The Best and Effective Tile Grout Cleaners in 2023

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Nothing gives your room a better pop of brightness than clean tiles - that includes spotless grout. While glazed tiles are a breeze to maintain, grout is a different story when it comes to cleaning out the mold and the muck.

Due to its porous surface, dirt gets trapped deep within the grout, and causes staining and discoloration. Moisture can also settle within the pores, making for perfect environments for mold and mildew colonies to thrive in. 

Best Tile Grout Cleaners in 2023

Looking for the best grout cleaners? Rather than spend an entire day trying to scrub away stains from your grout, reach for a product that specializes in targeting stains in your grout and getting rid of them for good with minimal effort, and in a short amount of time.

Our comprehensive review lists the top 8 commercial cleaners that are convenient and readily available for you to choose from. In this list, you’ll find 8 of the best grout cleaners in 2023, so you can get your grout squeaky clean!

Best Daily Grout Cleaner: CLR Bath and Kitchen Foaming Action Cleaner

Tiles are typically used in bathrooms and kitchens for their water-resistant properties, and low maintenance upkeep. But, when it’s time to clean, we need an effective cleaner that works for all surfaces in our homes in the form of a multi-purpose, action cleaner that will do the job well without the need for heavy duty scrubbing.

CLR Bath and Kitchen Foaming Action Cleaner


  • EPA Safer Choice Certified
  • Does not use Bleach
  • Whitens Tile Grout
  • Gets rid of Soap Scum, Mold Stains, and Water Stains


  • Use only on White Grout
  • Not recommended for Natural and Synthetic Stone

Recommended Soaking Time: 2-3 Minutes

Why it’s the best: 

Our top pick is the CLR Brilliant Bath Foaming Multi-surface Cleaner in Fresh Scent for its ability to clean and whiten grout without the use of bleach. Its effective formula combats common reasons for grout discoloration such as soap scum, water stains, mold, oil, and grease.

Perfect for use around the bathroom and kitchen, this product will bring life back into your old, dull tiles. Safe to use on ceramic and porcelain, its formula can be used for all surfaces like walls, floors, and countertops. 

The product contains a powerful, yet gentle formula that can be used in daily cleaning. Its fresh scent can make any surface feel pristine.

The Professional-Grade Grout Cleaner: Grout-EEZ Super Heavy Duty Grout Cleaner

For those stains that just won’t come out, we need professionally-formulated grout cleaners that will get rid of those pesky stains once and for all. While industrial cleaning solutions may be too harsh, there are milder options on the market that do the trick just as well.

Clean-eez Grout-eez Super Heavy-Duty Grout Cleaner - Powerful Tile and Floor Stain Remover for Bathroom, Kitchen, and More - 32 oz.


  • Safe on Porcelain and Ceramic Tiles
  • Powerful, Concentrated Formula
  • Lifts Grime and Rust Stains
  • Safe for Colored Grout


  • Releases Off-putting Fumes
  • Not recommended for Natural Stone

Recommended Soaking Time: 10 Minutes

Why it’s the best: 

No product on this list will be as heavy duty as the Grout-EEZ Super Heavy Duty Grout Cleaner. Its professional-strength formula promises to rid your grout of any grime, mold, or dirt stains, even rust! Safe to use on colored grout, the product will restore your grout to its original luster without damaging your tiles.

Tried every product imaginable and those stains still won’t come off? Give it a go with the Grout-EEZ Super Heavy Duty Grout Cleaner and watch as those stubborn marks magically lift off your tiles and grout. 

Though a powerful, concentrated formula, this product is safe to use on ceramic and porcelain tiles. However, it is not a recommended grout cleaner for natural stone tiles like granite and marble. Take note that this product requires proper ventilation as it releases strong fumes that may be overwhelming to some people.

The Grout Cleaner on the Spot: Clorox Zero Splash Bleach Pen

Small stain spots can be an eyesore. Moreso when there’s a single stain surrounded by pristine, clean tiles. Spot cleaning solutions work wonders in keeping your tile grout uniform, while being conveniently stored in an easy-to-use packaging.

