How to Organize Your Kitchen Sink Area

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The kitchen sink is where you wash your dishes, clean up after cooking, and sanitize your cookware. When the kitchen sink is a cluttered mess, the rest of the kitchen would be in disarray, which is why it is important to organize the kitchen sink area, and maintain its cleanliness.

How to Organize Kitchen Sink Area

Step 1: Clean and Dry Everything

First, make sure your sink area is completely clean and dry. Use vinegar to clean the sink, and remove hard water stains, oils, food residue, and soap scum. Scrub the sink clean, as well as the surrounding area. Use a clean towel to dry the sink. Do the same for underneath the sink, and on the walls as well.

Clean the sponge by washing it in dish soap, then use hot, boiling water to sanitize it. Let the sponge cool, then wring out the excess liquid. Place the sponge on a rack to dry completely. If there is garbage in the trash bin, swap out the trash can liner, and take out the trash. Clear the garbage disposal as well.

Step 2: Place Frequently-used Items Within Reach

Determine the items most frequently-used, such as the kitchen sponge, dish soap, drying towel, and select utensils. Place these within arm's reach, especially for the kitchen sponge, cleaning cloths, and other cleaning supplies you typically use for kitchen clean up.

Place the sponge on a breathable caddy right by the faucet. This will allow the sponge to fully dry between uses. Place a small bottle of dish detergent by the sponge, while the excess cleaning supplies can be stored under the sink. Use a kitchen sink organizer to keep the area around the sink neat and tidy.

Set a paper towel holder near your food prep station instead of near the kitchen sink for convenient clean-up of spills, and to avoid getting the entire roll wet from water backsplash. Keep a spray bottle of cleaning solution by the kitchen sink as well for convenience.

As much as possible, keep only the necessary items within arm's reach. Items that you don't use everyday should be stored away under the sink, or in a supply closet. This will keep the kitchen sink clutter-free, and get things organized to improve your kitchen use.

Step 3: Use Sink Caddies

Use sink caddies, kitchen sink organizers, and storage racks to help you organize and store things. A portable caddy will keep your items neat, enabling you to find items immediately as you need them. These organizing racks serve multiple purposes, and can be used to categorize cleaning tools based on use, store extra stock of paper towels, or keep spray bottles on hand.

Step 4: Make Use of the Wall Space

Adhesive hooks can be placed on almost any smooth surface, and are great for keeping your drying towels within arm's reach. They are also breathable, which allow kitchen towels to dry between uses. Make use of the cabinet door as well, and place hooks to keep extra trash bin liners, scrub brushes, and other items beneath the kitchen sink.

Step 5: Use Hanging Hooks for Mugs and Utensils

Use hooks and hanging racks for mugs and utensils. Place hooks over the kitchen sink area to store your utensils after washing. This is a convenient way of storing your cooking utensils, and will help excess moisture drip directly into the kitchen sink without making a mess.

If you have a cabinet overhead, make use of the bottom of the cabinet to hang hooks for mugs and utensils. This will help you maximize your space, and store items in a convenient way. You'll get easy access to the items that you need as well.

Step 6: Organize Under the Sink Area

Your sink area might be organized, but the cabinet underneath might be a mess! Gather kitchen sink organization ideas, and get to organizing the cabinet underneath your sink according to your personal lifestyle. Place items that are more frequently used towards the front, which spare tools, stocked hand soap, and other items can be placed at the back.

Use a lazy susan for an easier reach. You be able to browse through the different items under the sink without having to reach the back of the cabinet, and easily grab items that you need. You'll also save on space, especially with a double-decker lazy susan.

Keeping Your Kitchen Organized

Kitchen sink organizing tips are great for managing your sink, but remember to tailor the organization to your personal preferences. Find inspiration from great ideas, and ensure that your kitchen keeps clean with our Singapore home cleaning services at Luce Home! Our cleaning services will help you with home maintenance.

Check out our blog for great tips on cleaning and organizing your kitchen.

1000+ Reviews
All our happy customers can’t be wrong! Let us take care of your home cleaning need.
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