How to Clean and Maintain Nero Marquina Marble

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Nero Marquina marble is a type of black marble that is quarried from the regions of Northern Spain in Markina, Basque Country. The location lends a variation of its name to the natural stone, with its distinctive white veining pattern against a pitch-black background.

The fine and compact grain of this marble gives it the look of a starry night sky, adorned with lightning-like veining that never follows the same pattern twice. The natural stone is cool to the touch and brings a touch of sophistication into any room.

Nero Marquina marble can be polished or unpolished and blends perfectly in designs with gold hues, wooden accents, or plum tones. The natural stone has a porcelain-like effect that gives it a look of delicateness and exquisiteness.

Nero Marquina is commonly seen in high-end offices, where the stone is used to provide an impressive feature to the office, but it has slowly been integrated into interior design for homes as well. Marble tile floors made with Nero Marquina are also popular in high-class offices, hotels, and restaurants. Other than floors, marble tile walls can also be made with Nero Marquina, and so can end tables and abstract works.

Benefits of Nero Marquina Marble


Nero Marquina marble is most recognized for its rich black background color, which provides a striking accent to any home, office, or establishment. This velvet surface is only emphasized by the vivid contrast provided by its white veining design, which often appears irregular and intricate. This unique appearance makes it incredibly popular in areas that aim to achieve a much more luxurious ambiance.


Much like other types of natural stone, Nero Marquina marble can be used in a plethora of areas around the home or office; though the stone works best in highly-visible areas where viewers can appreciate its beauty.

Common uses for the Nero Marquina marble include countertops, high-end conference tables, bathroom wall tile, kitchen islands, and marble tile floors in entryways and offices. Unlike white marble, Nero Marquina marble offers design opportunities with dark-themed rooms and offices, providing a gorgeous contrast with its compact grain.

Other uses for the natural stone are in outdoor baths and springs, where the dark marble blends well with the sunlight sparkling through the waters. However, this marble is not the common stone of choice for these types of areas.

How to Regularly Clean Nero Marquina Marble

Here’s how you can clean your Nero Marquina marble surfaces and floors.

  1. Choose Your Cleaner - If you have a commercial stone cleaner in hand with a neutral pH level, then you’re welcome to use this. Otherwise, you can make your cleaner by filling a bucket or bowl with some warm water and adding a few drops of a pH-neutral liquid dish soap to create an effective soapy water solution.
  2. Begin Wiping - If you’ll be using a commercial stone cleaner, then take the time to read through the manufacturer’s label printed on the back of the product. This label should always be your primary reference when it comes to cleaning your marble. If you’ve decided to move forward with your soapy water solution, then get a clean cloth and dampen this with your solution, making sure to thoroughly squeeze any excess liquid out. With your lightly dampened cloth, begin wiping the surface in circular motions, working in small areas at a time to avoid exposing the marble to too much water.
  3. Rinse and Dry - After cleaning, dampen another clean cloth with some plain water and use this to wipe down the surface to remove any remaining residue from the cleaning solution. To finish, wipe everything dry with another clean cloth.

How to Remove Stain and Spills from Nero Marquina Marble

Here’s how you can clean any stain or spill on your Nero Marquina marble.

  1. Prepare the Stained Area - It’s important to address stains as soon as possible to prevent them from setting into your marble. Get a clean cloth and blot away as much residue from the surface as possible, making sure to not apply too much aggressive scrubbing or rubbing.
  2. Create Your Poultice - For common stains like those caused by food or beverage spills, you can create a highly effective poultice by adding a bit of water to some baking soda to create a poultice paste.
  3. Apply the Poultice - Apply a thick layer of this paste over the stain before covering the entire area with plastic wrap. Feel free to tape down the corners if needed and leave the poultice for around 24 to 48 hours. Once the time has passed, remove the plastic cover and gently wipe the paste away.
  4. Rinse and Dry - After wiping away all the baking soda, get a dampened cloth and use this to remove any remnants of the poultice. Finally, get another dry cloth and use this to gently blot and wipe the area to remove any excess moisture.

Other Cleaning Tips

Avoid Acidic Solutions

Acid is the number one enemy of marble, and using acidic solutions on Nero Marquina can etch the surface, causing cloudy white patches to form on the surface. Instead, use mild cleaners, such as ones that are formulated specifically for marble and granite stones.

StoneCare and Granite Gold are just two of the commercially-available cleaning solutions meant for natural stone maintenance. Their formulas effectively remove dirt and oils without harming the marble, so you can clean the surface without worrying about damaging the white veins. However, you can also make some effective homemade cleaning solutions, but make sure to test this on an inconspicuous area first to ensure that it’s gentle enough.

Avoid Harsh Cleaners and Chemicals

As the natural stone is black marble, any harsh cleaner or chemical like bleach dropped on the surface can whiten and damage the material. Bleach, alcohol, and other harsh chemicals can corrode the natural stone, giving it a dull appearance. Avoid bringing these items near your marble, and never use them to clean the surface.

Let Professional Cleaning Services Handle Everything

Exquisite marbles can be intimidating to clean by yourself; but luckily, there are professional cleaning services in Singapore that can turn your accented marble fixtures into customer-creating finishes that will put your clients in awe when they visit your office. Of course, professional cleaning services are also effective around the home, so you can avoid future repairs, and appreciate your marble more.

1000+ Reviews
All our happy customers can’t be wrong! Let us take care of your home cleaning need.
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