Bathroom Cleaning Supplies & Tools Essential in Every Home

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Bathroom cleaning is the number one chore no one wants to do. Nobody wants to deal with the smell, dirt, and germs that is associated with bathrooms, and cleaning out the grime is a truly thankless job as the bathroom is a location that is infamous for its speedy accumulation of bacteria.

If you are looking to tackle the challenge of cleaning your bathroom by yourself, this article is here to help. We’ll present a full list of bathroom cleaning supplies and tools that are essential for every household.

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The Bathroom Cleaning Supplies and Tools You Must Own

Some cleaning supplies and tools should be staple in your home, set aside specifically for bathroom cleaning. Regardless of whether you have a standalone shower, a bathtub, or you’re cleaning out your tile floors, here are the cleaning staples you will need to get the job done.

Rubber gloves

Before we begin with the essential supplies and tools, it is absolutely vital to note that all cleaning must be done with a set of rubber gloves. Keeping a few sets of rubber gloves in stock at all times can come in handy to tackle any cleaning emergencies. 

Bathrooms can get filthy, and chemical cleaning products may burn or irritate your skin. Donning a pair of rubber gloves can minimize the hazards of spreading germs, and getting chemical burns while cleaning. You are more free to clean out every nook and cranny of your bathroom, without getting that grime on your hands. 


A mask can filter out any harmful gases and vapors that are emitted by some cleaning products, including bleach, vinegar, and most commercial cleaning solutions. Besides proper ventilation, wearing a mask would help prevent the inhalation of these harmful substances while you clean with them.


If you’ve got the budget for one, a wet-and-dry vacuum cleaner works wonders in sucking up loose dirt and moisture from your bathroom. Cordless vacuums are perfect for bathrooms as they do not need to be plugged into an electrical outlet to work. Many cordless vacuum types also have attachments to make cleaning your curtains, carpets, and your grout much easier. 


Moisture is the lifeforce of a bathroom. Bathrooms and water are always together, as this room is where people bathe, self-care, and sanitize themselves, so you can expect a bathroom to get wet and slippery from time to time, especially if there are children in the house. A wet floor is an accident just waiting to happen, which is why keeping a mop handy to wipe away moisture can be, well, handy!

A sturdy mop is a much-needed tool in your bathroom to ensure that the floor can be dried whenever necessary. Mops with microfiber cloth heads can effectively wipe away moisture and spills that can otherwise be an accident risk. Steam mops can do two jobs at once: mopping away dirt, while sanitizing the area with hot steam. 

Scrub Brush

A scrub brush is a useful tool to clean any surface of your bathroom. Keep at least one scrub brush separate for each surface and area that you plan to clean, and look for scrub brushes that aren’t too hard on surfaces if you have marble, granite, stone, or unglazed tiles. 

A scrub brush with an elongated handle works well for cleaning floors and ceilings due to its long reach, while scrub brushes with small heads can get deep in between tiles to scrub out grout.

All-purpose Cleaner

A multi-purpose tool like a scrub brush is best assisted with an all-purpose cleaner. This liquid helps you sanitize and disinfect every surface in your bathroom to get rid of dirt and soap scum so you can use it generously and frequently without any worries. 

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Shower Cleaning Tools

These next two products tackle a bathroom’s arch nemesis — grout grime. Grout is a porous material that keeps your tiles together, and it can get particularly musty when dirt settles into the material. Not only does grout grime make a bathroom look worn-out and dirty, but it can also be the cause for allergies and other illnesses that can afflict your family.

With constant exposure to water, the grout in your shower tiles can harbor bacteria, mold, and mildew that thrive in moist environments. The floor and walls of your shower area are prone to accumulation of soap scum and mineral deposits from hard water, due to the usage of a shower. To combat these stains, you will need some supplies on hand for thorough cleaning.

Grout Brush

The first tool you’ll need to tackle the grout situation in the bathroom is a grout brush. Grout brushes are made with gentle, but sturdy bristles that can scrub out the grime without scratching the grout material. Some grout brushes come in sets of different sizes for cleaning hard to reach areas, while some offer angled heads for ergonomic cleaning.

Grout Tile Cleaner

A grout tile cleaner goes hand in hand with a grout brush to eliminate mold and grime from your bathroom entirely. Grout and tile cleaners are specially formulated to clean your tiles without damaging the surface or the grout. You may check your local cleaning supplies store for commercial brands, or check out our blog post for DIY recipes.

