9 Things You Should Be Familiar With Before Buying An Air Conditioner

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There is a reason why aircon units account for 40% of the average household electricity bill in Singapore. The country's geographic location makes it susceptible to stiflingly high temperatures. Moreover, due to high maritime exposure, relative humidity in Singapore is high at 70-80% throughout the year, and the average temperature swings between 25 and 31 degrees celsius. Every day is a dog day, and it is thus not surprising that Singapore has the highest per capita air-conditioning installed rate among all ASEAN countries. Aircon units play a vital role in Singapore's economy. Without this modern invention, the country would not be the high-tech country it currently is.

Owing to these factors, the decision to buy an aircon in a tropical country like Singapore is a logical one. If you are contemplating purchasing this cooling invention, this article is a must-read for you.

Things You Should Be Familiar With Before Buying an AC

1. Opt for a multi-split system

In a multi-split system, a single outdoor unit is connected with several indoor units. The compressor is mounted outside the house, and the units that heat or cool various rooms are either compact floor standing units or wall-mounted units. With a multi-split system, it is possible to set different temperatures for different rooms. This function reduces the system's running cost by allowing the machine to heat or cool, as required.

2. Invest in an R410A air-conditioner

A refrigerant absorbs heat from the environment and helps with refrigeration in conjunction with other components, such as a compressor and an evaporator. The refrigerant usually exists in either liquid or gaseous state. CFCs, HCFCs, and HFCs are the most common kind of refrigerants used in air-conditioners. CFCs and HCFCs add to the greenhouse effect and depletion of ozone. Currently, the R410A is considered to be the safest refrigerants.

3. Thermal insulation is important

Adding insulation is essential. Thermal insulation does not only reduce heat gain or loss from piping, but it also helps to reduce the vibrations and noise created by the aircon system. In case of an accident, the thermal insulation does the critical job of preventing the spreading of fire.

4. Choose the right system for you

Currently, there are four different kinds of aircon systems available in the market. Window systems are reliable but efficient for only small spaces. Split aircon systems have high aesthetic appeal. Centralized aircon systems are quite useful, but they also lead to a massive electricity bill. Package aircon systems are ideal for restaurants, small halls, etc. Before you decide to put your money in any machine, decide which aircon system is the right choice for you.

5. Check for grade

Knowing an aircon's rating or grade is essential before making a purchasing decision. The grade gives an idea of the operating cost of the air-conditioner. On brochures, air-conditioner ratings and grades are usually mentioned in the form of capacity; COP or coefficient of performance; EER or energy efficiency ratio; SEER or seasonal efficiency ration; HSPF or heating seasonal performance factor; and energy stars.

6. Select the right compressor for you

An air compressor does the vital job of increasing the pressure and temperature of the vapor coming out of the evaporator coil. Maintaining this pressure and temperature difference is essential to maintain the flow of the refrigerant. Currently, air-conditioners use three different kinds of air compressors: reciprocating compressors, rotary compressors and scroll compressors. Before you put your money in an air conditioner, spend some time figuring out which compressor is the right choice for you.

7. Check for electrical load

An electric load is a part of the circuit that consumes electricity, and thus, the electrical load is directly responsible for the total energy consumption by your aircon. Before buying one, be sure to check its electrical load. You do not want a machine that will send your electricity bill through the roof.

8. Installation should also be taken into account

Depending on the type of the aircon system, every unit has a correct installation location. For instance, in the case of split aircon units, the outdoor unit must be located in an area that does not witness high wind, sun, or rain. Similarly, the indoor unit should be in an area where the airflow does not get blocked. Each aircon system has different installation criteria that must not be ignored.

9. Steer clear of aircon wiring issues

Due to their high power requirements, aircon machines need separate wiring. Faulty wiring, loose connections, and exposed wires can cause trouble for you as well as your aircon machine. It is, thus, a good idea to hire a professional to fix the wiring of a new aircon.

Importance of Aircon Pipes

Another important thing to be familiar with before buying an aircon are the pipes. As an integral component of an air conditioning machine, these parts transport the air containing heat and moisture removed from the air-conditioned room into the outside atmosphere. When heat and moisture are removed from the inside air, the air pressure in the room decreases. They also help maintain room air pressure by transporting air from outside into the room. In the case of multi-split systems, the indoor and outdoor units are connected using copper pipes. In these systems, they do the essential task of transporting the refrigerant between the outdoor and indoor units. An improperly installed aircon piping system can cause condensation of water in the pipes, leading to leakage. Therefore, residential and property owners must be extra careful while selecting aircon pipes.

Since the quality of the material used determines the life of the aircon pipes, invest in such parts made from high-quality material. They will easily last you a couple of years.

The Final Word

Selecting the right installer is as important as choosing the right air-conditioner. Only someone with years of experience in the field will be able to guide you about important considerations, such as aircon piping, wiring, insulation, etc. Whether you want to install your new aircon or are planning to get your old one repaired, our team of professional aircon experts at Luce Aircon can fulfill all your aircon servicing needs. 

1000+ Reviews
All our happy customers can’t be wrong! Let us take care of your home cleaning need.
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