A Guide on How to Select the Best Type of Aircon for Offices

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An air conditioner is not just an essential element for keeping cool air in the office. It also helps in ensuring high indoor air quality while still preventing moulds and mildew from growing. How well the air conditioner will serve you depends on the choice you make. That is why it is critical to choose the best one for your office for the best services.

Choosing an air conditioner that is fit for your office is not straightforward. You have certain determining factors to consider. The following are some of the factors to guide you when choosing your office air conditioner.

Factors to Consider When Selecting the Best Aircon Type for Your Office

1. Size of the Room

The size of the enclosed space will determine the kind of aircon you need. If you do not have a very large space you will need an air conditioner that does not have a very high capacity AC. But, a bigger room will require a higher-capacity AC and multiple units. A larger capacity unit or multiple units will cool the room more sufficiently.

If you are not an expert in dealing with air conditioners it will be prudent to hire an AC installation expert. They will help you determine the right size of AC for your space.

2. Noise

Some AC units can be noisy and may not be the best for the office. You will want to work in a quiet environment. It is the best for easy communication with colleagues and also with your callers. When choosing the air conditioner that you want for your office, find out how noisy or quiet it is before purchasing.

Most modern split-system air conditioners are very quiet whether you install them outdoors or indoors. But it is worth confirming the noise level before you buy one.

3. Occupants

Your choice of an office air conditioner will also depend on the number of people you expect to be using the room on a regular basis. The number will determine the size of the unit that you need, the number of units you need, and the capacity for each. 

If you have a high number of people using the room most of the time, you will experience a higher demand for cooling. If you have five people or less using the room, a minimum BTU will suffice. But you will need a high BTU if you have more than five people using the room.

If you use a minimum BTU for cooling a room with more than five occupants, you can expect the motor to work harder just to meet the increased cooling demand. This will make the motor overwork thus increasing the risk of wear and tear.

4. Space

Office ACs come in different sizes and you will have to choose one depending on your space. Some common ACs include Central ACs, portable ACs, and Window ACs among others. If you go for window ACs you will require drilling through the wall to create space for the unit.

Some offices have limited space and may not be able to use that type of air conditioner. If that is your situation you will need to use units like the central AC that are also easier to install.

Common Features to Look for When Choosing an AC System

1. Fan Speed

Since the fan is the one that circulates cooled air in the room it is an important element for an AC. The best model should have a wide airflow range as well as multiple fan speeds. The very high speed will help the room to cool down faster. The low speed will ensure no unpleasant draught or noise after attaining the right temperature in the room.

Also, you should confirm whether the unit has an auto, to automatically choose the right mode for the chosen temperature and keep the room at that. Find out whether you have the cool because it is the one that pumps the heat from the room to the outside. Check for the heat mode as well. The heat mode helps to pump the heat from outside to the inside to keep the air inside warm.

You will also need a unit with Dry mode to dehumidify the air and provide some cooling as well. Fan mode blows air but does not cool, dry, or heat it. It is only used for a cool breeze in the office.

One of the best units is the one with economy mode as it helps to reduce the power consumption.

2. Human Sensor

The best thing with the units with the human sensors is that they detect when the room is occupied. The unit then sets itself to work and goes to a sleep mode when the room is empty. Some of the models even can direct the air to the space that is occupied leaving the other places.

Different Types of Air Conditioning Units and their Benefits

Once you’ve chosen the benefits to prioritize for your office space, you will be better placed to make the right decision.

1. Multi-Split Air Conditioning System

  1. They can cool up to five rooms
  2. They are the best to install where you have limited space
  3. You can control the room temperature individually. That means you can have different temperatures in different rooms.
  4. It is more economical than most other systems

2. Central Air Conditioning Units

  1. They are easy to install
  2. They are the best when you have limited space
  3. They do not use a huge amount of energy to operate

3. Ducted Air Conditioning Systems

  1. They are easy to install and easy to conceal. Whether you are installing them outdoors or indoors, you can easily put them in an unnoticeable space.
  2. They are good for cooling many rooms and thus best for the office where you have many different rooms in use.
  3. They can also be tailored to suit the kind of space you want.
  4. They are the quietest and therefore the best for use in the offices.
  5. They enhance the life of the workers as well as the look of your office.

Installing Your New Office Aircon

When you’re installing your chosen air conditioning system in your office, it’s always best to work with reliable aircon contractors. These professionals will ensure installation is done in the best way possible.

Before hiring an HVAC contractor, find out how long they have been in the same business. Experience is critical when it comes to installing air conditioning systems. Also, it’s recommended to only work with reputable companies that you can easily contact and reach out to in case of any issues.

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1000+ Reviews
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