The Different Types of Marble Flooring

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Whether it’s newly installed or centuries old, there has always been a certain elegance that comes with a marble floor. Durable, stylish and extremely versatile, marble has long been a symbol of tradition and luxury, and has been the material of choice for buildings, monuments and temples for thousands of years.

If you’re looking into investing in a new marble floor but are overwhelmed with the options, allow us to break down the different types of marble floors available in the market.

The Different Types of Marble Tile Flooring

White Marble

Perhaps the most classic of the bunch, you can’t go wrong with white marble. What makes the color so sought after is the contrast between the white and the darker veins that embellish the marble. Take a look at some of the most popular choices for that clean, timeless look:


Calacatta is an Italian variety that has been around for centuries. Known as the protagonist for several architectural projects dated back to classical Rome, the Renaissance, and the Baroque, this Italian classic is one of the more favored white marble stones in the market. Considered a luxury marble, it is characterized by very fine light grey veins dotted with tiny amber and golden notes.


Formally known as the Bianco Carrara marble, this type comes in a solid color of white-grey. Unlike other marble types, it is unique for it’s thin and feathery veins. There are different classifications under the Bianco Carrara marble, with its level of whiteness defining each group. Renowned for good reason, this Carrara marble variety was even used to create the famous sculpture of David back in the Renaissance period.


Also of Italian origin, Statuario is a slightly darker white marble tile. Just like its name suggests, it is also called Statuario because it was a highly sought-after marble by sculptors interested in carving. With dark grey veins darting across the light background, this variety is sure to add a unique touch to your flooring.

Bianco Lasa

If you’re looking for a white marble tile floor with some character, you may want to consider Bianco Lasa. Known for its white crystalline base and distinctly linear bluish-grey veins, you’ll often see soft combinations of whites and greys interspersed with one or two prominent thick black veins.

Mystery White

Here is an option for all the minimalist homeowners out there. If you like the look of marble tile but don’t want too many patterns, Mystery White is perfect as there isn’t much contrast between the veining and background—a good choice for brightening the look of your home.

Beige Marble

If you’re looking for a light colored stone with some more warmth, you may want to consider these Beige marble tile options:

Moscato Beige

With its soft toasted base, Moscato Beige is characterized by pearly and brighter colored veins partially covering its surface. This variety is one of the lighter beige options for homeowners looking for a subtle hint of color on their floors.


Another variety with a softly colored base, Boticcino is faithful to the classic aesthetics of Italian marbles. Its unique combination of golden streaks and distinct white shadows resemble the movement of sea foam, and is sure to be a sophisticated addition to your home.


Travertines marble

Travertines, depending on the type of cut, can acquire different appearances. With unique colors such as sand, earth, beige, and soft ochre, this marble tile is classic yet modern. Another influence to the aesthetic of this marble tile would be the treatment of their holes, which will also have an impact on overall texture.

Grey Marble

Another popular category, grey marble tile incorporates several neutral tones that cover varying ranges of colors. With its chromatic scale ranging from pearl tones to silver and grey ochre, you’re sure to find a perfect hue that suits your personal taste.

Pacific Grey

If you’re looking for something that’s not quite white but not too dark, Pacific Grey may be the one for you. In addition to its subdued grey base, it also has thin white veins that have the ability to capture light beautifully.

Fior Di Bosco

This unique marble tile is known for its smoky grey color, mixed with a burst of alternating white and amber veins. You’ll also sometimes see some orange striations across the marble tile.

Marengo Grey

If you want a deeper grey for your floor, here’s a good option for you. Marengo grey sports a unique combination of light grey, dark grey, and creamy white, almost creating a popcorn-like effect.

Antico Grey

Here is a stone with some flair. Known for its thick streaks of dark and light colors, Antico Grey easily resembles a greyscale photograph of the landscapes of Jupiter. Add a bit of depth and drama to your floor by using this stone in your next renovation project.

