How to Clean and Care for Corian Kitchen Countertops

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Corian countertops were made for style and durability, mimicking the look of natural stone without the high maintenance care. Crafted by Du Pont, Corian is made from acrylic polymer, and is derived from the bauxite ore.

There are multiple uses for Corian: such as a Corian sink, Corian tiles, and bathtubs with a Corian surface. One of the most popular uses for Corian is as a kitchen countertop, where Corian is one of the increasingly popular countertop materials used in interior design today.

How to Clean Corian Countertops with Dish Soap

Step 1: Create a Soapy Water Solution

For everyday cleaning, you can remove stains and wipe away oils from your Corian countertop with a simple solution of warm water mixed with a few drops of dish soap. This solution is safe to use on your Corian countertop, and will effectively remove oils and grease left behind by food or fingerprints.

Step 2: Wipe the Solution on the Surface

Take a wet sponge or a soft cloth dipped in the soapy water solution, and use it to wipe down the countertop surface. Focus on scrubbing away stubborn stains, and rinse and re-apply the soapy solution as needed. Take a damp cloth, and rinse the soapy solution to remove any remaining residue.

Step 3: Clean with a Dry Cloth

Let the countertop air dry, or use a microfiber cloth to dry the surface of the Corian countertop. This method of cleaning Corian is safe to do everyday, and will maintain the good condition of your Corian countertops over time.

How to Clean Corian Countertops with Vinegar

Step 1: Place Vinegar in a Spray Bottle

You can clean Corian countertops with vinegar to remove The first step is to create your vinegar solution. Mix together equal parts white vinegar and warm water in a spray bottle. Add a few drops of essential oils, if you'd like, or place in a lemon juice and rind, sprigs of rosemary and mint, or other fragrant ingredients to mask the smell of vinegar.

Step 2: Apply the Vinegar

Spritz the vinegar solution directly on Corian countertops. Focus spraying the solution on particularly stained areas, and let the vinegar solution sit for a few minutes. For a stronger stain remover, add some baking soda over the vinegar solution, and let the baking soda react with the acids. Use a soft brush to gently scrub away at the stains.

Vinegar works to soften stains, and will kill mold and mildew spores as well. Using white vinegar to clean your Corian countertops is ideal as the acidity of vinegar does not affect the Corian countertop like it does marble countertops. Baking soda is an optional, but recommended, ingredient to act as an abrasive, and lift the grime out of the surface.

Step 3: Wipe Dry

Let the solution sit for 5-10 minutes, then use a soft cloth, such as a microfiber cloth, dipped in warm water to remove the cleaning solution. Let the countertop surface air dry, or use a dry microfiber cloth to wipe the surface dry. You should be left with a clear, glassy-looking countertop that does not have any stains or fingerprints.

How to Disinfect Corian Countertops with Bleach

Corian can be safely disinfected with a diluted bleach solution. Dilute bleach in water in a 1:1 ratio, then use a wet sponge or cloth to spread the solution over the surface. It is important to let the bleach air dry on the surface for the full sanitizing effect, and avoid placing items on the countertop if the solution is still wet.

Tips to Maintain Your Corian Countertops

  • Use gentle cleaning solutions when cleaning the countertop material. While Corian is a relatively versatile and forgiving material compared to marble or quartz countertops, it can still corrode or etch with harsh chemical cleaners.
  • Buff the surface with countertop polish if you encounter any etches or minor scratches. Have a professional seal your Corian countertops if it is badly scratched.
  • Clean your kitchen countertops everyday, even if you're not using it. This prevents dust from accumulating over the surface, and will help keep your kitchen clean as well.

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Check out other articles on our blog for more kitchen cleaning guides!

1000+ Reviews
All our happy customers can’t be wrong! Let us take care of your home cleaning need.
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