumption. This way, you can figure out what supplies are running low, and create an accurate shopping list for the next time you make a trip to the office supply store. 

7. Make Use of Both Vertical and Horizontal Office Space

Besides tables, drawers, and other horizontal surfaces, you have unutilized vertical space that you can use for shelves, cork boards, and other items. Space-saving storage bins can hang on hooks on the wall, and you can install cubbies for papers, pens, and other office supplies.

Make use of the wall space, especially if your office is small. You'll be able to store your supplies in a convenient location without using up too much of the little horizontal surfaces. This way, you can still maintain an organized office despite your small office area. 

8. Use Organizers for Desk Drawers

Office supplies tend to roll around each time you open and close your desk drawer. Dividers offer partitions that keep supplies in a general area, so you don't have to re-organize office supplies in your drawers every now and then. You'll be more organized, and you'll notice you free up more space as well.

9. Color Code Your Filing Cabinets

A filing cabinet was made to be a storage space for files that would both protect your files from damages, and organize them for easy access. Color coding your file cabinets would make file identification easier, as you will be able to note the category of the folders based on their corresponding color code. This makes for quick file retrieval.

10. Search for Creative Ideas and Inspiration Online

Every home office is different, and it may be refreshing for you to find a different perspective in creating an organized office. Look to Pinterest boards and creative office ideas online for visuals on organizing an office based on your aesthetic. This is a great way to find inspiration for specific styles and shapes of offices, as well as making use of any extra space.

Cleaning the Clutter

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1000+ Reviews
All our happy customers can’t be wrong! Let us take care of your home cleaning need.
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