How to Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets

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What You'll Need

  • Disinfecting cleaner or Dish soap
  • Damp cloth or Sponge
  • Dry cloth
  • Cabinet liner
  • Food storage containers
  • Hooks - for cabinet doors
  • Baskets and organizers
  • Silica gel packets - optional, but recommended

Kitchen Cabinet Organization Ideas

#1 Clear Out Your Kitchen Cabinets

First, clear out your kitchen cabinets by removing everything in it. Place your items in a separate container or box in the meantime, and wash and dry any items that have accumulated dust over the years. This will give you ample kitchen cabinet space to work with, and help you visualize how you'll be organizing kitchen cabinets.

#2 Clean and Line Your Kitchen Cabinets

Clean your kitchen cabinet interiors with a disinfecting solution or diluted dish soap to remove any dust or grime. Use a damp cloth or sponge to spread out the cleaner, and use another cloth to dry the cupboard space. Line your cabinet shelves with a paper, linoleum, or laminate liner. Avoid using foam liners as they accumulate mold easily.

#3 Place Organizers and Hooks

Visualize how to organize your cabinets to maximize space. Place organizers, shelves, hooks, and baskets in appropriate locations, and make the most of the unused space. Detachable pull-out drawers will provide extra storage space, while racks can help keep dishes and cutting boards in place.

Use food storage containers for cabinets that will hold dry goods like oats, rice, and pastas. They should be labeled with its contents, and kept airtight to prevent moisture, mold, and pests. These may be stored as is, or placed in baskets to store in an organized manner. Go for food storage containers that are tall instead of wide to use up the vertical space.

#4 Layer Your Organization

Layer your organization, starting with the heavier items on the bottom shelf. Place pots and pans on the bottom-most shelves, preferably in kitchen cabinets closest to the stove. Place medium-sized items in the middle shelves, and small, light items go on the top shelf.

Sundries like spoons, forks, and other utensils for dining and cooking should be stored in a utensil organizer with drawer dividers in kitchen drawers or a pull-out drawer. Dinnerware should go in middle racks, kept together by set, and food items go up in the cupboard or pantry.

#5 Place Pot Lids on Racks or Hooks by the Cabinet Door

Place hooks on your cabinet doors, and use them to hold up your pot lids. This will make use of otherwise wasted space, and can be done to corner cabinets as well to optimize your kitchen organization. You can place racks instead of hooks as well.

#6 Store Baking Sheets Vertically

Store baking sheets, chopping boards, and other flat cookware on its side for easy access. You can simply pull out whatever you need, and storing these items upright will help drip off excess moisture as well, preventing rust and mold.

#7 Place Similar Items Together

Place items of the same set together: measuring cups should be stacked neatly together, and the same goes for measuring spoons. Dinnerware should be kept by set for convenience, and items that are frequently used together, like mixers and mixing bowls, should be kept close to each other for convenience.

#8 Place Rarely Used Items at the Back, Frequently Used Items Up Front

Special dinnerware sets that are barely used except for special occasions should be kept at the back of the cabinet, while dinnerware sets that are used everyday should be kept at the front within arms reach, just by the cupboard door.

#9 Use a Cabinet Shelf Space for Better Organization

Using a smaller, additional cabinet shelf will help organize your shelves, and provide a foundation for heavy items to rest on. This is especially useful for pots and pans, as the shelf will organize these instead of letting them clutter the bottom rack. Most of these shelves are adjustable in length and height as well.

#10 Place Small Items in Pull Out Drawers for Easy Access

You can get pull-out drawer organizers that you can place in your existing drawer, or kitchen cabinets to create a space for small items that may be easily misplaced, like cookie cutters, fruit peelers, honey sticks, and more.

A Well-Organized Life

Luce Home is your trusted partner in keeping an organized kitchen and home throughout. Our house cleaning services don't just keep your home clean, but we also organize your kitchen cabinets and refrigerators when requested!

Want more great kitchen organizing ideas? Check out our blog for tips and tricks to keep your home clean!

1000+ Reviews
All our happy customers can’t be wrong! Let us take care of your home cleaning need.
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