Mitsubishi Starmex Aircon Review: A Complete Buying Guide

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Getting the right aircon for your home is very crucial. The one you choose to buy should be durable, affordable, and easy to clean. Ensure that you take the time to check the energy star rating to ensure that it is also energy efficient.

To get the best one, you must visit several aircon stores and make a price comparison on the model you need for your home. Talk to the shop assistants about the brands and type of air conditioners they stock and their best qualities. One such air conditioner is the Starmex, an aircon product series by Mitsubishi.

Mitsubishi Starmex Aircon: An Overview

The Mitsubishi Starmex is a product of Mitsubishi Electric. The company creates high-quality electrical devices to make your life more comfortable. They are committed to having a positive impact on all people including, their customers and employees. That is why they created the Mitsubishi Starmex. It is an excellent air conditioner using state-of-the-art technology to keep your home cool.

The conditioner offers a quiet performance, which makes it perfect for small rooms. If you have been wondering how to cool your bedroom and do not want to install any of the larger models that will make your bedroom feel like the arctic, choose Mitsubishi Starmex. It is highly energy-efficient, and you can use it comfortably during the night. It is easy to install but make sure you talk to the store about their installation services to ensure that it is perfectly installed.

The company offers a warranty on all their products including, the Mitsubishi Starmex. Their products are also rated for energy efficiency. It is necessary to mention that Mitsubishi aircon parts are readily available whether you prefer to shop online or at a brick-and-mortar store.

Main Features of the Starmex FN Series

Here are some of the features of a Mitsubishi aircon.


It is essential that your air conditioner makes your home comfortable and still adds to its aesthetic appeal. It should also not attract too much attention to itself by being too big and seemingly filling the room. The best air conditioners help tie the room together such that your friends cannot help but envy your excellent taste. That is what the Mitsubishi Starmex offers homeowners around the world.

It beautifully fits in with a variety of decor with its beautiful white color and is perfectly sized to suit a small living area. The slim look is perfect for small spaces and does not compromise the air quality in your home. The design is very high-end although the machine is quite affordable, so people walking into your house will have a high opinion of you. Make sure you talk to your installation technician about the best spot to place your Mitsubishi Starmex.


Big air conditioners often take over a room and can be the only thing you see when you walk in. That is why Mitsubishi decided to make this aircon much smaller than others. It works for both small and large size rooms as size does not affect operation. The smaller-sized aircon is easy to install and therefore a perfect choice for you. That said, make sure that you hire an expert to install it for you.

If you have never installed an aircon before, you may damage it and void the warranty. Ensure that the technician you hire has worked with Mitsubishi products before and is well trained. An excellent choice is to ask the store to recommend an installation company or send one of their technicians to install it for you.


The Mitsubishi Starmex is easy to clean, and you can do it yourself. Make sure that you read the manual carefully before cleaning this spectacular appliance. An aircon should be cleaned every three months for maximum efficiency and to ensure that the air circulating in your house is clean and healthy for you.

If you do not know how to clean your Mitsubishi Starmex, you can contact the store or the installation company for help. They will not only clean it, but they will also carry out a maintenance inspection.

Low Noise

A cool house can be very comfortable to live in, especially during the summer months. However, if the aircon you are using is noisy, it immediately loses its appeal. You will not relax because of the constant background noise and may have problems falling asleep. Mitsubishi understands this, and that is why they have adopted noise reduction technology on their products.

They pride themselves in providing the best and putting customer needs first. The Starmex is very quiet, and you will barely notice it. It produces a very low hum when in operation, making it perfect for people who work from home or have babies.

Energy Efficient

Many people worry about using an aircon as they are worried about their energy consumption. It is crucial to purchase an aircon that is energy efficient to avoid high energy bills. Energy efficiency regulators use a 5-tick rating system, and the higher the number of ticks, the more energy-efficient the aircon is. The Starmex has a 5-tick rating which means it is very energy efficient. You will not have consumption problems when using this excellent air conditioner.

The Pros and Cons


  • The Starmex is very energy efficient, which is excellent for the environment. It will also ensure that you save money you would have spent on energy bills.
  • It is low noise. The aircon produces very little noise when in operation.
  • The Starmex comes with a warranty.


  • You must have an expert install it for you, and that increases the initial costs.

Mitsubishi Starmex Air Con: Yes or No?

The Mitsubishi Starmex is one of the best air conditioners in the market today. It offers comfort, is stylish, and is perfect for small homes. If you are looking for an excellent air conditioner for your home, we highly recommend purchasing the Mitsubishi Starmex.

1000+ Reviews
All our happy customers can’t be wrong! Let us take care of your home cleaning need.
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