How to Use and Clean Self-Cleaning Ovens

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Oven cleaning is one of the less-glamorous chores in the house. There's just so much foodstuff, burnt bits, and greasy areas that you need to get rid of from your oven! Cleaning an oven is definitely a time-consuming, and high-effort task, which is why a self-cleaning oven is a modern miracle in the kitchen.

Self-cleaning ovens work like regular, gas or electric ovens, but they have a self-cleaning feature that removes the grime for you without you having to use elbow grease to do it. You can go from a dirty oven, to a clean one in just one self-clean cycle. But how do you clean a self-cleaning oven properly? Here's how:

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What You'll Need to Prepare

With the self-cleaning feature, you won't really need any special cleaning solution or paste like in a traditional oven. You'll only really need one thing: a scouring pad! The rest of the handiwork goes mostly to preparing your oven for the self-cleaning process:

  • Remove all pots, pans, foils, and trays from the oven.
  • Remove the oven racks - you'll clean these separately with some manual cleaning.
  • Scrape off as much food debris as you can to expose as much surface area as possible during the self-clean cycle. Some baking soda paste (baking soda mixed with vinegar) may help soften the grime, but this is mostly unnecessary.
  • Fasten the oven door until it is locked. You may need to take a look at your instruction manual to figure out how to properly lock the oven door.
  • Remove any flammable items from around your oven. The self-clean feature tends to get hot, so removing plastic, paper, and other non-heating elements can significantly reduce accidental melting or burning.

And just like that, you're ready to start the cleaning process! Be sure to read through your manufacturer's guide and user manual before you start cleaning, as every oven may have different cleaning instructions from the rest.

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How to Clean a Self-cleaning Oven: A Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Read the Manual

First, read the manual carefully so you have an idea of how long to set the timer on your self-cleaning oven. You will also see the preparation guide, and the different cleaning modes you can select from. Read each step, and follow the important tips and warnings of the manufacturer.

Step 2: Set the Self-Clean Timer

For general cleaning, 2 hours is more than enough time for your oven to self-clean any grime, food bits, and grease from the inside. However, you may need to set the timer for 3-4 hours if your oven is heavily used and stained. The time will all depend on how messy your oven is, and you can typically find the proper timer in your user's guide.

Step 3: Choose Your Cleaning Method

Select the cleaning method you choose to use in the self-cleaning cycle. Most self-cleaning ovens have a heat-cleaning feature, and a steam-cleaning feature. For the steam-cleaning feature, you will need to add some water in the designated water reservoir, often located at the bottom of the oven. This will create steam that will soften burnt particles.

Step 4: Press the Clean Button, and Let the Oven Clean

Let the oven clean. However, it is important that you monitor your oven as it cleans, especially since the self-cleaning function releases high heat as it cleans. Make sure you don't have kids, pets, or household members around that could potentially burn themselves with the hot oven. Let the oven clean for the duration of its set timer.

In the meantime, you can go ahead and get to cleaning the removable parts with soapy water. Use a baking soda paste to get rid of stubborn spots on these parts, then rinse and dry them completely before storing them back into the oven later on.

Step 5: Let the Oven Cool

After the cleaning cycle has completed, avoid opening the door immediately. Let the oven cool until only warm to the touch, then open the oven door to let the steam out.

Step 6: Wipe Away Residue

Wipe away any residue left behind from the cleaning cycle using a scouring sponge. You'll find that your oven looks and smells much cleaner than before, and that any remaining debris can be easily wiped away. Place the removable parts back into the oven after it has fully cooled.

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What to Avoid When Cleaning Your Self-Cleaning Oven

As long as you follow the user's guide to using your self-cleaning oven, you should have no problems in the upkeep of the appliance. However, there are a couple do's and don'ts when it comes to cleaning the oven:

  • Do not add soap to the oven while cleaning.
  • Do not open the oven doors in the middle of cleaning as you may get burnt by the high heat that will blast out of the oven.
  • Never apply cold water or sponges to a freshly-heated oven. This may cause your glass oven doors to crack, and misshapen any metal features.
  • Avoid using the self-cleaning oven in an enclosed space. Open windows to keep the heat out, and monitor the temperature in the room as you use the self-cleaning feature.
  • Never start cleaning your oven without reading the manufacturer's instructions first.
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Keep It Clean

At Luce Home, we keep ourselves updated with the latest in cleaning technology, which is how we became the top choice for house cleaning services in Singapore. Let us handle the cleaning tasks for you, while you focus on your hobbies, family, or work.

Contact us today, and we can discuss the scope of cleaning services perfect for your home! 

1000+ Reviews
All our happy customers can’t be wrong! Let us take care of your home cleaning need.
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