The Best Mops for Commercial and Office Cleaning

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An office mop may not be the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to office cleaning, but it certainly holds a place in the janitorial closet as mops are needed for a full-on cleaning that brooms just can't get to. A staple in office cleaning, a commercial mop should be sturdy enough to be used in a commercial setting daily, but effective enough to clean spills and remove grime.

In this list, we've curated the 10 best mops in different categories, so you can decide on the kind that fits your office! We've checked out various ranges from microfiber, to dust mops and even ones that can hold cleaning solutions for convenient disinfecting around the office. 

Top 10 Best Commercial Mops for Shop and Office Cleaning

Best for Self-wringing Mop Head: Rubbermaid Commercial Self-wringing Twist Mop

Rubbermaid released their line of commercial and premium wet mop pads, and their Self-wringing Twist Mop is our top pick for a convenient and quick cleaning. The cotton mop head can be easily wrung out, ready to pick up any more spills around the office! With a durable aluminum mop frame, this model is great for most commercial offices.

Best for Heavy-duty Cleaning: OFO Loop-End String Industrial Wet Mop

The OFO Loop-end industrial wet mop features heavy-duty and versatile material, as well as looped ends to prevent fraying. The mop is known for its durability compared to traditional cotton string mops, and can be used on tile floor, marble floor, or concrete floor areas for those heavy-duty cleaning schedules.

Best for String Mop: Yocada Looped-End String Commercial Mop

Absorbent, classic, and industrial strength, the Yocada looped-end string mop has the best quality in commercial wet mops. Easy to use in almost all types of commercial spaces, the wet mop head absorbs moisture and dust with ease. The mop is also durable, so it will keep your office clean for years to come.

Best for Convenient Cleaning: Rubbermaid Commercial Lightweight HYGEN Quick-Connect Mop Frame

For the utmost convenience in ready office cleaning, Rubbermaid commercial released their Quick-connect Mop frame, which can easily connect to a microfiber dust mop pad for those sudden office cleaning mishaps. Just click, connect, and clean! Removal is just as simple, and storage is no hassle for this lightweight mop frame.

Best for Cleaning Solution Tanks: O-Cedar ProMist MAX Microfiber Spray Mop

The O-cedar ProMist Mop features a specific tank for cleaning solutions that removes the need for a mop bucket. Spray as you go, and the mop head evenly distributes the disinfecting solution throughout the floor. A must-have for open offices that experiences high foot traffic daily, as the disinfecting solution ensures that the floors are free of germs and pathogens.

Best in Waste Reduction: Eyliden 36" Residential Commercial Dust Mop

The Eyliden 36" Dust Mop features versatile and environmental floor mop pads that can be easily washed out in the laundry machine or over the sink. The commercial mop reduces waste, as each mop head is durable, washable, and can be used multiple times without needing to purchase new disposable mop heads. The microfiber material also keeps lint from spreading around the office.

Best Multi-purpose Mop: CQT 18" Inch Commercial Microfiber Mop Floor Cleaning System Wet Dry and Dust Hardwood Floor Mop

For a versatile wet floor mop that can be used wet or dry, look no further than the CQT 18" Wet and Dry Mop that can clean off that dusty floor with or without water. The microfiber mop heads catch and trap dust in its fibers, cleaning, polishing, and keeping the floor dry all at once! 

Best for Length and Reach: Rubbermaid Invader 60 Inch Fiberglass Wet Mop Handle

The Rubbermaid 60 inch fiberglass handle was made for the furthest reach in commercial mops. The handle has an easy-grip surface with a convenient wet mop head connector that makes mopping large areas easy. The mop can also be used for windows, ceilings, and other high spaces to clean the office without the hassle!

Best Microfiber Bundle with Mop Heads: Zflow 18" Professional Microfiber Mop

The Zflow Professional Mop comes with a variety of mop heads that range from microfiber wet mops to dust mops with looped ends. This commercial mop is your best bundle set, as it satisfies the basic requirements for a proper office and commercial cleaning mop. 

Best for Wide Angles: Yocada Commercial Cotton Mop with Mop Pads

The Yocada Wide Cotton Mop has a sturdy 50" handle, and a two-layered 18" mop head that picks up dust and debris from a broad range! In terms of wet mops, this model is our top pick for wide angles, and large office spaces as the curved mop head can fit through small spaces vertically, while providing a wide horizontal reach.

Hassle-free Office Cleaning

No matter your office, a reputable office cleaning service is the way to go for a hassle-free and convenient cleaning schedule. At Luce SG, our cleaning crew is dedicated to bringing you only the best in office cleaning services, as we get your commercial space completely pristine from top to bottom! Choose from our wide array of services, and we can fix you a schedule that works with your business.

1000+ Reviews
All our happy customers can’t be wrong! Let us take care of your home cleaning need.
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