List of Essential Commercial Bathroom Supplies and Where to Get Them

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The Complete List of Essential Commercial Restroom Supplies

Trash Receptacles

Let's face it, no trash receptacles in the bathroom can only mean one thing - toilet clogs. With nowhere to dispose of toilet paper, sanitary napkins, and paper towels, people will often go to the next nearest receptacle: the toilet. Prevent toilet clogs, and provide a proper receptacle for trash with bathroom waste bins.

You can easily purchase trash receptacles at any Home Depot or home improvement store, and commercially-modeled ones can be bought from Office Depot and commercial bathroom suppliers.

Toilet Paper Dispensers

Toilet paper is one of the key supplies in a bathroom. A toilet paper dispenser is the sanitary way of holding tissues that won't unroll or get wet throughout usage. For commercial bathrooms, toilet rolls are typically large, and economical to cater to a large crowd of people using the toilets, without the need to frequently refill the dispenser.

You can get both the dispenser and the toilet roll through Office Depot, as well as other commercial bathroom suppliers available online. There are different commercial models that range from manual to automatic with a hand sensor that supplies a controlled amount of tissue.

How to wash your hands

Soap Dispensers

After restroom business, people tend to wash their hands with soap and water. Soap is an integral component in the bathroom as it prevents diseases from spreading, as well as germs from unwashed hands. Keep both dispensers and refill soap on hand to keep the supply of soap going, especially if you expect to have a lot of guests in the bathroom often.

You can easily purchase affordable dispensers with pleasing designs through Alibaba, where the wholesale prices of their products are competitive. Automatic dispensers can minimize the amount of human to human contact as well, though may produce more product wastage in the long run.

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Paper Towel Dispensers

A paper towel dispenser isn't exactly essential, but it does help keep moisture off the bathroom floors. Dripping hands need to dry off somewhere, and you need to be ready for irresponsible guests who let their hands drip everywhere. Provide guests with disposable towels to dry off their hands with ease.

Hand Dryers

The big question: hand dryers, or paper towels? Regardless of which you prefer, you can offer hand dryers instead of paper towels if you dislike having to top up hand towel rolls every now and then. These are typically made from stainless steel, so you don't have to worry about your hand dryer getting rust or dirt easily.

LED Lighting

A dark, damp restroom does not seem very clean, and would also easily harbor mold and mildew that can emit musty odors. Proper lighting is important in bathrooms, and LED bulbs can reduce the energy costs of lighting up commercial bathrooms. You can find LED bulbs at hardware stores and home improvement stores.

Toilet Seat Covers

You may opt to use dispensers that supply covers for sanitary and hygiene purposes. In many countries including Japan and Hong Kong, most public restrooms supply toilet covers that are biodegradable, and made from easy-to-dissolve paper products. 

These are said to be more sanitary than coming into direct contact with the seat of the toilet, which may host bacteria and germs.

Dispensers for this particular item may be difficult to source, as they are considered a niche item only available to a few select commercial bathrooms. For this one, best to source a dispenser online, as this product may need to be fitted to the dimensions of the bathroom cubicles.

Like toilet covers, urinal screens provide protection from the dreaded splash back from urinals. Not only do these keep wastes from people using the bathroom, but these also keep the restroom floors cleaner as the screens prevent fluids from splashing everywhere.

Other Bathroom Supplies

Other bathroom supplies include cleaning chemicals, disinfectants, soap refills, and cleaning implements like toilet brush, toilet plunger, and the like. These can be bought at your local Target, Walmart, or any other home store as these supplies tend to be the same throughout household and commercial uses.

You can also shop restroom supplies online for wholesale prices, especially if you need to fill up more than one commercial bathroom. You can also search for exactly what type of item you need, and which cleaning products have the best germ-busting abilities.

1000+ Reviews
All our happy customers can’t be wrong! Let us take care of your home cleaning need.
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