Best Vacuums for Commercial Spaces and Office Buildings

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Keeping an office space clean is an important factor when it comes to maintaining the health and well-being of employees. A crucial tool in the fight against germs in the office place is a humble vacuum cleaner. 

These simple and unassuming cleaners have evolved immensely in the last few decades and how now become powerful accomplices to the cleaning staff in your office. In this article, we highlight the top vacuum cleaners for commercial spaces and office buildings for your benefit.

Factors When Choosing Commercial Vacuum Cleaners

The following factors will guide your choice when picking out an office vacuum cleaner based on your requirements:

Power Source

It is important to consider the power source when selecting a vacuum cleaner for your office. In most instances, commercial cleaners are either cord-electric or battery operated. 

Those devices that have a long, extension cord allow users to conduct cleaning for an extended period of time as they are not limited by the internal battery supply of the device. The only downside of such devices is that the user will need to manage the usage of the device by keeping the proximity of the power outlet in mind.

Cleaning Capacity

The cleaning capacity of a device indicates the amount of vacuuming that can be conducted without having to change the filter bag of the vacuum cleaner. It is also related to the width of the cleaning path of each individual device.

Larger filter bags obviously have a greater capacity to hold onto the dust particles without having the need to be changed. Smaller filter bags require changing on a regular basis and it may affect the speed and efficiency of the user.

The cleaning path of the vacuum cleaner will also affect the productivity of the user. A larger cleaning path means that it is easier for the user to clean by covering a larger area with each run.

Path sizes tend to vary based on the type of vacuum cleaner in use. Backpack and canister cleaners, for example, have attachments that allow you to decrease or increase the path size based on your requirements. In an upright model, however, the path size is usually limited to the size of the brush being used.

Static Lift

The static life of a vacuum cleaner dictates the amount of pull or lift a given machine has in order to be able to remove the dust from a surface. The greater the amount of static life, the higher the cleaning capacity of the device. An ideal static lift for most commercial vacuum cleaners is anywhere between 60 and 100 inches.


In order to determine the airflow of a device, it is important to examine the CFM of a cleaner. CFM or cubic feet per minute is the measurement used to highlight the amount of air that flows through the front nozzle of a vacuum cleaner. 

The ideal airflow for a commercial cleaner varies between 95 to 150 CFM.

Best Backpack Vacuums

A backpack vacuum is the type of cleaning device that is worn on the back of the operator in order to allow them to easily move around the office space. According to a recent study, using a backpack vacuum is known to be at least 230% more productive than the use of other types of cleaners.

These commercial backpack vacuum cleaners tend to be lighter, more ergonomic, and more portable than other variations as well. They are also available in cord-electric and battery operated variants. Backpack vacuums can ideally be used for stairs, landings, and high traffic areas of the office. They are also a great choice whether you’re tackling hard floors or carpeted areas.

ProTeam® Backpack Vac 6qt Supercoach Pro 6

The first commercial vacuum model on our list is the ProTeam Backpack Vac Pro 6. This commercial vacuum model is famous for its incredible efficiency and ease of maneuvering. With a total weight of just over 11 pounds, this model helps the user evenly distribute the weight on their back during operation.

Thanks to the 50 foot-long power cable, it is easy to take this cleaner to any corner of the office when necessary. It also includes a standard 6 quart cleaning tank which means that changing the filter bags will not be as necessary as models featuring smaller tanks.

The Proteam Backpack Vac Pro 6 also offers the highest numbers in terms of airflow of all the models featured in our review. WIth a CFM of 153 and a static life of 91 inches, this backpack vacuum model is truly powerful enough to tackle any challenges offered by the modern commercial space.

ProTeam® Gofree Flex Pro II

Next up is another ProTeam model — the GoFree Flex Pro II. This is a unique commercial vacuum model as it is the only battery powered model featured in this section.

One of the biggest selling points of this model is the fact that it cleans 30% faster than the Supercoach Pro 6. Not only that, but this model is also known to be five times more efficient than any other upright vacuum available in the market currently.

As previously mentioned, this is a battery powered unit and its power source is a lithium ion battery that helps to maximize the overall efficiency. It is possible to run this model for 101 minutes when operating on a low speed. At a high speed, the run time still stands at 73 minutes in total. Additionally, it only takes three hours to fully charge this vacuum cleaner.

The overall weight of this backpack vacuum cleans is 17.5 pounds, and this includes a large 6 quart cleaning bag. These features help to minimize the effort needed by the user in the short and long run.

In terms of the static lift and airflow, this backpack cleaner is quite powerful as well. The static lift changes based on the high or low power mode employed by the user. At the lower power mode, the static lift drops to 67 inches, but at the higher mode, it stands at an impressive 81 inches.