Black Marble

If you’re the type who loves making a statement, then the black marble tile may be your best bet. Black marble tile has luxury written all over it, and looks breathtaking in bathrooms, kitchens and bars. The rule of thumb is that black marble is most suitable for larger spaces, as it may overwhelm a small room. 

Nero Marquina

Probably the most common type of black marble, many homeowners usually seek after this Basque variety. This solid black stone comes with streaks of white veins across it, however it can also be polished to be solid black.

Nero Portoro

The Italian counterpart to the Negro Marquina, Nero portoro is as bold as it is beautiful. With a unique leopard like pattern of gold and light brown, each slab is highly unique and looks just like a natural mosaic.

Black Mirage

Reminiscent of an obsidian, this stone is embellished with striking toasted nuances. This type of marble comes with a small number of veins that are often intertwined perpendicularly, offering an exquisite play of contrasts.

Blue Violet

Blue Violet gets its name from its iridescent surface, gradually releasing flashes of blue and violet. Countless white veins stretching across the rock give it a luxe yet natural feel, reminiscent of the sinuous shapes of a cave cavity.

Brown Marble

This color group can simultaneously be safe and adventurous, and is known to give guests a different experience each time they see it. Just be sure to install this in a well-lit room, as the brown may appear too dark and overshadow the design of the room.

Sequoia Brown

Image from Antolini

Much like its name, you’ll find striated patterns of brown, earth and grey bands evoking a striking resemblance to the millenary trunks of American sequoias. This marble looks especially impressive in bathrooms and kitchens, often used in a lot of luxury hotel and residential projects.

Dark Emperador

Image from New York Marbl

With its rich brown hue, Dark Emperador easily exudes elegance. With thin and web-like white streaks resembling a polished piece of earth, this versatile stone can be paired with almost every color.

Light Emperador

If you like the look of Dark Emperador but want something lighter, this may be the perfect option for you. The stone easily elevates any space, and is guaranteed to add an elegant touch to your home.

French Brown

Quarried in India, this variety is known for its greyish-brown color, streaked with deep black veins across the background. A popular choice for floors, this particular stone can be finished in several ways to highlight its color contrasts.

Green Marble

If you’re looking to refresh the look of your home, you may want to consider green marble. This group of marble flooring is both exotic and serene, evoking fresh and tropical landscapes.

Mint Green

This light green comes with a jade colored background, intertwined with dark green streaks. You’ll also find small specks of white, adding a soft play of contrast to the mix.

Verde Indio

Image from Sante Piedra Natural

Known for its distinct leaf-like appearance, Verde Indio is a rich dark green with veins that sprout around it. This type of marble flooring also comes in several shades with veining that ranges from black to dark grey.

Verde Oasis

Image from Stonetech

Another interesting stone unique to Greece is the Verde Oasis, its name possibly inspired by its resemblance to waves on the surface of the ocean. This uniquely textured rock features a dark bluish-green, with streaks spread across it in a single direction.

Galaxy Jade

Image from Rebel Walls

This popular marble comes from the quarries of China, and is known for its jade background interposed with cloudy white pigmentation and sprays of black streaks. You’ll find some light to dark grey tones in the marble as well, which is sure to add a unique depth to any space in your home.

Dreaming Green

Image from New York Stone

Another variety unique to China, Dreaming Green Marble is a pale jade green with hints of blue, grey, and white. You’ll find a lot of cloudy pigmentation, making the stone resemble a swirl of rich paint. Each slab contains several colors and textures, with the pale jade green as the focal point.

Yellow Marble

While yellow may not be the first color that comes to mind when one thinks of marble, you’ll find that there is a unique vibrancy to this type of marble flooring that homeowners and guests are sure to enjoy.

Amarillo Triana

Image from Mármoles Puente

Amarillo Triana is probably the most popular type of yellow marble out there. Known for its highly attractive bright yellow, this marble is perfect for homeowners who are looking for flooring with a bit of personality.

