How to Clean and Maintain Botticino Marble Floor

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Botticino marble is a distinctive marble variety excavated in the regions of Botticino, Italy. Its charm emanates from its beige hue, reminiscent of the picturesque sunsets in Tuscany.  Botticino marble displays a grainy texture and delicate patterns that harmonize within a uniform color palette. The beige backdrop is complemented by reddish-brown veins that gracefully twirl across its polished surface. 

The lightness of Botticino marble can vary depending on the specific quarry it originates from. Some variations feature a lighter peach tone, while others lean towards a deeper rust color. Being an Italian marble, Botticino is also subject to limitations in quantity and strict quality regulations.

What Are The Benefits of Botticino Marble Floor?

With its elegant appearance, Botticino marble is a great choice for any space, offering a minimalistic yet sophisticated feel to the room. Though Botticino marble can be used for anything, from countertops to furniture decoration - one of the best applications of Botticino marble is for flooring material.

Durable Material

All marble, including Botticino, is known as one of the most durable materials. Despite having a delicate appearance, Botticino marble can endure light to moderate foot traffic. Thus, it's a terrific option for the house and is also appropriate for use in commercial settings with heavier foot activity, such as stairways and pavers. 

Easy Maintenance

Botticino is simple to maintain as it does not require any excessive care from the general maintenance of marble stones. With daily cleaning, and once in a while periodic sealing - Botticino marble can be guaranteed an unlimited duration. 

Elegant Appearance

Botticino marble features a fluffy and grainy pattern that merges into a single color. The smooth surface of the beige background with reddish-brown veining creates the inspired impression of warmth and elegance. Thus this marble is best to use for any upscale interior design, suitable for both commercial & residential applications.

Though there are other marbles that one can choose from, with their unique coloring and delicate shade - Botticino marble has successfully become one-of-a-kind marble that many value the most.

How to Clean Botticino Marble Floors?

Botticino marble will be exceptionally durable when properly maintained. Thus it's crucial to provide appropriate maintenance.

One of the fundamental ways to maintain the Botticino floor is through daily cleaning. You can start by sweeping the surface with a dust mop and then wipe the surface with a microfiber cloth and cleaning solution designed for natural stone. A cleaning product specially made for natural stone is recommended for best results. But if you don't have a cleaning solution for natural stone, you can create a DIY solution made with warm water and some mild dish soap. 

Lastly, with another dry clean cloth, dry-wipe the floor in a circular motion to make sure no moisture is left on the surface. This last step is a must, as water can leave a stain on the Botticino marble.

Other Cleaning Tips

Periodically Sealing to Maintain Botticino Marble

Marble sourced from Italy, including Botticino marble, will need periodic sealing. The frequency of sealing depends on the particular stone. Even Botticino marble sourced from the same block can exhibit variations, so it's essential to conduct a water test to determine if resealing is required.

To perform a sealer test, pour a puddle of water onto the Botticino surface and let it sit for a few minutes. The speed at which the stone absorbs the water can help indicate whether your marble needs another sealing soon or not. If the stone quickly absorbs the water, it means it's porous and requires sealing ASAP.

The Do’s and Don'ts to Maintain Botticino Marble

To achieve a consistently lustrous Botticino marble, it's crucial to adhere to the following dos and don’ts below.

The Do's:

  1. Use a pH pH-neutral cleaner: Alcohol, bleach, and detergent can be too harsh for Botticino marble. It's advisable to stick to neutral cleaners as they won't corrode the marble's surface. Cleaners specifically formulated for natural stone are the best choice for safe cleaning. However, diluted liquid castile soap can also be an effective alternative.
  2. Repolish periodically: Botticino marble typically maintains its polish for an extended period, but like all natural stones, it may require periodic re-polishing to eliminate surface scratches, and stains, and to restore its shine. Aside from polishing, applying a protective seal to your marble can also be effective in preventing moisture and dust from becoming trapped in the marble.
  3. Promptly clean up spills: Act swiftly to clean up spills, especially those containing acidic substances like wine, coffee, or tomato sauce. Cleaning these spills immediately can help prevent etching and staining of your Botticino marble. To prevent spreading, it is best to clean the spill by blotting rather than wiping.

The Don'ts:

  1. Do not clean with acidic substances: Refrain from using vinegar and other acidic cleaners on your Botticino marble. Acidic solutions can lead to etching on the polished surface, resulting in a cloudy and rough texture. Unfortunately, etching cannot be reversed, and rectifying it necessitates professional buffing and resealing to restore the surface to its pristine state.
  2. Steer clear of vinegar and lemon juice DIY cleaner: Although these two are known for their effectiveness in cleaning stains on various surfaces, but this is not the case with Botticino marble. Due to the acidic level in vinegar and lemon, when it is being exposed to your marble surfaces, it can cause severe etching. Acids pose a significant risk to all stones, particularly marble, which is softer and more porous. 

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