Janitor Cleaning Tips and Tricks for Commercial Spaces

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Keeping a large office or commercial space clean is no easy task! It requires a professional touch and a keen eye, along with heaps of energy and spunk. Even if you’ve been at this for many years, it is the kind of job that you always have more to learn about.

To help those who are responsible for cleaning commercial spaces, we have created a handy guide full of useful tips to help you achieve the desired result with maximum efficiency. This is our guide for janitorial cleaning tips and tricks for commercial spaces.

Janitorial Cleaning Tips for Commercial Spaces

Below is a stellar list of tips and tricks that will help you make quick work of cleaning commercial spaces.

Manage the energy being used

The concept of sustainability is thrown around a lot in today’s day and age, but implementing it competently is a whole other ballgame. The janitorial staff members in commercial cleaning play a major role in this department as they are often the last individuals to leave a commercial space at the end of the day.

Using a color coded system lets you inform the janitorial services about the ways in which they can help conserve power. You can opt to use red dots for machines that can be turned off, green dots for those that need to be running round the clock, and yellow dots for elements that need to be confirmed with the client before being turned off.

Using this system helps save the company tons of energy and this invariably improves the finances as well.

Provide disinfecting sanitizers all over the office

One of the easiest ways in which the overall hygiene levels of an office can be preserved is by providing sanitizers at multiple locations across the office. This is useful round the year but especially handy during flu season. Janitorial services who provide this helpful addition in resources are often appreciated by clients.

Clean floor surfaces thoroughly

Floor care projects can be extremely time consuming and requires a lot of effort on behalf of the cleaners. One sure-shot way of getting this job done well is by taking your time with the task. Rushing the first half and running out of energy for the second is a common problem when it comes to cleaning large floor spaces. Patience, in this situation, is the most important tool — and one of the greatest tips — in the arsenal of a janitorial staff member or commercial cleaners.

Use a neutral cleaner for all floors

Now that we covered tips regarding the mindset you need to clean large floor spaces, we can dive into some specifics. It is important to remember that the pH levels of the cleaners or solutions you’re using really matters when it comes to cleaning floors. It is always recommended that you try and stick to a solution that’s neutral on the pH scale. This means that the solution stands at a pH of 7. 

Highly acidic cleaners can stain your floors and can even rub off some surfaces. This is why a neutral solution is always ideal for this task.

Clean all electronics and appliances

Most modern company offices have plenty of electronics and appliances, and all of these need to be wiped down thoroughly. You can use a disinfectant for this, and make sure to get the phone handsets as well as they are infamous for being germ and bacteria magnets.

Wipe and clean the walls

One of the sections of the office that usually get ignored by janitorial services are the walls. This is especially true for spaces that have white walls or utilize other such light shades. These walls tend to build up dirt over time and it’s vital to add this surface to the schedule.

Dust from top to bottom

There are a million ways to go about commercial cleaning, but a time-tested method has always been to conduct the cleaning from top to bottom. This means that you need to focus on the higher surfaces first (such as the ceiling, shelves, fans) before you get to the floor.

Doing this makes cleaning a lot easier as all the dust from the higher surfaces falls to the floor which you can clean right at the end.

Install mats to keep floors clean

A great way to reduce the cleaning duties that can come your way next time round is by installing mats at all entrances in the space. Mats helps to collect snow, debris, dirt, and all other unnecessary particles that will need to be cleaned if they enter the office.

Strategize before even cleaning

Regardless of the size and intensity of the project, it is always a good idea to build a cleaning strategy before you actually get to doing the job. This involves understanding the order in which various sections need to be cleaned, and the type of cleaning tools you’ll employ for each section.

Making a plan and running it through your head or on a checklist before you start will help you make fewer errors.

Always disinfect and deodorize

Last but not the least, make sure to end all cleaning duties by disinfecting and deodorizing all surfaces before you exit the commercial space.

Commercial Cleaning Done Right: Keep Calm and Clean on

We hope that the detailed list of tips and tricks presented above will help you do commercial cleaning with ease. For more useful guides and tips, make sure to visit our blog today!

If you are looking for a professional commercial cleaning company in Singapore with a good reputation, then contact us, Luce SG, right now to set up a cleaning service for your workplace.

1000+ Reviews
All our happy customers can’t be wrong! Let us take care of your home cleaning need.
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