Mitsubishi Aircon Warranty Registration Guide in Singapore

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An air conditioner is a great investment for your comfort, but your unit will inevitably experience a few problems along the way—sometimes even when you’ve just purchased a brand-new unit.

Getting a defective product can be frustrating, but reputable brands like Mitsubishi offer a solid warranty program that will resolve the issues with no additional costs as long as you follow the necessary steps to avail of this service.

What is the Warranty Scheme of Mitsubishi?

To avail of Mitsubishi’s warranty program, customers are required to complete an online application at within 14 days of the date of purchase of the brand-new air conditioner.

To complete the online registration, customers will need the information on the unit’s model and serial number tags attached to the packaging of the unit’s box, as well as the A5 Mitsubishi Electric Envelope which is given to customers upon the air conditioner’s installation. Any delay or failure to complete registration during this window will potentially result in delays in the brand’s service and support.

This was effective as of September 15, 2018, when the brand announced that it would no longer be providing customers with physical warranty cards and would be opting for this method instead.

What Does Mitsubishi’s Warranty Cover?

Mitsubishi’s warranty program covers any defective material and manufacturing fault provided that the customer has successfully registered their unit within 14 days of the date of purchase.

Mitsubishi’s warranty does not cover any unit that is damaged by any of the following:

  • Accidents, misuse, tampering or mishandling
  • Improper installation (e.g installation to the wrong supply voltage, abnormal voltage supply, failing to install per the required specifications)
  • Improper usage (e.g. usage that does not follow the instructions specified in the unit’s instruction manual, usage that exceeds the unit’s intended use)
  • Daily wear and tear, corrosion, stains, and rusting

Mitsubishi’s warranty becomes void in the following situations:

  • The serial number is removed, illegible, altered, or defaced
  • The unit has undergone any alteration or modification
  • The unit has undergone unauthorized repairs
  • The unit is used for commercial purposes, is on rental, or loan to others
  • The unit has not undergone consistent and proper routine maintenance servicing

Mitsubishi’s warranty does not cover the following units, components, or additional requirements and circumstances:

  • Fan products
  • Unit internal and external components (e.g. remotes, cabinets, dust covers, plastic panels, air filters, strainers, driers, refrigerant, extruded parts, knobs, levers, sockets, plugs, and detachable parts or accessories as defined by Mitsubishi)
  • Transportation, handling, or delivery charges associated with the unit’s movement to and from the Service Center or any other checking or repair location
  • Labor, transportation, and other charges incurred for the replacement of the unit’s compressor part. With that being said, the compressor part will be free of charge and will be replaced and recovered by Mitsubishi if needed.
  • Transportation for the checking of misoperation or improper installation of units
  • Any maintenance servicing and/or cleaning
  • Special equipment/scaffoldings/cranes/false ceilings/concealed access to installation location needed for accessibility or safety requirements
  • Use of the unit outside of Singapore
  • Indirect, consequential, or special damage of any kind

How to Register For Mitsubishi’s Warranty Program?

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Click on Warranty Registration. Read all of the terms and conditions and toggle the button at the bottom to indicate that you agree with these. Then, click Continue to Register as End Customer.

Step 3: Read through everything and provide the following information:

  • Name
  • Address where the product was installed
  • Email address
  • Primary phone number
  • Secondary phone number
  • Blanket warranty number (only for products supplied under new development projects)
  • Full model number (only alphanumeric characters)
  • Serial number
  • Warranty number
  • Purchase date
  • Dealer
  • Purchase decisions influenced by

Step 4: If you have purchased multiple products, click Add Another Product and repeat the previous step. You can register a maximum of 10 products at a time. Also, take the time to double-check the contact numbers and email addresses that you’ve entered as these will be where the acknowledgment of your registration will be sent.

Step 5: Once you’ve finished filling out the details for your product/s, toggle the button at the bottom and press Click Here to Confirm Details

Step 6: After completing the registration process, you will receive a confirmation email or SMS within seven working days. Should you not receive this within two weeks of completing your warranty registration, contact Mitsubishi’s customer service officers at 6473 0308.

Mitsubishi also recommends that customers keep their receipts and invoices as proof of purchase, with important information like dealer’s stamp, place and date of purchase, product model, and serial numbers present. Should any of these details be inaccurate, unavailable, or insufficient, Mitsubishi may reject your proof of purchase.

It’s also worth noting that the warranty period will commence from the purchase date as indicated in your proof of purchase. However, if any inconsistencies between the date of purchase indicated in your online registration application and the date of purchase indicated on your proof of purchase, the latter shall prevail. If the customer has more than one proof of purchase, the earlier date will be considered as the purchase date.

The proof of purchase must have the true date of purchase to be valid. Mitsubishi reserves the right to reject servicing any customer that presents any misrepresentation of the proof of purchase.

The Takeaway

As inconvenient as it may be for your recently purchased AC unit to experience issues so early in its operation, aircon manufacturing companies like Mitsubishi offer great warranty programs that can help fix these for you.

So long as you’ve completed the online registration application within 14 days of the purchase date and provide the correct information, as well as have the right documents such as your receipt or invoice, you’ll be able to avail of these services and go back to your cooling comfort.

1000+ Reviews
All our happy customers can’t be wrong! Let us take care of your home cleaning need.
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