Janitor Cleaning Tools for Commercial and Office Spaces

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If you’ve employed a janitorial staff to clean your office or commercial space, you will need to provide them with all the supplies they’ll need to carry out their duties.

This article is specifically created for those unsure about the cleaning tools that janitors will require. This is our comprehensive list of janitor tools for commercial and office spaces.

Janitor Tools and Equipment List: What You Will Be Needing

The cleaning tool market is currently saturated with numerous products for various specific purposes. This list will help you skip all the tools you won’t require and specifically focus only on creating a list of cleaning supplies for your janitors.

  • Wringer, bucket, and mop: Based on the number of janitors you’ve employed and the number of floors in your commercial space, you will need at least one set of wringer, bucket, and mop to clean the floor
  • Cleaning cloths: Make sure to pick up a healthy set of microfiber cloths to wipe off any surfaces. Microfiber cloths are far better than the cheaper cotton variants traditionally used for cleaning
  • Dustpan and broom: A dustpan and broom are vital to help clean the floors and pick up any dust. Using a long-handled dustpan will help save your janitor some back ache
  • Long-handled toilet cleaning brush: No commercial or office space is complete without a toilet. Cleaning a toilet will require your janitor to use a long-handled cleaning brush that’s made specifically for this purpose
  • Cleaning supplies: A quality multi-purpose cleaning agent is all you’ll need to clean and disinfectant various surfaces. Make sure to also pick up a specific cleaning agent for glass and for toilet bowls
  • Duster: In order to clean out inaccessible locations, particularly the high and low points of an office space, your janitor will need a duster with an extendable handle
  • Maintenance tools: Your janitorial staff will require a handful of maintenance tools to keep the office running smoothly. This includes a plunger, monkey wrench, and screwdrivers
  • Janitor cart: A janitor cart makes it much easier for the staff to lug around the essential cleaning tools
  • Safety signs: Having safety signs around the office will help alert employees about various post-cleaning hazards such as wet floors
Pro tip: The cleaning tools and equipment will also need a place to house them when not being used. Having a dedicated closet will help you keep things organized and accessible for your cleaners. Just don't forget to keep the closet neat and clean!

How to Choose the Best Janitorial Equipment and Tools

The following section will help figure out the factors you’ll need to consider when picking the best janitorial supplies, including the most recommended equipment and janitor tools.


When it comes to janitor tools and equipment, durability has got to be the key! The quality and durability of products matter the most in this department. Brand value isn’t really as important as the quality, so don’t pay excess amounts for branded products if you can find similar products in off-brand options.

Industrial Strength

There is a massive difference between the germs and bacteria accumulated in a home as against commercial establishments. This is because the number of occupants in a home are limited but the ones in commercial spaces are usually changing and growing. In order to match the need of the hour, it is best to consider purchasing janitorial supplies that have industrial strength cleaning capabilities.

Commercial cleaning supplies are designed to be far stronger and more effective than household alternatives. This holds true even in the case of an industrial mop and bucket as they are known to be far more durable and long-lasting. 

Read more:  Printable Janitorial Checklist Template - Daily, Weekly and Monthly


As janitors need to cover large spaces in their efforts to clean an office or commercial establishment, it is best to equip them with as many portable products as possible. Yes, they will have a trolley with them if you follow our shopping list from the section above, but you still wouldn’t want them to be carrying more weight than necessary. 

Keeping the janitorial staff light on their feet will help improve their speed and efficiency. Make sure to also pick out a trolley with a set of sturdy wheels and mop buckets that aren’t too heavy.


Some of the important janitor tools can be quite pricey, and this includes the likes of floor polishers and carpet cleaners. These tools can also be expensive to replace or fix, so it makes the most sense for you to pick up as many heavy-duty products as possible under warranty.

This will help cover you under any and all eventualities and also equips the staff with high quality products.

Mopping it Up

We hope that the article presented above will help you make an informed choice when it comes to stocking your office or commercial space with cleaning supplies and janitor tools. We also included a reliable list of factors to consider when making these purchases. Just remember, quality over quantity is always key!

Send us a message and schedule your commercial cleaning services appointment today!

1000+ Reviews
All our happy customers can’t be wrong! Let us take care of your home cleaning need.
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