The Ultimate Bathroom Essentials Checklist

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The bathroom is undisputedly one of the most important rooms in the house, and some houses may even have two, three, or more bathrooms. You may be confused with what to keep in your bathroom, as you may only remember to fill it up with your personal items the moment they run out. 

Not to worry though, our ultimate bathroom essentials checklist will provide you with a complete guide on what to keep in your bathroom so you can be well-stocked and well-prepared for anything! Each household is different, and you may need more items than indicated, but our list can guide you through stocking up on bathroom essentials with ease.

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The Ultimate Bathroom Essentials List:

Different areas in the bathroom require different items. For this list, we've consolidated the most important bathroom essentials to keep in each area of the bathroom, so you'll have a fully-stocked bathroom where you can pamper and sanitize yourself.

You can apply our list to both your personal or guest bathroom, and keep your bathroom accessories on hand for any emergencies. Each bathroom necessity is part of your entire bathroom routine, so keeping these stocked is extra important!

For the Shower Area

One of the most commonly-used areas in the bathroom, this area needs bathing supplies to keep you squeaky clean all day long! Have more than one bar of soap stocked, and keep spare bottles of your favourite shampoo on hand for those days when you've run out of bath items.

Shower Curtains

A shower curtain prevents water from spilling everywhere. If you have a door, then it may be helpful enough to prevent water from leaking out without a shower curtain. However, for open shower areas, you should be using a shower curtain to keep the water from leaking out to the rest of your bathroom.

Shower Hooks

A shower hook is helpful in keeping your towels at hand, while keeping them away from the soaking-wet bathroom floor. You can also keep your essentials on the hook, or get a shelf for your bath area which includes hooks, space, and layers for you to organize your bath items.


The most important of all bathroom necessities - soap! Soap keeps you clean, and prevents you from contracting diseases by killing off the microbes from your skin. Of course, soap is one of the bathroom essentials you need in your bath area. Stock up on bars of soap so you always have one on hand!

Shampoo and Conditioner

Like soap, shampoo helps to keep your hair clean. Stock shampoo and conditioner in your bathroom as these essentials are used fairly often. Both shampoo and conditioner work wonders on your hair follicles, preventing hair damage, and keeping your scalp from producing excess oils.

Washcloth or Loofah

A washcloth or loofah is great for giving yourself a good scrub. Nothing like a good scrub can exfoliate your skin, and get rid of nasty debris, dirt, and dead skin cells - leaving you with soft, moisturized skin.  Go for eco-friendly options, and grab a natural sponge or loofah instead of those plastic bath scrubs; your skin and the environment will thank you for it!

Bath Towel

Last but not the least, don't forget to bring with you bath towels that you can use to dry yourself off after a good shower! Dripping water everywhere isn't ideal in the bathroom, especially as the floors are typically slippery once wet. Dry yourself from head to toe before stepping out of the shower to avoid dripping water to the rest of your bathroom.

For the Sink Area

For some small bathroom areas, the sink area may or may not have a connecting countertop to place your items in. For these bathrooms, having storage baskets or a mirrored cabinet is a space-saving solution to keep your bathroom items in!

Hand Towel

Hand towels are great for sink areas as they are small, yet functional. Use them to dry your hands after washing up, or have a separate one to dry your face every morning after a good face wash. Keep your hand towels on a rack or hook to allow these to dry properly between uses, and prevent a mildew smell from forming in your bathroom.

Hand Soap

Liquid or bar, hand soap is a must in your bathroom sink area. Your hands can accumulate various types of germs and bacteria throughout the day, and some of which can be harmful to your health. Keep yourself clean and healthy by properly washing your hands with some soap and water.

Toothbrush Holder

You may simply place your toothbrush in an empty cup, or your electric toothbrush might have its own holder. However, these expose your toothbrushes to the germs and grime around the bathroom. Instead, keep your toothbrushes in a specialized toothbrush holder that protects your brushes from germs.

For the Toilet Area

Toilets can get grimey, and the germs on toilets can make you sick when not disinfected properly. Keep sanitizing products on hand so you can keep your toilet area clean! You can keep your toilet bowl cleaner nearby as well for convenient cleaning.

Toilet Paper

Just because your current roll of toilet paper isn't gone, doesn't mean that you shouldn't stock up on extra toilet paper! Having extra toilet paper on hand prevents those embarrassing moments where you run out of toilet paper while going about your business!

Toilet Brush

A toilet brush is an essential cleaning implement that you need to keep on hand as you will need to clean your toilet often. The toilet brush removes grime, especially the ones underneath the toilet seat.

Sanitizing Spray

A sanitizing spray that will clean your toilet seat before you use the toilet is a necessary item that will get rid of the germs on the toilet. Keep this on hand, and give your toilet a spritz before you use it.

Trash Can

Don't keep using the toilet as a trash can - you'll damage your pipes! Instead, keep a small trash can on hand for clean pieces of tissue, packaging from bathroom items, and more!

For the Bathtub

The bathtub is a place of luxury, and is where you can spend your self care days. You'll need a few items to make the most out of your tub.

Anti-skid Bath Mat

A bath mat conveniently located on the foot of your tub prevents you or anyone else from slipping as you step out of the tub soaking wet. Dry your feet well on the bath mat before stepping onto the bathroom flooring. Don't forget to dry yourself with bath towels too!

Bath Soak

A bath soak or bath gel gives you a comfortable luxurious feeling that makes the most out of your tub. A bath bomb is great too, but isn't necessary for you to have around. Look for bath soaks that will calibrate your mental and emotional well-being, which is important for your health.

Bathroom Cleaning Essentials

Bathroom Cleaners

You'll need a toilet bowl cleaner, a multi-purpose cleaner, disinfectant, bleach, soap, and commercial or homemade bathroom cleaners. There is a whole list of bathroom cleaners in the market and online for you to choose from.

Rubber Gloves

Bathroom cleaners can be harsh on hands, so keep a pair or two of gloves on hand for convenient access when you're about to clean your bathroom.

Scrubbing Tools

Make a list of bathroom scrubbing tools that you think may ease bathroom cleaning, like a vacuum cleaner, a scrub brush, abrasive sponges, soft sponges, cleaning cloths, a mop, an old toothbrush, or other cleaning implements to clean your bathroom.

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Clean as a Whistle

For those moments when bathroom cleaning is getting overwhelming, go for professional cleaning services that will get your bathroom to a sparkling shine without the hassle! We at Luce Home are dedicated to helping our clients with the upkeep of their homes. 

Make sure to also check out our blog today for more tips and tricks to make home cleaning easier.

1000+ Reviews
All our happy customers can’t be wrong! Let us take care of your home cleaning need.
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