Ultimate Sharp Portable Aircon Review: A 2021 Buying Guide

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Does the heat in Singapore make your own room feel extra humid and stuffy? To deal with this discomfort, a lot of people turn to air conditioners of different types and sizes. Some of these include window air conditioners, split type aircon units and even cassette aircon systems.

However, if you’re a student or someone living in a small area with a limited budget, an expensive, high-capacity air conditioner is out of the question. In that case, you might want to consider buying a portable air conditioner.

In this Sharp portable air conditioner guide and review, we’ll take a look at the brand’s pros and cons, product lineup and best-selling features to help you decide the perfect unit for your living space.

Pros And Cons

The Good

Great cooling capacity

Sharp portable aircon units are designed similarly to conventional air conditioners; only the indoor and outdoor aircon units are designed in one unit. Therefore, when comparing cooling capacity, the portable air conditioner has the same cooling capacity as the window aircon.

Convenience and portability

The products under the Sharp portable aircon lineup are all equipped with wheels, allowing you to move the device to different parts of the room easily.

Space-saving compact design

Sharp portable aircon's design is only equivalent to a mid-range air conditioner fan, so it allows for space-saving abilities in any small living space.

Advanced aircon features

Sharp portable aircon products are fully integrated with modern features of conventional air conditioners such as dust filter, ion creation mode to clean the air, dehumidification mode, adjusting fan speed, and self-cleaning systems.

The Bad

Hot air vent must be reinstalled when changing the position

The standard Sharp portable aircon has a rear connection tube to release hot air from the outdoor unit to the outside. When installing a Sharp portable air conditioner, you need to install this hot air exhaust outside the room to ensure the portable air conditioner's cooling effect.

However, every time we move the portable air conditioner position at home, we need to reinstall the hot air exhaust to ensure the air conditioner works well. This can sometimes prove to be annoying for those who are not familiar with machines.

Noise during operation

When using a Sharp portable aircon, both the outdoor unit and the indoor unit are essentially stored inside the room, causing a slight noise that can be inconvenient for some. Moreover, since these products under this aircon type are considered a non-inverter series, the noise level is relatively large.

Limited capacity

Sharp portable aircon models usually range from 1 HP-1.5 HP. This can be incompatible if you have a room or space that has a size of more than 20m2. If you're looking for portable aircons with higher horsepower, we recommend TCL. Check our review here.


  • Has great cooling capacity that is comparable to window type aircons
  • All portable aircons are equipped with wheels for portability and convenience
  • Has a compact design which is good for small spaces
  • Possesses modern aircon features


  • Hot air vent must be reinstalled when changing the position
  • Relatively large noise levels
  • Limited to spaces with less than 20 square meters

Sharp CV-P10MX

Sharp CV-P10MX picture

This Sharp portable aircon model is a 3-in-one portable aircon, generating 6 = 9500 BTU to cool the room up to 18m2. The Sharp CV-P10MX also features a 3-speed fan and dehumidifier, and air purifier for additional comfort. With its advanced and modern design, it can efficiently distribute 4-way air cooling. 

The Sharp CV-P10MX also features Library Quiet technology, delivering a lower noise level, approximately at 36 Mb. Another advantage is that you do not need to empty the condenser tray manually, as it evaporates as it passes through the air vent. Some other features for this Sharp Portable Aircon are Ion Filters, Mega Cool, Auto Cool, etc.

However, you cannot use the control panel and change the mode and temperature because there are no buttons. You can only access the modes and commands via the remote control.

Sharp CV2O10SC

This Sharp portable aircon model also has 3-in-1 functions: the air conditioner, ion generator, and dehumidifier.

The CV2P10SC comes with a complete window switch and hoses, two parts that are very important for expelling hot air from the room to the outside.

However, when it comes to the noise level of the product, user reviews offer mixed opinions. Some have rated it great, but some were unimpressed over the brand’s patent for its "Library Quiet" noise level technology.

The capacity of Sharp CV2P10SC is larger than that of Sharp CV-P10MX because it can cool the room with an area of about 32m2. Its desiccant ability works quite effectively, along with the Plasmacluster Ion generator to help fresh air and eliminate static electricity.

Furthermore, this product can be controlled via remote control. You can have complete control over a wide range of settings or switching.

Is Sharp the Right Choice for You?

Overall, Sharp’s portable air conditioners have many features that provide the same level of standard cooling as other larger air conditioner types. If you are looking for a budget-friendly way to enjoy better indoor air quality and comfort without sacrificing space, then the brand’s portable aircon units should be right up your alley.

If you’re interested in other aircon types and brands, make sure to check out our ultimate 2021 buying guide!

1000+ Reviews
All our happy customers can’t be wrong! Let us take care of your home cleaning need.
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