The Ultimate Guide to Organizing Your Closet

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Closet organization is a dream for most homeowners, but the reality is that we tend to keep our bedroom closet space messy as our fast-paced lifestyles don't permit time to store our items properly. Sometimes, you get too busy or tired to organize your closet too! When you're lacking space in your closet, a good organization would help free up space, and remove clutter.

Keeping an organized closet will show you how much space you actually have, but organizing your closet can be a time-consuming task. Make things easier for you with our 15 best ideas for closet organizing!

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How to Organize Your Closet: 15 Best and Easy Ideas

#1 Categorize Hanging Clothes by Length

Make the most of your closet space by placing all your clothes together, arranged by height. Group together similar-lengthed clothes, and you'll find that you have extra space under your shirts, and other short clothes.

#2 Label Everything!

This is the most important rule in organization - label everything! Make use of that label printer you have at home, or use a pen and some masking tape to label your storage boxes, cabinets, and drawers so you don't have to open each storage space to know what's inside.

Two wire hangers

#3 Go for Space-saving Hangers

Steer clear of those big, bulky hangers, and use thin plastic or wire hangers instead to save up on space. Wooden hangers may look refined, but they take up a lot of space. Go for tasteful, matching hangers for an organized look.

Woman organizing closet

#4 Make Use of the Vertical Space

Make use of the entire closet space. If you have more space on your hanging rods, add a hanging shelf. If you have space above your closet, place your storage boxes up there. Same goes for any floor space in your closet.

#5 Utilized Unused Wall Space

Similarly, make use of the walls in your closet. Add hooks, pocket organizers, hanging baskets, or shelves to provide additional space. You can set up a space to display your jewelry and other trinkets as well!

Garments rolled in organizer.

#6 Use Organizing Baskets

Organizing baskets and boxes form dividers around your items, and is a staple in closet organizing. You can place similar items together, and prevent your belongings from becoming a mess each time you open your closet. With a designated space for each item, you won't tend to just toss your things into the closet.

#7 Display Your Trinkets

Keep your jewelry on display. Not only will you prevent them from building up humidity in storage, you can immediately view your array of accessories, and keep necklaces from getting tangled. Consider using unused space to display your trinkets.

Coat rack with coats and bags

#8 Use a Coat Rack

A coat rack can be placed at the back of the door or on the wall for easy access for your hats, scarves, and clothing that you regularly use. It is also a good use of space as the coat rack lets you hang up clothing and accessories that you would be using soon.

#9 There's Space Behind the Door

Save drawer space, and utilize that free space behind the door. Most people tend to forget there's usable space at the back of the door, and often forget that this space can be used for storage. Add hooks, a pocket organizer, or other closet storage solutions for additional space.

#10 Use Partitions to Store Bags Right-side Up

Use bookends or shelf dividers to keep your bags stored upright! Flat bookends are used to keep books aligned, but they can be used in closet organizing as well. You can also use them to store rolled up clothes, scarves or towels, and keep shapeless bags in good condition.

Woman smiling amidst coats hanged in closet

#11 Categorize Wardrobe by Season

Got a lot of space in your walk-in closet? Designate an area for your seasonal clothing! Place all your summer clothes in one area, while winter wear goes in another. Seal off the areas with out of season clothes to prevent dust from accumulating on them.

Woman placing rolled garment into organizers

#12 Add a Cabinet Beneath Your Hanging Space

Beneath the hanging rack is a lot of space with potential. Place a small cabinet or drawer in this area, and you'll have more shelf space that you can use for small items like socks, undergarments, and more. Utilize as much space as you can, and you'll marvel at your newly organized closet.

#13 Use a Lazy Susan for Accessories

A lazy susan isn't just for food! Lazy susan fixtures are terrific closet organizers that can be used to place accessories on. Just swivel to find the accessory you need, instead of having to rummage through your drawers looking for that hairclip, necklace, or brooch!

Hanging organizer with children's toys

#14 Store Socks, Scarves, and Other Fabrics in Pocket Organizers

Another great use of the extra wall space or that area behind the closet door is to add an organizer with small pockets to store your belongings. You can place socks, rolled up scarves, cloth or knitted hats, gloves, and more in each pocket, and you'll immediately see each item of clothing without having to filter through your drawers.

#15 Use Clear Acrylic Storage

Instead of dark and opaque storage solutions, use clear acrylic boxes to store your items. You can immediately see what's inside without having to take the box down and inspect it, and you can see the state of the clothing in it as well. These boxes are great for seasonal clothes and bedding as you can find them immediately as you need them.

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Professional Cleaning

Just keeping your closet organized isn't enough. You have to make sure your home is completely clean to keep all your items in good condition, and prevent allergies or illnesses from spreading around. Here at Luce Home, we pride ourselves in providing the best professional cleaning services to households that are simply too busy to tackle the cleaning.

Leave the cleaning to us, and contact us today to schedule your housekeeping!

1000+ Reviews
All our happy customers can’t be wrong! Let us take care of your home cleaning need.
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