CLOROX Bleach Pen Zero Splash Dual Tip 2 Oz Tile Grout Laundry New Open Box  - Flying Ketchup


  • Easy Control
  • Whitens Grout
  • Stays on Horizontal Surfaces
  • Works on Wall and Ceiling Spots


  • For Spot Clean only - Not suitable for cleaning large areas
  • Not recommended for Colored Grout

Recommended Soaking Time: N/A

Why it’s the best: 

Is your tile grout stained in only a couple of spots? Rather than buying and using large quantities of bathroom tile cleaners, reach for the Clorox Zero Splash Bleach Pen. This bleach pen 

Its formula has a gel consistency that allows it to stay on horizontal surfaces like walls, and countertop edges, as well as ceilings and other gravity-defying surfaces. However, due to its small size, the product is only appropriate for spot cleaning, and is not meant for large areas. 

With the Clorox Zero Splash Bleach Pen, you won’t have to worry about accidentally bleaching your colored surfaces or fabrics. The pen is easy to use, easy to control, and can be kept with your laundry for any future spot cleaning. The pen also works to remove stains on white clothing, beddings, and other white fabrics. 

Best for Natural Stone Grout Cleaning: Black Diamond Stoneworks Ultimate Grout Cleaner

Stone surfaces can be a challenge to clean, especially with so many harsh cleaning solutions in the market. For marble, granite, and limestone surfaces, acidic cleaners will corrode the stones alongside the grime. 

Black Diamond Ultimate Grout Cleaner | Berings


  • Safe for Natural Stone Surfaces
  • Mild, yet Pleasant, Smell
  • Acid-free


  • Does not remove water stains or mineral deposits

Recommended Soaking Time: 1-3 Minutes

Why it’s the best: 

Black Diamond Stoneworks Ultimate Grout Cleaner was formulated specifically for natural and synthetic stone tiles. The product boasts of an acid-free formula that is powerful on stains, but gentle on stone. 

Rest assured with this product as it clears the muck away from your grout without harming your beautiful stone surfaces. This product will give you the best care for your natural stone accents, while removing discoloration from common grout stains, including oil and grease.

However, the product does not perform well in removing hard water stains and mineral deposits. You may need to use a separate bathroom tile cleaner or tile floor cleaner to get rid of these stubborn marks, or go the DIY route and check the second half of this article for homemade cleaners better than store bought ones!

The Grease Fighter: Krud Kutter KK32 Original Concentrated Cleaner/Degreaser

Krud Kutter Original - Southern Paint & Supply Co.


  • Great for Kitchens
  • Removes Oil and Grease Stains
  • Safe around Children and Pets
  • No Rinse Formula


  • Requires More Effort in Scrubbing
  • Is not Antibacterial

Recommended Soaking Time: N/A

Why it’s the best: 

Kitchen tile cleaners need to do a good job in combating oil and grease stains. The Krud Kutter KK32 Original Concentrated Cleaner/Degreaser was made for this job, as it breaks down oils on contact. Its no-rinse formula is safe to use around children and pets, making it our top choice to use around the kitchen.

The concentrated formula cleans tile and grout well, and makes for an effective tile floor cleaner. For use on countertops and other surfaces, you may want to dilute the product first.

The Grout Cleaning Mold and Mildew Killer: 24 Hour Bathroom Cleaner by Microban

Nowadays, we need products that do more than just cleaning our homes at eye level, we prefer our cleaning products to have sanitizing effects as well. Bleach and vinegar may get rid of stains on grout, but do nothing to kill off harmful microbes. Alcohol may kill off germs, but doesn’t work long enough to keep them from invading your grout once again.

24 Hour Bathroom Cleaner by Microban


  • Perfect for Disinfecting Bathrooms
  • Efficient Mold and Mildew Killer
  • No Rinse, Powerful Formula
  • Antibacterial and Antimicrobial
  • Works for up to 24 Hours


  • Requires More Effort in Scrubbing
  • Is not Antibacterial

Recommended Soaking Time: Until dried

Why it’s the best: 

Looking for an antimicrobial bathroom tile and grout cleaner? Look no further than the 24 Hour Bathroom Cleaner by Microban. The product is specially formulated to have long-lasting, antibacterial properties that kills germs on the spot, and lasts for 24 hours. 

The product also does an excellent job in killing mold and mildew colonies, as well as preventing mold spores from forming new colonies for up to seven days. From water stains and soap scum, to oil and grease, this product can remove any stain and revitalize your tiles.

Best Gel Cleaner: Soft Scrub Bleach Cleaner Gel

A gel formula does wonders in getting rid of stains deep within grout. Unlike bleach gel pens, gel grout cleaners are applicable to large areas, and over countertops and other surfaces. Look for brands with a nozzle-tipped bottle for easy control and usage.