The airflow also changes based on the mode of operation in this model. The lower mode offers an airflow of 58 CFM, whereas the higher power model offers an airflow of 81 CFM.

ProTeam® Super Halfvac Pro

The final commercial vacuum model in this section is yet another ProTeam model — the Super Halfvac Pro. The unique feature of this model is that it is the most compact model featured on our list. Despite its diminutive size, however, this model can offer the same cleaning capacity as the other large models included in our review.

Even the design of this model is different in order to make the best use of its small stature. This backpack cleaner is actually worn on the lower back and hip region of the user instead of the upper back. Thanks to this major change, the comfort level of the user rises substantially. They will barely be able to tell that they are carrying a vacuum cleaner that weighs 10.5 pounds.

Some of the other top features of this model include a 50 foot power cable that greatly boosts the mobility of the operator. It also has a large cleaning tank of 6 quart despite its reduced dimensions.

Even the airflow and static lift of this model is quite impressive. With a lift of 97 inches and an airflow of 106, this unit is up to any task that may come its way in a commercial space.

Best Upright Vacuum Cleaners

An upright vacuum cleaner is a type of device that includes a vertically-placed central machine and a set of wheels for mobility at the bottom. It also has a bag that’s used to collect the dust at the top of the cleaner.

These devices are usually found only in cord-electric variation but there are also some battery powered versions found in the market today. They are best used to clean carpeted floors, but some advanced models also offer the option of switching between carpeted and hard floors when necessary.

Clarke CarpetMaster 115 and 215

The Clarke CarpetMarster 115 and Clarke CarpetMaster 215 are two extremely similar models which is why we’ve clubbed them into a single title on our list. The only major difference between the two units is that the CarpetMaster 215 has a dual-motor system in comparison to the 115 that only uses a single motor.

The dual motor of the 215 is used for two specific purposes. One of the motors runs the brush of the cleaner and the other runs the motor for the suction. The use of dual motors helps to improve the overall efficiency and power of this model. Thus the 215 can be used for removal of major dust on carpets and for deep cleaning.

Thanks to the single motor design of the 115, however, the overall cost of this model is much lower than the 215 variant.

Some of the common major features of these models include a 50 foot power cable, a 4.2 quart cleaning bag, and an airflow and static lift of 93 CFM and 92 inches.

ProTeam® Proforce 1500XP

The ProTeam Proforce 1500XP is one of the rare upright models that can switch between cleaning hard floors and carpeted floors. It uses a wide 15 inch cleaning path to increase the overall efficiency of the model.

In terms of design, this model features an L-shaped head that also has a slight protrusion in order to improve its overall cleaning around furniture. It also has a three-stage filter included in the design that guarantees to remove nearly 99% of all allergens from any surface.

A 50 foot power cord maximizes the mobility of the user, but the small 3.25 quart cleaning bag requires regular changing unfortunately. 

With an airflow of 96 CFM and a static lift of 85, this model can help users clean any type of dirt from carpets and hard floors.

NSS Pacer 12

The NSS Pacer 12 is one of the most powerful upright models in the market and it has an impressive cleaning capacity with a 5 quart bag and a 12 inch cleaning path.

The design of this model includes a dial at the base of the vacuum cleaner that allows users to easily change the brush height whenever necessary in order to tackle hard floors or carpets.

A 40 foot power cord also plays a big hand in ensuring ample mobility during long cleaning operations. This powerful device also has an airflow of 100 CFM and a static lift of 92 inches — truly impressive stats indeed!

Best Canister Vacuums

The last variation of vacuum cleaners on our list is the canister vacuum that’s ideally suited to tackle drapes, fixtures, carpeted floors, and hard floors. These models are best suited to take on a wide range of cleaning jobs that require the use of multiple attachments and nozzles.

NSS® Model M-1 “Pig”® Vacuum

The NSS Pig Vacuum is the best canister vacuum in our opinion as it is a truly versatile and handy device. It allows users to clean surfaces that are 25 feet off the ground without the use of any ladders. This is down to the handy set of attachments that are included in this model.

A 35 foot power cable and a 12 gallon filter bag also play a major role in improving the efficiency of the user. This is also a powerful device with a static lift of 37 inches and an airflow of 146 CFM.

The Final Sweep

The vacuum cleaner market is currently flooded with quality offerings, but each of the models featured on our list are the best in their category. They have their own strengths and weaknesses, and hopefully we’ve highlighted these criteria enough to help you make an informed decision when making your purchase.

If you need professional office cleaning services in Singapore, then contact us at Luce SG!

1000+ Reviews
All our happy customers can’t be wrong! Let us take care of your home cleaning need.
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