Why Does My Air Conditioner Smell Like Vinegar?

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Different smells coming from your air conditioner mean different issues with your unit. If you suddenly smell rotten eggs, that may indicate a gas leak or mold growth in your unit. If you notice a burning smell, then there may be a problem with the motor, or a gas leak is burning up.

One of the most common air conditioner smells is a sour, vinegar-like smell that comes out of the air conditioning system. This may indicate a simple issue, such as a dirty filter, or a problem with the electric motor that needs to be repaired by an HVAC professional. There are multiple possible causes for a smelly air conditioner:

What Causes that Vinegar Smell Coming from Air Conditioners?

Stagnant water is the most probable cause of that vinegar smell coming from your air conditioner. However, bacteria from a dirty air filter may also contribute to that sour smell. If your AC smells like vinegar, you may need to clean it out. Here's why your air conditioner smells sour:

Reason #1 Stagnant Water

Stale water is the most likely cause of that vinegar smell, especially if your air conditioner has been leaking water due to a clog in the drain line, or a clogged condensate pan. Bacteria and mold growth in stagnant water emit foul odors, which may smell like vinegar. This is also called dirty sock syndrome as still water may give off a sour foot smell.

You will need to drain the water from your air conditioner, and unclog the drain line to remove the smell of vinegar. However, a good, thorough cleaning will ensure that the bacteria and mold colonies do not regenerate in your air conditioner, so it is best to have your air conditioner deep cleaned by one of our HVAC technicians.

Reason #2 Dirty Air Filter

Like stagnant water, a dirty air filter can host various bacteria and mold spores that emit the foul odor. A clogged air filter will easily catch microorganisms that cause the sour smell, and may be a health hazard to immunocompromised individuals. A bacteria and mold infestation would thrive in the moist air handler, causing your AC unit to break down as well.

Fortunately, cleaning a dirty filter is an easy fix. Simply dislodge your filter from the air conditioner, and run it under tap water. Brush the mesh screen with a mild soap solution, and let the filter dry completely before placing it back into your air conditioning unit. Doing this should remove any air conditioner smell.

Reason #3 Dirty Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil is located right behind the filter, so this component captures the most dirt when the filter gets clogged. The bacteria and mold that feeds off organic material from these coils emit that sour, vinegar-like odor.

To clean the evaporator coil, you will need a vacuum cleaner with a nozzle attachment, and some pressurized air. Use the compressed air to flick away the dust and dirt from the evaporator coil, then use the vacuum cleaner to remove the loosened grime. Add some disinfecting solution to a clean cloth and wipe the coils to sanitize them.

Reason #4 Electric Motor Emissions

The motor of your air conditioner may emit a vinegar smell as it releases ozone. Ozone is highly pungent, smelling like chlorine, burnt wires, or vinegar. Many people may not notice the smell immediately, especially as problems with the electric motor are uncommon. While this often happens to car vents, it may occur in select air conditioner models as well.

Electric motor problems will require an experienced technician to fix. Our aircon services are well-versed in diagnosing and repairing different AC issues, so you can trust our technicians will stop the root cause of the problem!

How to Get Rid of Vinegar Smell

Clean Your Air Conditioning Unit

Cleaning your air conditioner will immediately get rid of the vinegar smell, particularly if the issue is with the condensate drain line, condensate pan, filter, or air handler. Cleaning your AC unit regularly will ensure the smell does not return.

Schedule a Professional Cleaning Session

Professional cleaning will get rid of dust, debris, and oils from areas you can't reach during your DIY cleaning. This type of deep cleaning will remove grease from internal components as well, while keeping your air conditioner in tip top condition.

Tips to Prevent Air Conditioner Smells

Tip #1 Know Your Air Conditioning Unit

Know the model and common problems of your air conditioning system to understand its odd behaviors. You may notice symptoms of AC unit problems specific to the brand or model of your air conditioner, and address them before they become bigger issues. Know whether your AC unit has a drain pan you need to dump out every few days, or if the filter easily gets filthy.

Tip #2 Maintain a Cleaning Routine

Maintaining a cleaning routine has never been easier with Luce Aircon. Our aircon servicing technicians are on a tight schedule, cleaning, checking, and repairing air conditioning units across Singapore. Scheduling your routine maintenance with us every 4-6 months will ensure you provide the best upkeep for your air conditioner!

1000+ Reviews
All our happy customers can’t be wrong! Let us take care of your home cleaning need.
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