Glass cleaner

The bathroom mirror, shower cubicle, shower doors and other fixtures in your bathroom are often made out of glass. These surfaces tend to get smudged up often with soap scum and hard water stains from constant exposure to moisture. Cleaning glass surfaces in the bathroom, especially the shower doors, is important to retain its shine and luster, as well as the overall look of your bathroom. 

There are many quality glass cleaners available in the market for shower doors and other glass surfaces, and any one of the top best bathroom cleaning products should do the trick. For the DIY method, you can use a spray of equal parts vinegar and water.

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Bathtub Cleaning Tools

Your bathtub is the focal point of your bathroom that gives the room a touch of elegance. However, maintaining a bathtub poses a challenging task that is often overlooked during routine cleaning. Simply rinsing your tub is not enough to remove the soap scum, stains from bath bombs and dyes from bath gels. You will need stronger cleaning implements to get the job done.

Bathtub Cleaner

Depending on the material of your bathtub, multiple commercial cleaning products are available on the market to bring the shine back to your bathtub, while removing those discolored rings that come with frequent use. Avoid bathtub cleaners that contain corrosive chemicals, as these may irritate your skin when using the tub, and go for skin-safe, gentle options instead.

Sponge Scrubber

Due to its easily scratched surface, the bathtub should not be scrubbed with an abrasive brush or scouring pad. Instead, reach for a gentle scrubbing sponge that can get into the crevices of your bathtub, while maintaining its smooth surface. When used with a bathroom cleaner, the sponge scrubber can bring back the shine to your tub.

Bathtub Maintenance Cleaners

The fun way to maintain the cleanliness of your bathtub! Bathtub Maintenance Cleaners can come in spray forms, or the more fun way - bath bomb types, that you apply once a month to keep your tub lustrous even when you don’t use it. Go for cleaners that contain no dyes, and are specifically designed to clean tubs, not bath bombs for your skin.


Although it may not seem like an essential, candles are a must for any given bathroom. Scented versions help to create a pleasant atmosphere, and taking a bath without a scented candle burning in the background is an absolute sin!

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Toilet Cleaning Tools

Toilet Brush

A toilet brush is an absolute must for cleaning a toilet. Its rounded bristles cleans every area of the toilet bowl, including beneath the rim, for a contactless cleaning. A toilet brush helps you keep your hands clean and allows you to approach the issue without getting your hands in the grime.

A quality toilet brush should be angular at the end in order to reach around the curves of the inside of a toilet. The bristles must be tough and malleable in order to clear out the germs and bacteria living inside the bowl. Keep a toilet brush beside your toilet at all times for those sudden, on-the-spot cleaning.

Toilet Bowl Cleaner

To make a toilet sparkle, you will need a toilet bowl cleaner that removes grime, and disinfects at the same time. Toilet bowl cleaners are usually found in liquid or powder form, and would need to be applied in the bowl of the toilet. Once the cleaner has been applied, make sure to let it sit for a while before you utilize a brush to scrub the bowl. 

A high-quality disinfecting toilet bowl cleaner must get rid of 99.99% of germs and bacteria, and should ideally leave a pleasant scent that isn’t too irritating to the nose. Due to the nature of its usage, you would want to disinfect your toilet as often as possible to prevent the spread of germs and diseases.

Disinfectant Spray and Wipes

For general cleaning and daily sanitizing, disinfectant sprays and wipes can get rid of the majority of harmful bacteria that could otherwise make us sick. Using disinfectants on the toilet every before and after use can greatly reduce the risk of infection, and keep our bowels healthy.

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Tackling the Untouchable

Let’s face it, no one wants to clean the bathroom. But at the end of the day it’s still an unavoidable task. Having the right set of tools and cleaning supplies at your disposal can make cleaning easier, so that you can execute on your cleaning duties quickly and effectively. The list provided in this article includes nearly everything you will need to help you tackle the messiest of bathrooms.

It is a thankless job, but with these cleaning supplies and tools, we promise you’ll be done before you know it. If you want to utilize our bathroom cleaning services, make sure to reach out to us at Luce Home today for a full top to bottom cleaning of your home!

1000+ Reviews
All our happy customers can’t be wrong! Let us take care of your home cleaning need.
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