5 Best Habits to Keep Your Shower Clean

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Showers are constantly kept moist, and can accumulate dirt, mold, and soap scum from frequent usage. To keep your shower area clean, you often have to use harsh, chemical cleaners like bleach to counter mold from spreading, and get rid of stains around tiles and grout. 

However, cleaning away stains doesn't have to be a chore. You can easily keep your shower area clean with minimal effort when you adopt proper home maintenance habits that will minimize the frequency of having to clear away stains, dirt, and soap scum from your shower area. 

In this article, we'll be presenting five of the best habits you can do to keep your shower area clean so you won't have to waste time and effort each week to scrub away at the dirt! Incorporate these habits into your daily or weekly schedule, and allot a few minutes for them. You'll save up on hours' worth of bathroom cleaning chores!

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How to Keep Shower Clean: 5 Best Habits to Remember

Building a habit takes time and conscious action, but the results are worth the effort. These habits are presented for you to optimize your cleaning schedule so you can free up more time and energy to do the things you want to do. 

Keep these habits in mind as you exit your shower area after a relaxing shower, or as you notice your clean shower walls looking a little grimey. Excess water is your number one enemy in keeping a shower area clean, and mold can easily grow in grout lines.

These habits are meant to get you to divide your cleaning tasks throughout different days, effectively minimizing the workload that you do in maintaining your home! 

Spray your Shower Area with a Daily Shower Cleaner

spray bottle and gloves in living room

A daily cleaning solution for your bathroom and shower area would typically contain ingredients meant to dissolve minerals left behind by hard water (also known as hard water stains), soap scum, and prevent mold from growing in the humid environment.

If you're worried about the corrosive effects of commercial cleaners, you can create an effective DIY version using a spray bottle filled with equal parts white vinegar and water.  Add in a couple of drops of tea tree oil mixture for a pleasant scent. Spray the solution around the walls, floors, and fixtures of your shower area to keep stains away, dissolve soap scum, and give the shower a sparkling clean look!

Squeegee Glass Shower Doors

modern bathroom with bathrobes hanging on wall

As water is your number one enemy when it comes to cleaning your shower area, taking a squeegee to dry your shower door and shower glass is one of the easy cleaning tips that produces a worthwhile result without too much elbow grease. 

Squeegee away excess droplets and splashes of water to prevent these from leaving hard water stains behind, and to prevent mold growth as well. Effectively clean your glass doors with this method, and you'll find that you will tend to clean your shower much less often than you previously did.

Use the Exhaust Fan to Decrease Humidity

wooden ceiling fan

The bathroom is a humid environment, and it is this humidity that encourages mold growth in grout and tiles. An exhaust fan can provide better air circulation around the bathroom, and dry the areas of the shower, including the hard to reach walls, floors, and more. 

Let your bathroom exhaust fan run for a few minutes after you shower to dry off the area. Wipe down the walls and floors of your shower with a clean rag to remove as much of the water droplets, and let the moisture air dry to prevent mold growth. 

You may also spray a mild shower cleaner to inhibit bacteria and viruses from thriving in your shower area. A sanitizing spray is best left to dry to reach its full effects, so spraying a sanitizing spray around your shower area after you've wiped down the walls is a good habit to have to keep your bathroom germ-free.

Use a Clean Magic Eraser for Stains

wire basket with soap and towel

Soap scum not coming out? Getting black, green, or rust stains in your bathroom? Clean a shower using an efficient shower cleaner: a magic eraser! Magic erasers work to remove bathroom stains from tiles, grout, and even chrome fixtures. 

A magic eraser can get rid of water deposits, soap scum, and discoloration from mold and mildew stains. The product can also get rid of stains from dyes and natural products better than bleach or hydrogen peroxide, while reducing your cleaning time in scrubbing out stains!

Wash your Shower Curtain Weekly

bathtub with shower curtain

Clean a shower curtain the easy way using the washing machine. If your curtain and liner is made from cloth-like material, then you can simply toss the curtain into the laundry machine and let it wash for a full cycle. Dry completely before placing the curtain back into your shower area. 

Similarly, a plastic curtain and a plastic liner can be cleaned easily by wiping it down using a microfiber cloth and some cleaning solutions like our DIY vinegar spray. You can add some baking soda into the mixture as well to remove any stubborn spots.

You can also use some mild dish soap diluted with water to clean your curtain liner, as the soapy solution makes for a terrific shower cleaner that can deep clean the fibers of your curtain liner, prevent water spots, and is a non-toxic way to easily clean shower liners. 

BONUS: Keep a Shower Caddy for your Shower Cleaning Solution and other Products

If your shower area is cluttered with cleaning supplies, it may not give you the most comfortable situation while you use your shower. Make use of shower caddies to properly organize and separate cleaning products, and use a rubber band to keep small items together. 

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Time for a Professional Cleaning

When you don't have time to do all those cleaning chores throughout your already-busy schedule, turn to professional cleaning services like our services at Luce Home for a full, proper cleaning that will make your bathroom sparkle.

Check out our full list of cleaning services through our website.

1000+ Reviews
All our happy customers can’t be wrong! Let us take care of your home cleaning need.
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