10 Reasons Why Your AC Is Not Working

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Air conditioners, or AC, is a modern invention that makes hot summer days more bearable by providing us with cool air. When it’s flip flop season outside, it’s AC season inside. Nowadays, more than half of homeowners have at least one air conditioner in their homes, making the AC system an integral part of the average household.

AC Not Working or Cooling: Common Reasons and Solutions

AC not running? No, this isn’t the start of some telephone prank, if your AC has stopped working, don’t fret! There’s no need to call an aircon repair company, as common reasons and solutions can be done at home before looking into professional options.

Leaking Water from Air Conditioner

An AC would typically have slight condensation due to the changing temperatures in and around the unit. However, if air conditioners start leaking water, there might be a few issues in its hardware. 

If water is leaking inside, immediately turn off your air conditioner to avoid further water damage. Check your condensate pump for any clogs, rusting, or dents that may be causing condensation to back up into your home. Use a basin to catch the water leaking from your AC unit, especially if it has a rusted hue. When in doubt, call a technician to assess your unit.

If water is leaking outside, and it’s a hot summer day, that’s normal. AC units would typically drip water from time to time, especially in warm weather. If you suspect the outdoor leak poses an issue, clean your filter and have a technician check your drain pipe and condensation lines.

If your AC is off and still leaking water, that may be due to your AC freezing up when in use. When air conditioners freeze, layers of ice form around the condenser coils. The ice melting is what causes your AC unit to drip water. In this case, allow the ice to thaw, and clean out your filter and coils according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Air Conditioner Fan Issues

The blower fan is the component that circulates air around the room, leading to a cooler feel and temperature. If you feel that the airflow is weaker than normal, you may have a problem with your fan motor. A clunking or whirring sound is a sign that your blower fan is having issues.

In this case, it is best to call a professional to assess and check the fan motor in your AC unit, and repair the problem if needed. We at Luce Aircon have experienced professionals who can repair your unit at the comfort of your home. Book an appointment with us here.

Thermostat Batteries are Dead

Sometimes, the issue is not with the AC at all, but with your thermostat. If cool air is flowing out of your air conditioner, but your thermostat isn’t displaying the temperature, then it’s time to check if your thermostat batteries are out of juice. 

On the other hand, weak thermostat batteries may cause the connection between your AC unit and the thermostat to malfunction, which prevents your air conditioner from functioning at your preferred temperature.

Simply replace the thermostat batteries with new ones, and see if this will solve your issue. If not, check for other reasons why your AC may not be working properly. Same goes for remote control types - check the batteries to make sure they’re still active. Replace the batteries if needed.

Indoor Disconnect Switch is Off

If your AC unit has an indoor disconnect switch, it may have been accidentally turned off. Perhaps it was turned off when it was bumped during spring cleaning, or it may have been left off to save power by someone else in the household. 

In any case, just turn the switch back on and check if that solves the issue of your AC unit not working. Check the manufacturer’s instructions in the AC manual on how to switch on the indoor disconnect switch. 

Outdoor Disconnect Switch is Off

Similarly, if you have an outdoor disconnect switch, check if it was turned off or damaged, as outdoor switches tend to be more exposed to the elements compared to indoor ones. One or both of your disconnect switches may have been turned off, but checking and resetting them is an easy task.

Check with your manufacturer for instructions on how to check, assess, and reset your disconnect switches. If you live in an apartment complex or condominium, you might need to distinguish between your switch and your neighbors’ units.

Tripped Circuit Breaker in Air Conditioners

Check your breaker box for any tripped circuit breakers which may be connected to your air conditioning unit, and are causing your cooling system to malfunction. If possible, reset it and try to use your air conditioner again to see if this was the problem.

If the circuit breaker is the problem, check to make sure your AC unit is not overloading the circuit. Consider shutting off other appliances within the same circuit while using your AC unit to not overload the circuit connected to these appliances.

If you do not know how to reset or assess your breaker box, do not make attempts to remedy the situation yourself. Instead, call your aircon servicing provider or a licensed electrician to check the issue for you. 

Busted Fuse

A busted fuse is a pain to replace, and isn’t the type of maintenance a DIYer should be doing. If your AC unit would not turn on at all, or the thermostat and air conditioner aren’t connecting, most likely you’ve got a blown fuse. 

For this type of issue, call your maintenance provider or a licensed professional to fix the problem. 

Blown Transformer

Much like a blown fuse, a blown transformer can be the reason your AC is not working in the house. You’ll need to work with your maintenance provider to replace a bad or blown transformer in order for your aircon to work properly.

Alternatively, check your outdoor unit for a bad contactor, which usually leads to a blown transformer. You might need to replace both the contactor and the blown transformer to get your AC unit up and running again.

Dirty Coils

If your unit turns on, and is set to a cool temperature, but the air flowing out feels warm, the problem may be with your condenser coils.

Your AC unit has two coils - one indoor, and one outdoor; both of which are responsible for cooling the room by replacing warm air with cooled air. If one or both coils are dirty, they can’t function properly. Condenser coils are typically cleaned along with the rest of your unit during general servicing. Dirty condenser coils may be a sign for you to schedule your AC for cleaning.

Dirty Filter

Air carries dust particles around, which can get trapped in the filter of your air conditioner. A dirty filter can block out air circulation, and can cause your AC to freeze up with ice. Grime and oils restrict airflow, which is what causes your aircon to malfunction.

The solution? Make sure to clean your AC filter every two weeks. Look for the manufacturer’s instructions on the correct way to remove and clean your aircon filter. An aircon filter should be cleaned frequently, based on usage, to prevent gunk build up, and to keep your AC in good working condition.

To clean a clogged aircon filter, make sure your AC is turned off. Never take out the filter with the AC on. Take out the filter according to the manufacturer’s instructions, and use a damp cloth or vacuum to get rid of the visible dirt and grime. Wash the filter under running water for a deeper clean.

Helpful Tip: Some brands and types of air conditioners have replaceable filters meant to be changed every 3-6 months. Check with your manufacturer if that is the case for your unit before attempting to clean the filter.

AC Still not Working?

You’ve checked every piece and part of your air conditioner, and it still won’t work. None of the common solutions have gotten your AC up and running, and the issue may be with the internal parts or hardware. 

Best to take the issue up to the professionals. Luce Aircon offers expert services for all types and brands of wall and ceiling air conditioners. We are your one-stop shop for all your AC needs - from installation and servicing, to chemical wash and repairs. 

Book an appointment or a free consultation with us today to get started.

1000+ Reviews
All our happy customers can’t be wrong! Let us take care of your home cleaning need.
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