How to Clean a Gas Stove Top

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Cleaning a gas stove may seem challenging, especially as the surface isn't as smooth as a glass stove top, while it has more removable parts than an electric stove top. There are numerous parts of a gas cooktop you need to clean: burner heads, the stove grate, and more!

Don't put off cleaning your stove, however, as a gas stovetop easily gets dirt, dust, and debris trapped around the stove burners. Additionally, gas creates soot, which cakes on grates and burner caps over time, becoming a fire hazard. Here's how to deep clean a gas stovetop!

What You'll Need

You don't need any fancy tools to clean your cooktop. All you'll need are some good, old fashioned cleaning staples that you probably already have in your pantry. Dish soap has the degreasing properties that will remove oils from your stove, while a baking soda paste will lift the stains, leaving your cooktop looking brand new!

  • Baking soda
  • Dish soap
  • White vinegar
  • Paper towel
  • Wet sponge
  • Scrub brush
  • Dry microfiber cloth - for stainless steel parts
  • Metal scraper - for cooked on stains

How to Clean Gas Stove Top: A Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Remove Grease Stains from the Gas Stove

First, remove the grease and oil stains from your cooktop. Take a paper towel, and wipe the entire surface of your cooled cooktop. This will help decrease the amount of dirt that you'll need to remove later on, and make it easier for the cleaning solution to penetrate through the grime. Remove as much gunk as possible.

Step 2: Remove Parts

Take out all the removable parts: the stove grates, the burner caps, and anything else that you can clean separately. Doing so will expose the dirt hidden beneath these parts, making them accessible for you to clean. Place the grates in an empty sink, while keeping burner heads in a separate container with some soapy water.

Step 3: Wipe Gas Stove Top Clean

Take a sponge or damp cloth, and add a few drops of dish soap. Start wiping the stove top, starting from the areas with the least grease and dirt, and moving on to particularly dirty areas. Rinse your sponge when dirty, and apply more dish soap as needed.

Step 4: Wash Stove Grates and Burner Caps

Wash the grates and burner tops with some soapy water, preferably using warm water to soften the grime. Let the dish soap remove as much of the oils and grease as possible to prepare these parts for the next step.

Step 5: Apply Cleaning Paste and Let it Sit

Create a paste from vinegar and baking soda in a 1:2 ratio. The paste should be thick enough to stick on the surface of your stove, but thin enough to not dry out. Apply the paste all over your stove top, the grates, the burner caps, and even your oven.

Use a damp cloth to work the cleaning paste into these parts, and let the solution sit for 15-20 minutes. The longer you let the solution sit, the easier it will be to remove the stains afterwards. If your paste starts to get dry, mix vinegar and water together, and spray this vinegar mixture over the paste to rehydrate it.

Step 6: Rinse Off Cleaning Paste

Use a scrub brush to lift away the loosened muck, then rinse off the cleaning paste, and check for any remaining stains. Repeat the process if necessary, leaving the paste to sit on heavy stains for a longer period of time.

If there are stains that are completely stuck on your cooktop, use a metal scraper to remove the hardened food particles. Use light pressure, and start hacking out the stain until it lifts off your cooktop. Add some hot water to soften the stain.

Step 7: Dry All Parts and Piece Together

Pat the removable parts dry, and use a microfiber cloth to buff any stainless steel, aluminum, or copper surfaces to give them a lasting shine. Make sure all parts are dry before you piece your stove back together as wet burners can cause flickering flames. Don't forget to clean and dry the body of your stove as well as the setting knobs.

Maintaining Clean Stove Burners

Food spills are inevitable when you're cooking, but that doesn't mean you can just leave them on your stove! Keep your stove burners in tip top condition with these simple tips. This way, your stove will stay durable, and you minimize the risks of a kitchen fire.

  • Keep stove top dry at all times. This will keep your flames steady while cooking, and minimize burns from steam.
  • Clean your stove top after every use, even if you've just fried an egg. Oil splatters, food spills, and hard water stains can form on your stove when not cleaned.
  • Avoid using corrosive cleaning chemicals on your stove top. These chemicals could strip the top layer off of your stove, creating a rough and scratched up surface.
  • Clean grates and burner caps separately for a thorough cleaning.
  • Use only food-safe cleaners, even if food does not get in contact with your stove directly, the fumes from these cleaners may get into your food.

Healthy Eating

Healthy eating doesn't only refer to the type of food you consume, but the quality too! Cleanliness is a huge factor in the kitchen, which is why we at Luce Home are more than happy to help you upkeep the sanitation around your kitchen, and give you a clean space to work with.

Contact us today, and we'll tackle those deep cleaning tasks for you!

1000+ Reviews
All our happy customers can’t be wrong! Let us take care of your home cleaning need.
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