How To Organize Your Under Bath Sink Cabinet

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Most people know how to organize their clothes by colour, frequency of use, or by season. We organize the food in our pantry by freshness and expiration date, so we always know what food to consume first.  But what about our bathroom and cleaning supplies? 

Keeping our bathroom supplies in a clean, organized place such as the bathroom sink cabinet makes it easy for you to just grab and get items that you may need. No more scrambling around the bathroom sink looking for that new pack of Q tips, or losing another tube of toothpaste in all the mess!

Our guide will walk you through organizing your bathroom sink cabinet, so you can safely store items in without worrying about the clutter. We’ll give you a couple of professional tips and tricks in storing your items so they stay clean as you use them.

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Why Should You Organize Your Space Under the Bathroom Sink?

Why not? Keeping an organized home makes it easy for you to find the things you need when you need them, and prevents your items from getting lost in all the clutter. 

Organizing a bathroom sink cabinet, most especially, gets all your cleaning supplies and bathroom necessities in order, and avoids the mingling of hazardous chemicals together. Keeping your supplies organized also prevents spillage from upturned containers. 

Generally, home organization helps keep your items in check, and lets you easily take note of the supplies that you may need to replenish. After all, nothing could be worse than finding out you’re out of soap and shampoo just as you’re about to shower before that big date, interview, or meeting!

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How to Organize Under Bathroom Sink: Best Ways and Ideas

Clear Out

First thing’s first, clear out your bathroom sink cabinet. Take a couple of trays and begin cleaning out the items from underneath the bathroom sink. All items, including cleaning supplies, spare toiletries, and fixtures not nailed down should be cleared from the bathroom sink cabinet.

Wipe Everything Clean

The next step is to wipe everything down with a damp cloth. Changing or washing the cloth between wiping, especially when in contact with the contents of the bottle. Wiping everything down prepares your items for storage, and removes dust build up, spillage, and cobwebs. 

Remember to wipe down the interior and exterior of your bathroom cabinet as well, including the handles, the cabinet doors, and the walls of the cabinet.

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Line Your Cabinet

We recommend lining your cabinet with a linoleum, cloth, or foam drawer liner, which you can purchase online or at a home improvement store. Lining your bathroom cabinets protects the material of your cabinet from moisture, spillage, and dust. 

To keep your cloth or foam liner from moving around too much, place some sticky tack underneath to safely secure the liner without damaging your cabinet. Line the bottom of your cabinet, the walls, and if preferred, the cabinet door as well.

Use Baskets

Baskets make organizing much easier by separating items into different categories like hair styling tools, cleaning products, and towels. Use a sink caddy for under the sink storage to keep your items neat, and keep them from going all over the place. Organizers would also help minimize spillage to isolated locations, and provide you with ample storage space.

A bathroom sink organizer will keep your items together, so you can grab the whole basket of cleaning products the next time you’re doing some cleaning, instead of scrambling to find your equipment one by one. 

Use Multi-layer Drawers

Stacking drawers are perfect for maximizing the available storage space you have in your bathroom cabinets. You can stack them up, and keep the less essential items under sink organizers for easy access to your more frequently used items like towels, soap, and shampoo.

Check out your container store for available storage container options, and choose ones that have no problem with moisture such as plastic and acrylic. Avoid cloth and wood, as these do not fare well under sink area where there is high humidity and moisture. 

Segregate Items by Purpose and Usage

As you go about organizing your bathroom sink cabinet, Figure out the purpose of your items, and how often do you find yourself using them. You may use your hair dryer more often than your flat iron, so place the latter in a less conspicuous place so you have easy access to your hair dryer. 

Organizing is all about creating the optimal storage arrangement for your convenience. Store your necessities where you can easily get them, while less used items can go in the back as you don’t use these as often. Optimize your sink storage by categorizing your items by usage and convenience. 

Install Racks behind Bathroom Sink Cabinet Doors

Behind the bathroom cabinet door are some untapped storage space that you can utilize to store things like your cleaning brushes, rags, or other bathroom tools you can hang. Install racks or attach hooks to the back of the cabinet doors for extra space. You can also opt to add racks or hooks to your bathroom sink countertop. 

For fixtures with adhesive backing, make sure they’re appropriate to use in moist areas like the bathroom sink, as adhesives can sometimes lose their stickiness with water.

Install a Towel Rack

You can opt to use a sink organizer to store your towels, but since the bathroom sink cabinet isn’t the most sanitary location, you’re better off installing a separate towel rack instead. A towel rack, shelf, or organizer stays beside the bathroom sink, and keeps towels in view for easy retrieval. You can also opt to install a towel rack right on the bathroom sink cabinet door.

Towel racks are slightly more aerodynamic than your bathroom sink cabinet, as the open air allows the towels to breathe and dry properly. Keep a cover over your towels to prevent germs from spreading on the surface, and be sure to dry towels completely before storing. 

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Professional Organizing Tips

At Luce Home, we’ve seen how the average homeowner feels lost with the upkeep of their homes. Our blog is dedicated to bringing household cleaning and organizing tips to our readers, so you can maintain your home the professional way.

Visit our blog for more cleaning tips that you can do to keep your home neat and organized!

1000+ Reviews
All our happy customers can’t be wrong! Let us take care of your home cleaning need.
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