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Unlike the usual white Italian marble, Portoro gold, or Nero Portoro, is produced in quarries in Northern Italy, in the island of Porto Venere, La Spezia. Nero Portoro marble slabs are highly prized for their sleek, black background adorned with gold and white veining that forms lightning-strike patterns on the stone. 

Used in a variety of accents in elite-class homes, Nero Portoro marble and Nero Portoro gold marble is much sought-after by luxury interior designers and architects.  Portoro gold marble presents swirls of gold veins in contrast to the black background, giving it a haut monde feel to the stone. 

As a marble, Nero Portoro is in high demand due to its relative rarity, sophistication, and exclusivity. The extraction process of the marble Nero Portoro contributes to its high price tag, as a quarry will need to be prepared weeks to months in advance to be able to harvest the materials.

Popular Uses

As Nero Portoro marble boasts a dark, ebony-coloured background with striking white veins, the black marble is typically used to accent many elite homes and villas in Italy and around the world. Commonly found in high-end, distinguished spaces, Nero Portoro marble is the choice of material for many indoor applications, as the fine-grained material shows off a delicate finish. 

Nero Portoro marble is most commonly used as the material for countertops, but this marble is also used as a bathroom interior wall, kitchen islands, and flooring in entryways to bring a touch of refinery into the space. Establishments all over the world seek to use Nero Portoro as their interior wall, and the sawn-cut marble shows exquisite patterns when polished with a sparkling finish.

Ornamental tumbled stones may be produced from the Nero Portoro marble to be used in a multitude of interior design and decor. Tumbled stones made from Nero Portoro marble brings a vibe of class in any home, office, or establishment without the high prices of Nero Portoro marble countertops. The polished marble is also great to use as decorative tiles.

modern marble kitchen

Care & Maintenance

As the stone is in high demand and limited quantity, suppliers often treat the marble with great care to ensure the polished stone lasts for decades, and to preserve the fine details of the marble. Sawn-cut or polished, the marble requires extra care and maintenance to ensure its quality does not degrade during usage. 

1. Avoid acidic solutions for your marble

Marble slabs are exceptionally sensitive to acidic solutions, as substances like vinegar, lemon juice, and boric acid which are used in cleaning solutions can all corrode the marble varnish, and lead to etching in the marble when the polished material comes in contact with acid. 

Instead, clean slabs of marble with only stone-safe cleaners. There are plenty of commercial cleaning solutions that can be safely used on marble, and liquid castile soap mixed with water can also be used to bring the shine back to the slab.

2. Have professionals care for the marble

As Nero Portoro types of marble are exquisite and expensive, your best bet in caring for the marble is to get professional marble cleaners who have experience dealing with the material. Professional cleaners will be able to assess the condition of the marble, and clean or re-polish the slabs as they see fit to bring the shine back to the surface. 

Other Facts about Nero Portoro

Because Nero Portoro marble is in high demand and achieves a timeless, classic look, many suppliers opt to offer false or imitation Nero Portoro black marble made from a mixture of quartz stone, resin, and other artificial materials. These imitation marble types typically sell at a fraction of the cost of Nero Portoro marble, but provide a similar, albeit lackluster, design of white and gold swirls on a black background.

Still, nothing compares to the grace and style of black marble, and true Nero Portoro marble is noted by a signature, sleek, black stone contrasted with toned white and gold veining that no imitation can replicate. Natural stones are also cool to the touch, and typically present a lower temperature compared to the surrounding room.

Additionally, all Nero Portoro black marble is sourced from Italy - no other location or quarry produces true, natural Nero Portoro marble than in Porto Venere. Always do a background check on materials and suppliers before purchasing the black marble from them.

marble slab

Choosing Nero Portoro

Marble has several different types, styles, and patterns - each with their own defining qualities and characteristics. Nero Portoro is a marble that is unlike any other, and no imitation can capture the true refinery and feel of the black marble. This type of marble is more akin to an investment, as the marble reels in an air of sophistication to any space.

However, caring for this type of marble can be challenging, as the material may seem intimidating to those who do not have the experience cleaning the marble. As such, the best option is to get professional marble cleaning services that can tackle this type of marble, ensuring that the luster of the polished slabs continue to shine throughout decades!

For more information about marble types and cleaning services, visit our webpage at Luce Maintenance Group - your number one choice for all your cleaning needs!

1000+ Reviews
All our happy customers can’t be wrong! Let us take care of your home cleaning need.
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