The Ultimate Commercial Restroom Cleaning Checklist

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The office restroom may be communal, but it’s the one place where employees can gain some privacy during their shift, so it’s essential to keep a commercial restroom spick and span to maintain morale. No one wants to work in an office with a smelly, gross restroom. 

Similarly, the commercial restroom for your shop, park, or restaurant experiences high foot traffic daily, with many customers using the facilities. To maintain the cleanliness and image of your business, you will need to keep the restroom clean and presentable. You also minimize any health hazards to your business, as well as graffiti and vandalism in the restroom by doing so. 

The Importance of Cleaning a Commercial Restroom

A dirty restroom can negatively affect the image of your business. If the company can’t maintain its basic cleanliness, how can it maintain its business? Which is why cleaning a commercial restroom is an important task that should be done daily. 

While we can’t clean every inch of the restroom everyday, it is important to sanitize the entire area to remove any bacteria and germs that are lying around. Bacteria thrive and grow in moist, high traffic areas, making the communal restroom a hotspot for bacteria colonies and viruses that may spread diseases. Cleaning the restroom keeps you and your employees healthy.

Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry! Our commercial restroom cleaning checklist will guide you through the different parts of your restroom you need to clean, so you won’t forget any essential aspect. We’ll provide you with a daily, weekly, and monthly restroom cleaning checklist for you to know how often to clean each part of your restroom.

Daily Commercial Restroom Cleaning Checklist

Before you do any sort of bathroom cleaning, put up signs to alert people that the bathroom is being sanitized. Place a ‘Wet Floor’ sign, especially if you plan to mop the floors with a floor cleaner. Daily restroom cleaning is best done during the part of the day where there is the least amount of foot traffic going into the restroom, such as before or after business hours.

  1. Clean Mirrors and Faucet Area - As these fixtures gain the least amount of germs on a daily basis, clean these first before moving on to the more grimey areas. You may use a paper towel with a sanitizing solution to wipe the area clean.
  2. Sanitize Baby Changing Area - The baby changing area is a special part of the restroom where a mother can privately change her baby’s diaper. As such, this area comes in contact with dirty diapers, but also is where babies are placed. Sanitize this area as often as possible. 
  3. Sanitize Light Switches and Handles - Keep these areas clean as they come into contact with different people daily. Sanitize these as often as possible with paper towels dampened with disinfecting solution like rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer.
  4. Clean Toilet Using Toilet Brush and Cleaner - As the most important aspect of the restroom, the toilet should be cleaned daily using a toilet brush and some toilet bowl cleaner.
  5. Sanitize Toilets and Urinals - After cleaning, spray or wipe a sanitizer in and around the toilets and urinals to kill off any bacteria and viruses that may be lurking about.
  6. Sanitize Toilet Seats and Flush - Take extra precaution in sanitizing toilet seats and flush handle as these come in contact with skin. Use a skin-safe disinfectant and wipe down the flush handle and the seats.
  7. Mop and Disinfect Floors - Sweep away any loose dust particles and debris, then use a mild-scented disinfectant solution to mop the floors clean. 
  8. Dispose of Trash in the Trash Receptacle - Dispose the contents of the trash receptacles into the proper waste bins. Clean any spots that need to be cleaned, and sanitize the trash receptacles before lining with a new trash bag.
  9. Sanitize Trash Receptacle - The trash receptacle is home to multiple types of bacteria and viruses, as people throw away tissues, napkins, and other wastes with bodily fluid. Sanitize the inside and outside of the trash receptacle after disposing of the contents.
  10. Check Stock of Tissue, Hand Soap, and Paper Towel Dispenser - Refill any items that are in low supply. Place the items properly in the correct dispenser or holder, and make sure those fixtures have been sanitized before placing items in.
  11. Sanitize Cleaning Tools for Next Use - Your cleaning implements have picked up dirt, grime and germs that you could spread back into the restroom during the next cleaning session. Sanitize your tools by washing them in a disinfectant solution.

Weekly Commercial Restroom Cleaning Checklist

While most aspects of the restroom should be cleaned daily, some tasks can be done weekly for general cleaning and upkeep. Areas that are not in frequent contact with people or with grime, like vents, partitions, and other areas can have a weekly cleaning routine and checklist.

  1. Dust Vents, Doors, and Partitions - Dust off the vents, doors, and partitions to prevent dust buildup and allergens from settling.
  2. Polish Mirrors and Chrome Fixtures - Bring your mirrors and other chrome items to a brilliant shine with a weekly polishing routine.
  3. Remove Water Stains from Toilets and Urinals - Use a water stain remover to do a weekly maintenance of the toilet and urinals.
  4. Scrub Scum Off Countertops and Sinks - Use paper towels to scrub soap scum off of countertops and sinks to keep its pristine appearance and peak cleanliness.
  5. Disinfect the Entire Area - Sanitize the entire bathroom area, including the hard to reach areas, and every nook and cranny.

Monthly Commercial Restroom Cleaning Checklist

Take time once a month to fully clean every inch of the bathroom, making sure to get into the nooks and crannies of the bathroom. Time-consuming tasks, like cleaning tile grout, should be on your monthly cleaning checklist. Drains and septic systems can benefit from a monthly maintenance routine as well.

  1. Scrub Tile Grout - Scrub the bathroom tiles and in the grout to prevent mold from growing, and to remove stains.
  2. Remove Bathroom Stains - Remove the hard water stains from the toilets and urinals, and remove soap scum from in and around the sink area
  3. Clearing Drains of Clogs - Use a monthly drain declogger solution to clear away slow-draining sinks, and keep the septic system running smoothly.
  4. Hire a Professional - For those big messes and for deeper cleaning, hire a professional cleaning service.
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Professional cleaners can do the job right.

Go Professional

Some bathrooms can be difficult to maintain, especially with your already busy workweek. To ensure a thorough, deep cleaning, contact a cleaning service and let the professionals handle the work. 

At Luce SG, we don’t only clean your workspaces, we keep motivation for productivity high as we provide you with top-notch cleaning services for your commercial places and office workspaces. No task is too big, or too small for our experienced cleaning professionals. Drop us a message today and we can discuss an office cleaning service schedule that works for you!

1000+ Reviews
All our happy customers can’t be wrong! Let us take care of your home cleaning need.
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