Ultimate Sanyo Air Conditioner Review: A 2021 Buying Guide

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Sanyo Aircon is one of today’s mid-priced aircon brands that many Singaporeans are familiar with. Known for its affordability and capable lineup of air conditioners, the brand is priced much lower than other major brands such as Mitsubishi, Daikin, Panasonic, etc.

So if you’re one of those people looking to make the switch, read our ultimate Sanyo Aircon Singapore review below to help you get started.

Pros and Cons

Like many other brands, Sanyo’s air conditioning units have powerful cooling capacity, several wind modes, and other outstanding features at much lower prices. However, the brand still has a couple of limitations that you should consider before buying. Here’s our pros and cons:

The Good


Sanyo Aircon has many different price segments, suitable from mid-range air conditioning to high-end air conditioning. This helps you and your family quickly select and own the most affordable aircon from the brand. To ensure a varied lineup collection, Sanyo Aircon also prices its products based on overall capacity and design.

Diversity of capacity

With different types of air conditioning capacities, you will have many options to choose from. The Sanyo SAP-KC9ZGES 9000BTU, for example, has an elegant design, excellent antibacterial and air purification capabilities. 

Looking for a powerful air conditioning unit for a large living space? You can choose the Sanyo SAP-KC12BGES8 single-way air conditioner at a reasonable price. 

Outstanding refrigeration and antibacterial technology

Sanyo aircons are equipped with effective refrigeration and antibacterial technology. Some of the antibacterial and refrigerating technologies of Sanyo air conditioning include:

  • Sweep airflow control technology: The sweep airflow control technology is designed with the flaps moving up and down, helping the cold air flow everywhere, providing wide and even cooling efficiency for any position in the room.
  • Microprocessor controlled: Intelligent microprocessor can recognize specific conditions in the operating space of the air conditioning unit and automatically adjust the temperature and humidity for the most suitable, providing the best possible cooling effect for the user.
  • The human rest mode: The human rest mode helps you always feel comfortable with the temperature being maintained and smoothly changed depending on the specific external conditions. This mode also helps you save more energy and electricity.
  • Auto fan cooling and acceleration mode: This mode allows you to adjust the fan at different levels such as high, low and medium to get good cooling quality. The automatic fan cools quickly and evenly, and saves more energy for the user.
  • Anti-bacteria, deodorizing with silver ion plate: Sanyo air conditioner applies antibacterial properties, effectively deodorizing silver ions and creating a silver ion filter with antibacterial features of up to 99%. 

The Bad

Poor Dust and Odor Filter System

User reviews of the Sanyo aircon have noted that the brand has a poor dust and odor filter system. This results in rooms having "the smell of conditioning," making it uncomfortable for people with sensitive respiratory issues. 

Aircon Noise

Thr Sanyo air conditioners are also known to make a lot of noise, causing discomfort for the elderly, pregnant women, and people who are often stressed.


  • Very affordable price segments from mid-range to high-end air conditioning
  • Products have a variety of cooling capacity
  • Has outstanding refrigeration and antibacterial technology


  • Poor dust and odor filter system as noted by many user reviews
  • Loud to operate

Top Sanyo Aircon Products

SAP-KC12BPW3 1.5 HP Split Aircon

The SAP-KC12BPW3 is split type aircon operated and controlled by a microprocessor that you can program as your preference. This aircon can adjust the temperature according to your time set. Moreover, with the Electronic Refrigerant Control Value, this aircon can adjust the temperature depending on the compression of space within the room by an efficient cooling system. 

The quiet mode also makes it easy to sleep continuously at night without hearing an ordinary AC device's humming sound. Its compressors control the cooling system effectively while retaining quiet sound for the operation.

SAP-KRV22BP 2.5HP Inverter Aircon

This aircon type has an extremely flexible and efficient cooling system compared to other Sanyo series units. This type of inverter uses the R-410A refrigerant and DV Inverter technology, allowing the system to be cool and healthy but still safe for the environment. 

It is also equipped with an anti-mold filter, which keeps the AC unit away from bacteria, mold, and other contaminants that can affect the user's health.

Sanyo 0.5 Window Type Aircon

This window air conditioner is perfect for anyone looking for a cheap and affordable air conditioner for a small living space. With a cooling capacity of 6400kJ / hIt, this is an ideal air conditioner unit for a small apartment or room — especially during the summer season. It has an automatic fan operation and air sweep control to fit your choice for its cooling operation.

Getting the Right Aircon for Your Home

Sanyo Aircon is a reputable aircon brand that offers affordable products and a solid set of the latest AC features. However, if you’re looking for a high-quality air conditioner unit that should last you for a long time, we recommend going for other popular brands such as Daikin, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, etc.

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1000+ Reviews
All our happy customers can’t be wrong! Let us take care of your home cleaning need.
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