Soft Scrub Bleach Cleaner Gel


  • Gel Formula stays on Surfaces
  • Bleaches off Stains
  • Easy to Use - Requires Minimal Effort
  • Non-abrasive Cleaning Solution
  • Easy to Rinse
  • Certified Kosher Product


  • Can Whiten Fabrics and other Surfaces

Recommended Soaking Time: >1 Minute

Why it’s the best: 

The Soft Scrub Bleach Cleaner Gel is a non-abrasive cleaning solution that can get into hard-to-reach areas with its nozzle tip, and its viscous consistency. Instead of running off walls and horizontal surfaces like liquid cleaners, the gel formula stays on the surface, tackling dirt and stains.

The product contains bleach, which brings back the gleaming whiteness of your tiles and grout. Even coffee, tea, and hair dye stains are no match for the cleaning power of this gel formula. Use it on kitchen countertops, sinks, shower areas, toilets, or as a tile floor cleaner.

Best for Colored Grout: ZEP Grout Cleaner and Brightener

White grout is the most popular option for tiles as it’s easy to clean, readily available, and brightens up even the darkest of tile patterns. Still, some homeowners opt for colored grout which may match better with their tiles. 

ZEP Grout Cleaner and Brightener


  • Does not Bleach Colored Grout
  • Cleans and Clears Dirt
  • Affordable
  • Mild Daily Cleaner


  • Does not Remove Most Stains
  • Not suitable for Natural Stone and Metal Surfaces

Recommended Soaking Time: 3-5 Minutes

Why it’s the best: 

Colored grout is notoriously difficult to clean. Most commercially available tile grout cleaners cater to white grout, and contain whitening agents like bleach and hydrogen peroxide. ZEP Grout Cleaner and Brightener is the solution for homeowners who prefer a splash of color in their grout.

The product is a mild, daily cleaner that removes dirt and grime from the surface of your grout, brightening the color and restoring it in clean condition. However, the product was not meant to remove stains from mold, rust, or mineral deposits, and is better suited for general cleaning.

Bonus: The Crown Choice 3-in-1 Grout Cleaner Brush Set

The Crown Choice 3-in-1 Grout Cleaner Brush Set

Why it’s the best: 

The angled heads of the Crown Choice 3-in-1 Grout Cleaner Brush Set allows for ergonomic cleaning of otherwise hard-to-reach areas with grout, such as underneath countertops, around sinks, and in corners. Cleaning grout is made easy with small brush heads and thin handles, which get into the crevices of your tiles.

Best DIY Tile Grout Cleaners

Not too keen on commercial cleaning solutions? Take the DIY route and make your own effective, and affordable tile grout cleaner.

DIY Bleach Gel

DIY Bleach Gel

Mix together 3 tablespoons of cornstarch and 1 cup of water over the stove on low heat. Keep stirring the mixture until it thickens up. Remove from heat and stir in ⅓ cup of bleach until it forms a gel. Keep your bleach gel in a nozzle-tipped bottle for easy flow control.

Magic Baking Soda Cleaning Paste

Baking soda makes for a gentle scrubber for tile and grout. Mix enough baking soda with hydrogen peroxide to make a paste. Use the baking soda paste to spot clean areas where stains and dirt are present. 

To use, apply the baking soda paste on stained spots and rub using an old toothbrush or scrubber. Allow the paste to dry and wipe off the excess with a clean cloth. Do not use the paste to clean natural stone and metal surfaces.

As the paste sits, the hydrogen peroxide whitens and cleans the grout, while baking soda provides mold-killing abrasion.

Helpful Tip: When making baking soda paste, you may substitute hydrogen peroxide with vinegar or bleach.

DIY Stone Tile Cleaning Spray

DIY Stone Tile Cleaning Spray

For natural stone tiles, DIY may be the safest route you can go in terms of cleaning. To make a cleaning spray appropriate for marble, granite, and limestone, mix together 3 tablespoons of castile soap and 2 cups of water in a spray bottle. Give it a good shake and spray wherever you need to clean.

Chores Don’t Have to Be Hard

Regardless whether you use commercial cleaners or make your own, cleaning grout does not have to be a chore when you have handy cleaning solutions that bring back the gleam in your grout. 

Contact us today and book your first commercial cleaning services.

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All our happy customers can’t be wrong! Let us take care of your home cleaning need.
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