How to Clean Burnt Calphalon Pans

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Calphalon pans, produced by Newell Rubbermaid, is a series of cookware made featuring hard anodized pans. The non-stick pans are food-safe, and won't leach metals into the food, making Calphalon a popular brand among households.

Most Calphalon pans are not dishwasher-safe, which can make them difficult to clean, especially if you have burnt Calphalon pans. In this article, we'll show you two ways you can get those burnt stains out of your Calphalon pan easily, and without damaging the material of your cookware's surface.

How to Clean Burnt Calphalon Pans: A Step-by-step Guide

When cleaning nonstick pans, you want to make sure you avoid abrasive scrubbers, harsh detergent solutions, and chemical cleaners that can end up damaging the surface of your Calphalon pan. Using hot water, vinegar, or baking soda is an effective and inexpensive way of cleaning Calphalon pans with ease.

Method #1: Boil Away the Stains

Step 1: Fill the Pan with Water

Fill your burnt Calphalon pans with water, making sure that the burnt bits are fully submerged in water. Add a few drops of dish soap into the water, and mix. Dish soap will help break down the grease and oils, dissolving the stain.

Step 2: Let it Boil

Place your burnt Calphalon pans on the stove, and turn up the heat. Let the water come to a boil but keep an eye on it as it may overflow due to the soap suds. Turn off the heat once the water comes to a boil, and let the pan soak in the hot water. Allow your Calphalon pan to cool until it is just warm enough to handle.

Step 3: Scrub Out the Burnt Residue

Take a soft sponge or soft scrubbing pad, and scrub out the burnt pan. Avoid placing too much pressure on the pan as it may scratch the surface, and scrub in gentle but firm circular motions. You should notice the stains coming out easily.

If the burnt bits are not coming out easily, then fill the pan with water and a few drops of dishwashing soap, and place it on the heat to boil again to let the pan soak. Repeat the process until there are no more stains or burnt bits on your pan.

Step 4: Wash and Dry as Normal

Once all the burnt bits have been removed, wash the pan as you normally would with dish soap and water. Calphalon pans are not typically dishwasher safe, so you will need to hand wash the pan with a mild dishwashing liquid. Dry the pan with a lint-free dish towel such as a microfiber cloth.

Method #2: Use Vinegar and Baking Soda Mixture

Step 1: Create a Vinegar Mix

Using a vinegar mixture is great for cleaning burnt Calphalon pans without the heat, and is ideal for cleaning the exterior of the pan. Create a vinegar mix with equal amounts of water and distilled white vinegar. You can opt to use lemon juice instead of white vinegar as well.

Step 2: Apply, and Sprinkle Baking Soda

Spray the vinegar mixture all over the inside of the pan, then turn the pan upside down to clean burnt Calphalon pans from top to bottom. Sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda over the vinegar mixture, and allow this baking soda solution to sit on the pan.

Step 3: Let it Sit

Let the mixture sit for 15 to 30 minutes - the longer the better. Refresh the vinegar solution by spritzing the pan when as the liquid dries up. As the solution sits, it cleans your burnt Calphalon pan by softening the burnt bits, and lifting them out of the pan without damaging the non-stick surface.

Step 4: Wipe Clean

Use a soft sponge to scrub away the now-loosened grime, and wash the pan as you normally would. Rinse and dry the pan before placing it in a cool, dry location. It is important to clean your Calphalon pans before storing them to prevent stains from setting in.

Keep Your Calphalon Cookware Neat and Tidy

Clean cooking starts with your pans, and if your cookware is heavily stained or burnt with remnants of last week's dishes, then the food that you cook on that pan can carry carcinogens, bacteria, and other harmful substances.

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1000+ Reviews
All our happy customers can’t be wrong! Let us take care of your home cleaning need.
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