AC Light Blinking: 5 Reasons and Troubleshooting Tips

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Notice a light blinking from your air conditioning unit? That blinking light is an indication of an internal problem with your air conditioner. The indoor green operation light is made to blink when the AC unit detects an issue or problem from one or more of its components. The flashing light is meant to signal the user to check with the air conditioner parts.

Most internal parts of an air conditioner will need to be checked and fixed by an aircon service technician. Our technicians at Luce Aircon are more than knowledgeable about their trade, and will be glad to check your AC unit for one or more of these common reasons for a blinking light:

Reason Description Solution
Refrigerant Leakage Refrigerant levels low due to perceived leakage in the refrigerant lines. Top up refrigerant levels and have a technician fix the leaking refrigerant lines.
Incorrect Installation Installation failed; unit detects a problem that stems from installing the unit. Re-install the unit with the help of an experienced technician.
Poor Air Circulation Blockage or debris buildup leads to inadequate air circulation in and out of the unit. Remove blockage from vents, and keep indoor and outdoor vents clear of debris.
Issues with Electrical Wiring or Circuit Breaker Box Tripped circuit breaker, power outage, or issues with electrical wiring are causing the unit to malfunction. Reset the tripped breaker in the circuit breaker box.
Frozen Evaporator Coils Dirty evaporator coils or faulty parts are causing the evaporator coils to freeze up. Have your unit cleaned and checked by professional aircon cleaning companies.

5 Reasons for a Blinking AC Light

Reason #1 Refrigerant Leak

A refrigerant leak is the most likely culprit for older air conditioning units, especially if the flashing light is accompanied by lack of cold air. If your air conditioning system is not blowing cold air into the room, chances are there is a leak in the refrigerant lines that needs to be fixed immediately.

Reason #2 Incorrect Installation

When the air conditioner is improperly installed, there are often problems that arise after the AC unit has been running for a while. There may be parts moving around in the interior, or the drain lines, coils, and drip trays may have issues from the installation. It is difficult to pinpoint the cause of the blinking light, exactly, but poor installation attributes to one of the causes.

Reason #3 Poor Air Circulation

An air conditioning unit may give off a blinking light if it has poor air circulation. Air conditioners, particularly window air conditioners, require adequate air flow to function properly, and a blockage, dust buildup, or debris might be hindering this, prompting the air conditioner to give off a flashing light.

Reason #4 Issues with Electrical Wiring or Circuit Breaker Box

Another problem may be with the power source. Check with appliances running under the same circuit breaker as your air conditioner to see if the issue is with the breaker box. If other appliances are also faulty, then you may need to take a look at your breaker box for any tripped circuits, and reset it.

Reason #5 Frozen Evaporator Coils

There are a couple of reasons for frozen coils. One is the outdoor weather, but it may also be caused by dust buildup, a faulty condenser, or clogged drain lines. The blinking light indicates a problem with the evaporator coil, which will create a domino effect of malfunctioning parts as the problem goes unfixed.

5 Tips to Prevent Issues with Blinking AC Light

Tip #1 Go for General Cleaning and Services Twice a Year

The best way to upkeep your air conditioner is to go for general aircon cleaning and services once every six months. This way, you remove the dust buildup, and minimize the chances of experiencing an issue with your unit later on. The technician would also be able to catch minor problems before they further damage your unit.

Tip #2 Clean Your Air Filter

Take your air filter out of your AC unit, and give it a thorough vacuuming or washing. Wash the filter under running water, and brush soap over the mesh to remove dirt trapped within the fibers. Let the filter air dry before placing it back into the unit. This maintenance routine should be done every two weeks for the best AC care.

Tip #3 Familiarize Yourself with Error Codes

The codes for each model and brand of aircon unit will be different from another. A Mitsubishi aircon light blinking would indicate different problems from that of a Daikin AC light blink. You will often find a comprehensive list of codes in your manufacturer's guide when you first bought your unit, so we suggest familiarizing yourself with these codes to better understand them.

Tip #4 Check Your Breaker Box

Check your breaker box for any issues with the circuit breaker. If your air conditioning system has completely shut down, you may have problems with the power source. Have the circuit breaker replaced, or remove unnecessary appliances from the same socket if you notice the circuit breaker keeps tripping.

Tip #5 Clear the Vents

Clear away anything blocking the vents of your AC unit. There should be no wall, partition, or debris blocking air flow from going to and fro the unit. Check the outdoor unit as well for any leaves, dried grass, or other debris that may be blocking the vents. Clear them with a brush or vacuum cleaner.

No Light Matter

That flashing light is a warning for users to know about the issues within the aircon unit. Your unit is informing you of a problem with its parts so you can check on them before they further damage the rest of your aircon.

Always have an experienced professional check the internal aspects of your aircon for you. Our friendly and helpful technicians here at Luce Aircon will be glad to assist you with any aircon-related issue, problem, or concern you may have.

1000+ Reviews
All our happy customers can’t be wrong! Let us take care of your home cleaning need.
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