The Best Shower Squeegees to Buy in 2023

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We've mentioned using shower squeegees to remove the excess water and soap from your shower doors before, and now we present our top picks for shower squeegees of 2021! Choose from a variety of brands, sizes, and materials that you can find convenience in using to clean your shower walls and doors.

Keep a shower squeegee on hand in the bathroom by fixing up waterproof adhesive hooks to hang your squeegee. This way, your squeegee can drip off excess water, and keep from growing mold itself on its silicone blade. A suction cup hook will also take up less space, while keeping the squeegee in a convenient reach.

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How to Clean Shower Wall with Squeegee

After every bath, make it a habit to wipe the shower stall clean using bathroom squeegees. Whether you have a glass shower door or ceramic tiles, clearing away the excess water droplets is an important aspect in keeping your bathroom clean.

Remove soap scum and water residue to keep your glass shower doors clean longer, and you won't have to frequently treat that bathroom tile grout for mold and mildew.

Simply take your squeegee, and start moving the water from up down. Move the squeegee from side to side, making sure to get all the water droplets out, then make your way down to the bottom of your shower glass door to catch the rest of the water residue.

Wipe the entire area dry with a soft, microfiber cloth, and leave the bathroom doors open to provide good ventilation in the area. Make cleaning your shower area a daily habit, and you won't have to worry about pesky mold, soap residue, and mineral buildup from messing up your bathroom!

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The Best Shower Squeegees of 2023

Best Overall: HIWARE Shower Window Squeegee

HIWARE All-Purpose Shower Squeegee for Shower...

The HIWARE shower squeegee features a stunning chrome look made of a zinc alloy meant to prevent rusting - a common occurrence in metal shower squeegees. The smooth zinc alloy prevents bacteria from latching on, while the 10-inch blade provides a thorough clean of your soapy shower door.

Overall, the HIWARE squeegee is our top pick for its aesthetic elegance, bacteria and rust-resistant properties, and its efficiency in clearing moisture from glass doors. The heavy duty tool can multitask to work on other smooth surfaces such as windows and cars as well.

Best Lightweight: Cleret iDO Shower Squeegee

cleret iDO Shower Squeegee with Dual Wiping Edge...

The Cleret iDO shower squeegee is a lightweight yet sturdy tool that features a double rubber blade that is 12-inches long. The plastic handle is incredibly light without feeling cheap, and cleans shower glass doors with ease. Compared to other plastic squeegees, Cleret provides a thorough clean despite its light frame.

The plastic handle, however, can become a breeding ground for various types of harmful bacteria and germs, so this tool will require constant disinfection. Otherwise, the product is great for everyday use, is affordable, and can be easily replaced when broken.

Best in Design: Cleret ELITE Shower Squeegee

cleret Elite Bath & Shower Squeegee with Chrome...

For a squeegee that you never need to hide from plain sight, reach for the Cleret ELITE shower squeegee. This silicone squeegee features a handle-less, ergonomic design that is modern, sleek, and stylish.

With a handle the size and grip of a standard shampoo bottle, the Cleret ELITE can be stored upright on any shelf, eliminating the need for a suction hook. The dual-blade action removes water residue and soap scum from any flat and textured glass surface, and its convenient storage makes it one of our top picks for squeegee shower cleaner products!

Best Discreet: iDesign 59150 Plastic Bathroom Squeegee


When it comes to being discreet, the iDesign transparent shower squeegee is the right tool for the job. Its transparent plastic handle and blade is inconspicuous, allowing you to display the squeegee without worrying over your bathroom design.

The set comes with its own suction cup hooks, so you're all set to make the iDesign transparent squeegee a part of your bathroom! However, the hard, plastic blades make it difficult to clean non-flat surfaces, and the product may scratch delicate glass surfaces.

Best Length: TopCharm Shower Squeegee


The TopCharm squeegee features the longest blade in this list: with a 14-inch rubber blade that takes care of the grime on even the widest glass. The stainless steel handle is adorned with a gold finish, and is a heavy-duty squeegee that can be used in different applications.

However, the stiff blade can be difficult to use on textured surfaces, and the stainless steel handle can look out of place in a modern bathroom. Still, the length of the blades allows you to clean large spaces with ease, compared to shorter 10-inch and 12-inch competitors.

Best Small Scale: Desired Tools Squeegee

desired tools Squeegee for Shower, Window and Car...

For those small-scale jobs like cleaning mirrors and tight spots, the Desired Tools shower squeegee does a terrific job in removing the grime from your bathroom. With a lightweight handle, and a foam grip, this tool makes bathroom cleaning a breeze!

Due to its small size, the product is better suited for small-scale chores. The foam grip can also disintegrate over time, and needs constant disinfection as it provides a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. The design isn't very stunning either, and is more practical than aesthetic to say the least.

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Clean like a Pro

Bathroom cleaning is one of those tasks that most homeowners dread, but is a necessity in keeping a healthy home. Luce Home is your best helper in keeping your bathroom clean, and our experienced house cleaners are ready to help you achieve a squeaky clean home without the hassle!

Check out our services, and more cleaning tool reviews, through our website and blog!

1000+ Reviews
All our happy customers can’t be wrong! Let us take care of your home cleaning need.
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