3 Causes of Condensation in AC Trunking and How to Fix It

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When it's hot out and your AC unit seems to be sweating too, it's not perspiration but condensation dripping from your AC unit. While air conditioners dripping water is not unheard of, it can be particularly alarming when the condensation forms water droplets on the aircon trunking!

The air conditioner trunking is that part of your AC unit where the electrical cables are found. It is a housing that not only protects your AC unit's electrical cables from the elements but also insulates it from the extreme cold. It is uncommon to see condensation forming on the trunking as it does not cool, but here's what you can do about it:

3 Causes of Condensation in AC Trunking

Reason #1 Poorly Installed Trunk

Aircon trunks should fit along with your AC unit perfectly, so an improper installation of the piece would cause water dripping from your air conditioner to detour into the trunk, causing the trunk to form condensation. Depending on how fast your AC unit is leaking water, the trunk may start to drip.

A poorly installed trunk is especially dangerous as the trunk is where the electrical wiring is held in. Any short circuit or exposed wire from these electrical passageways can mix with the water, causing an electric shock. It is important to shut down your air conditioner immediately and contact one of our Luce Aircon technicians to solve the problem for you.

Reason #2 Poor Insulation

Poor insulation can be another cause of condensation in aircon trunking. The aircon trunking insulates the cables from freezing up or heating up, depending on the room temperature, and prevents moisture buildup from getting in as well.

Poor insulation happens when the quality of thickness of the trunk is inadequate, causing aircon condensation to form on the cold aircon trunking. These water droplets can get into the wires and cause electrical shock when improperly handled.

Your aircon company should have provided adequate trunking to prevent condensation as the insulation needed is not common knowledge. Always go for accredited and trusted aircon companies for all your installation needs, and our aircon service provider will be able to determine exactly the kind of trunking you need for your air conditioner.

Reason #3 Trap Floor Blockages

Your air conditioner should have a trap floor that prevents moisture buildup from forming within your unit. When blocked, the trap floor can no longer redirect the water to the primary condensation drip line, causing water to overflow from your unit into the aircon trunking. This aircon condensation buildup shortens the lifespan of your air conditioner.

Trap floor blockages are no easy fix, and you would need to contact an experienced HVAC technician to fix the issue. Luce Aircon technicians are all well-versed in different air conditioner issues, so you can trust us to get that blockage out of your trap floor for good!

How to Prevent Condensation in Aircon Trunking

Tip #1 Check Your Installation

When first installing your air conditioner unit, stay with the technician to observe any irregularities with the installation. An unscrupulous or untrained technician will do an inadequate job of installing your new unit, so always choose an aircon company that can get the job done right, and research proper aircon installation as well to be in the know.

If you have a new aircon unit or need assistance in finding the right air conditioner for you and your place, then let us know by checking this page.

Tip #2 Get the Right Size and Type of Air Conditioner

As the air conditioner cools your room, it also cools the trunking, which causes condensation. Using an air conditioning system that is bigger than the required size of your room may cool your room quicker, but it will lead to multiple problems later on, including condensation in aircon trunking.

Always choose an air conditioning system that is just the right size for the size of your room! Our aircon technicians will be more than happy to help match your requirements to a proper aircon brand and model that fits your budget, and we'll take care of the installation too.

Tip #3 Check the Thickness of Your AC Insulation

Condensation occurs on cold surfaces, and since the trunking is made from different materials including metallic surfaces, it can easily cool down lower than the temperature of the room. You will need proper insulation for the trunking, which is something to discuss with your aircon technician.

Tip #4 Ask for Advice from a Professional AC Technician

When in doubt, seek out an aircon service company that will provide you with professional and accurate services. Maintenance costs of using cheap materials that break down over time outweigh the initial costs of using high-quality insulation materials - and proper, reputable aircon companies know this.

Luce Aircon is your partner in all things air conditioner. Our reliable aircon services will not only provide you with initial purchasing and installation but also proper maintenance throughout the lifespan of your air conditioning system. Trust in our technicians to provide top-notch services, and enjoy the cool breeze of your AC unit longer!

Check out our article about condensation on AC vents.

1000+ Reviews
All our happy customers can’t be wrong! Let us take care of your home cleaning need.
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