Spanish Gold

Image from Architonic

If you’re looking for a more subdued yellow, Spanish Gold might be right up your alley. This bronzey hue sports that natural earth color that looks good with any finish. Characteristics include a uniform base with occasional streaks of white.

Yellow Siena

Image from Signorino

Named after the quarries in Siena, Italy, robust golden tones interlaced with cloudy veining make this stone a truly dynamic piece. This versatile marble is used for both function and decoration.

Giallo Monforte

Image from stoneCIRCLE

Another marble unique to Italy, Giallo Monforte is best known for its solid yellow color that resembles the brightness of real gold. This type of marble flooring will look exquisite in any room where a bit of brightness and positivity is needed, especially kitchens.

Pink Marble

For all the pink lovers out there, you’ll be delighted to know that there is a group of marble flooring dedicated to your favorite hue. This variety of marble adds a delicate touch to any space, and is sure to add a cozy and warm feel to your homes.

Rosa Levante

Image from

This pinkish brown marble is sought after for its similar appearance to fossils. Quarried in Spain, this marble flooring is a solid pink color with not much veining, but with a distinct grainy texture.

Rosa Zarci

Image from stoneCIRCLE

This elegant marble has a very soft pink with streaks of cream and white that appears throughout the stone, giving it a mosaic effect. It looks especially pretty when paired with other earth-toned hues.

Rosa Portugues

Image from Dedalo Stone

One of the more common types of pink marble, Rosa Portugues comes in many shades of pink. Veining varies from stone to stone, with some having grey and brown streaks, while others having none at all. Each slab of Rosa Portugues has a unique beauty that makes it one of the most aesthetically pleasing types of marble in the market.

Pink Spider

Image from MGT Stone Co.

If you’re looking for a creamier pink, this type of marble flooring is for you. Known for its sprawling dark red veins that dart across its pale pink background, this flooring gives off a traditional marbled look with a modern touch.

Red Marble

Defined by shades of red, orange, and reddish brown, red marble easily fills a space with strength and vitality. Check out our top picks below.

Sasso Rosso

Image from tilesrus

This deep earthy red is of Italian origin, and adds a rich touch of color to both interior and exterior floorings.

Domvrena Red

Quarried in Greece, Domvrena Red marble is an easy way to add a burst of energy to a monotonous space. This unique stone sports spots of light and dark red, with splashes of white and brown scattered across it.

Rosa San Marcos

The Rosa San Marcos Marble is another popular choice for floorings. With its deep red veins as its focal point, you’ll also find interesting swirls of pink, cream, and light red surrounding it. 

Rojo Coralito

Image from Dedalo Stone

This one is a pale red, an excellent choice for homeowners looking for earthy or desert hues. The marble is characterized by a notable amount of white streaks running through it, creating a unique composition of reds and whites meshed together.

Blue Marble

If you’re yearning for something reminiscent of the sky and sea, here is a unique blue option for you.

Blue Sodalite

Image from Marmo Elite

Blue Sodalite is a unique combination of calcite, pyrite and lazunite, creating a velvety cobalt sea lined with golden waves. This type of marble flooring is an excellent choice for bedrooms and bathroom spaces, as it evokes a revitalizing effect.

The Benefits of Using Marble Floors

In addition to coming in several colors, textures and finishes, marble is also highly durable, and one of the most resistant stones on the planet. Born from the transformation of various stones in high temperatures and intense pressures, marble has been one of our favorite materials for building since Greek and Roman civilization.

Known to be scratch, crack and break-proof, most types of marble are also heat-resistant. With the number of ancient marble structures still standing tall today, you’re sure to get a great return on your investment should you choose to install a marble floor.

Choosing the Best Fit

Timeless, elegant and sturdy, marble has always been and continues to be a valuable addition to any home. We hope this guide helps you in navigating through the different types of marble options available, as well as help you select the best one for your own home.

1000+ Reviews
All our happy customers can’t be wrong! Let us take care of your home cleaning need.
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