How to Remove Scratches from Marble Floor and Surfaces

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Scratchy, dull marble looks like it belongs in a demolition site. There is no sophistication to dull marble, as the surface looks unkempt and drab. Don’t fret, those scratches on your marble still have hopes of removal, with just a bit of time and effort on your part!

Marble is a beautiful natural stone that makes any home look classy and pristine. However, when marble is scratched or etched, it can have a dull appearance that is a poor use of your marble material. 

Learn how to properly get those scratches out using our definitive guide. We’ll present to you the steps in cleaning, buffing, polishing, and sealing your marble so these surfaces can last you and your family for generations to come.

What Causes Marble to Get Scratches?

Marble is a relatively soft material compared to other natural stones, making the material prone to scratches and etching. Etching is the term for the white, cloudy appearance on the surface after being exposed to acidic solutions and harsh chemicals. 

There are a multitude of reasons why marble can get scratches. Acidic cleaning solutions are the biggest culprits for etch marks, but deep scratches can come from dragging furniture around, accidents, and shoes like heels and cleats.​

modern kitchen with black marble
Marble makes any room look classy.

How to Remove Scratches from Marble Surfaces

1. Clean the Scratch

The first step to get rid of the scratch from your marble is to grab a soft cloth, and mix a solution of mild dish soap and water. Using the cloth, apply the solution directly onto the scratch. Ensure that your cloth is only damp, not soaking wet. 

With some warm water on a different damp soft cloth, rinse the surface that was just cleaned. Dry the surface to prepare it for the next step: Buffing.

2. Buff Out the Marble Surface

There are buffing sets made to remove scratches from marble floors and surfaces, but you can do the DIY method using a soft, dry cloth. Rubbing in a gentle, circular motion with a bit of elbow grease, buff out the scratch until you can notice a shine come through your marble surface. This method is great for surface scratches, but won’t do a thing to deeper scratches.

For deeper scratches, you may need to use some fine grit sandpaper or steel wool to buff out the scratch, working in a firm and steady motion. Carefully sand the surface, wiping off any dust using a soft cloth as you go along. Keep sanding the scratch and its surrounding area until you’re satisfied with the results. You may need to re-apply some varnish or sealant afterwards. 

3. Removing Scratches from Marble Countertops

Your marble countertop may get etched more than scratches, as it can be exposed to acidic solutions in food and drinks that spill on the surface. To remove scratches and etches on marble countertops, clean the surface first, then use a marble polishing powder to buff and shine that scratch mark away for good!

4. Removing Scratches from Marble Tiles

Tile scratches are easier to fix, as you can easily have a section of your tiles refitted albeit at the cost of professional renovation fees. However, if your marble tiles have small, minor scratches, some buffing and polishing will do the trick just as easily. Minor scratches in tiles can easily be removed using buffing sets or some marble polishing powders.

5. Marble Polish Application

Polished marble brings back the shine from the scratched marble. Use a marble polish specifically formulated to fill and even out scratches and etching for best results. Marble polishes come in both liquid forms, and as a marble polishing powder that can be used in both the buffing and polishing process. 

When using marble polish, make sure to work in circular motions to avoid streaks on your finished surface. The polish should be able to buff out the scratches to a finer, smoother surface. 

For a definitive guide on how to polish marble flooring, check our comprehensive guide out!.

6. Sealing Your Marble

A protective layer of wax or synthetic sealant works well in protecting your marble. If you’ve polished your marble with powder or buffed it out with some sandpaper, your marble would have gotten its material exposed to the elements, and would degrade over time due to water damage, oil spills, and more. 

Apply a marble seal bought from your local hardware store. Follow the instructions of the manufacturer on the proper application, and allow the sealant to cure before using the marble area. We recommend having the entire marbled area sealed, and not just the scratched surface, for an even application. 

Modern kitchen with black marble and green velvet chairs
Marble is high maintenance, but will last you decades when cared for properly.

How to Prevent Scratches From Marble Surfaces

Preventing scratches from marble material like floors, tiles, and countertops, is easier said than done. Because marble is made from natural minerals that build up over time, many of our common household solutions that are safe for ceramics, plastic, and acrylic may damage marble materials. 

The best way to prevent scratches from marble is to keep the material clean. Use a damp cloth and a bit of warm water to wipe away spills immediately before they damage the marble material. Alternatively, you can apply a few drops of mild dish soap to a damp cloth to clean away any oily or greasy spills before they stain on your marble materials. 

Avoid dragging furniture, bags, and shoes around the house if you have a marbled floor or tiles, as these may cause deep scratches to appear on your marble. Seal scratched marble immediately to avoid getting water and oil damage.

Above all, a good, professional cleaning service will get those marble floors cleaned in a jiffy - with no scratches or etching! Here at Luce SG, our experienced cleaners are equipped with the tools and knowledge to bring back the shine onto any marbled surface. 

Contact us through our website today, and let’s discuss how we can get you top-notch marble cleaning services at your most convenient time.

1000+ Reviews
All our happy customers can’t be wrong! Let us take care of your home cleaning need.
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