Ultimate Toshiba Air Conditioner Review: A 2021 Buying Guide

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As we move past the pandemic and slowly return to the old normal, the need to invest in a safe and better home and office environment will be everyone’s top priority. 

This includes investing in a high-quality and highly capable air conditioning and ventilation system to create a cooler, more comfortable, and relaxing space for everyone. And this is exactly where Toshiba enters: as one of the trusted aircon brands in Singapore today, the Japanese heavyweight continues to produce some of the world’s leading air conditioner brands for homes and offices.

In this Toshiba aircon review, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the brand — from its pros and cons, world-famous features and all the way to its best-selling product lines.

Pros and Cons

Before we take a closer look at the best-selling units in this Toshiba aircon review, here are the pros and cons you need to know:

The Good

Quality Air Filter & Purification Technology

Almost all Toshiba air conditioning products are equipped with an anti-mold filter that filters dust and mold to help limit harmful agents' growth for your family's health. This filter is also removable, easy to replace and clean.

Some of the company's newer high-end products also have filters using Toshiba's IAQ antibacterial technology, removing 85 to 99% of bacteria, dirt, and mold, including the H5N1 virus. IAQ is a combination of silver crystals (Ag) and Leuconostoc Enzyme, effectively destroying the proliferating environment of viruses, bacteria and effectively deodorizing.

Air purification systems are operated by generating charged ions. These ions will attract harmful particles into the filter membrane; then, they are removed by the drain water line. With this technology, Toshiba aircon can filter 99% of allergy-causing molecules such as fine dust, 95% of harmful bacteria, and 85% of other viruses. Plasma ion technology can also help eliminate odors caused by mold, cigarette smell, and food odors.

Tips Icon

Did you know that Fujitsu, another Japanese aircon manufacturer, patented a self-cleaning filter technology among other high-quality innovations? Apart from innovating, they are also committed to conserving energy and natural resources. If you want to know more about Fujitsu as an aircon brand, check out our review!

Smart and Outstanding Features

Magic Coil is one of Toshiba’s exclusive smart anti-stain technologies, highlighting the brand’s premium air conditioning product line.

The surface of the air conditioner is coated with a special coating called Aqua. This coating works to prevent dust from sticking to aluminum foil's outer surface so that the indoor units will be protected from harmful and polluting agents. 

Not only that, the Magic Coil system can also self-remove dust through the drain with Magic Clean Air technology, helping you save on time and money for any unnecessary repairs and costs.

Efficient Cooling

The Hi-Power technology from Toshiba Aircon will minimize cooling time optimally, thereby helping the room quickly reach the temperature you want. You must use this feature from the beginning, when you first turn on the air conditioner and when the normal temperature of the room is greater than or equal to the set temperature of 3.5C.

Durability and Ability to Save Electricity

Previous users have evaluated Toshiba as a brand that offers good durability, quiet operation, and stability.

The Toshiba aircon series are rated well for their ability to save electricity. Toshiba's prominent state-of-the-art technologies to enhance this feature are the Inverter technology, Hybrid Inverter inverter, Eco Mode mode, and Power Selection function.

The Bad

Poor Structural Design

Toshiba’s downside lies in its outdoor unit’s unreasonable structural design. Although this point does not affect the units’ operation and product quality, the company also needs to consider the problem and improve it in its next iterations.

Specifically, the wind flow control board is designed right on the indoor unit's fan motor area, which is the most repulsive to water exposure. This will make it more difficult to clean the aircon when cleaning; it should be careful not to let water get on the board or be damaged. 

If you do not know how to clean, it is best to contact a professional aircon expert to ensure your product gets the proper cleaning attention.


  • Equipped with air filter and purification technology
  • Has smart features like the Magic Coil which is Toshiba's exclusive anti-stain technologies
  • Efficient cooling system due to the Hi-Power Technology
  • Offers good durability, quiet operation, and stability


  • Poor structural design which makes it hard to clean and repair

Toshiba Aircon Single Split System

Toshiba N3 Series

toshiba n3 aircon series

By operating silently, the Toshiba N3 series is offered to bring comfort to its users. With the help of its sophisticated filtration system, it helps you breathe in clean air. It is available with 2kW and 7kW power options to allow you to use it as needed during the entire year.

Toshiba Inverter Hi-Wall Split System

toshiba inverter hi-wall split system indoor unit

This model is available in 8kW and 10kW and is recommended as a good alternative to the N3 range because of its features. A built-in controller and a follow-me sensor are also included in the unit’s features. Through its self-cleaning feature, it can efficiently decrease humidity and provide you with clean air to breathe in effectively.

Toshiba Aircon With A Multi-split System

Toshiba Inverter Hi-Wall

This Toshiba multi-split AC model is considered a modest and tactfully designed model with an incredibly low noise level and amazing design finish.

It efficiently purifies the air and is known to have energy saving capabilities. Thanks to its self-cleaning and auto diagnosis functionality, it is very convenient for its users. If you have a bigger room to cool off, they can be the perfect Toshiba aircon for you. When cooling your home with at least two indoor units, it consumes 2.5kW of electricity.

Toshiba Inverter Ducted

Toshiba believes that the range of multi-split inverter ducted systems offers efficient and controllable year-round comfort. The Toshiba RAS-M16G3DV-E tends to create the least noise in the brand's line of multi-split system aircon if you are looking to preserve some quiet in the house. 

This device is set to run between 25 dB and 35dB, respectively. However, the noise level of the other inverter ducted air conditioning systems from Toshiba does not stray a lot and usually varies between 27 dB and 35 dB. 

Toshiba Inverter Cassette

It is easy to mount and retain a Toshiba aircon of this kind. It has a four-way slim cassette with a 600mm x 600mm regular grid format. As all the units' dimensions and weight are the same, it can be used to exchange cool air simultaneously in three rooms.

Toshiba Inverter Console

For small spaces, this aircon lineup is highly recommended as they can be mounted at a lower height on the walls or floors. These air conditioners' bi-flow functionality helps you to independently follow cool air through their two outlets in two locations. With its child positioning and deodorization features, you can also keep your children safe and deodorize your room at all times, respectively.

Toshiba-split outdoor units

Toshiba’s range of outdoor multi-split inverter units also offer their own share of performance pros. The Toshiba DC hybrid inverter, which the brand says boosts performance and efficiency, includes seemingly lightweight modules for better cooling. 

The Toshiba Multi Splits on the other hand are claimed to have quicker and more reliable temperature control compared to fixed-speed systems because of its DC compressors.

Making the Right Choice

Although Toshiba Aircon is not the best-selling air conditioner brand in Singapore, its refrigeration capacity and durability can no doubt compete with other more known Japanese brands. Overall, it’s a capable and high-quality air conditioner for every home and office.

1000+ Reviews
All our happy customers can’t be wrong! Let us take care of your home cleaning need.
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