5 Benefits of Pressure Washing Commercial Building

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Commercial buildings are one of the most in demand forms of real estate today because they serve as ideal spaces for different businesses, companies and organizations. It seems that the work never truly stops in these buildings as employees and workers are bustling all over the place to chase deadlines and meet requirements.

However, with everyone too focused on their responsibilities for the day, there’s no one to notice how filthy the floors are getting. And the high foot traffic that these buildings see on a daily basis means that cleaning isn’t as easy as carrying around a mop and a bucket of water and going through each level. 

While a popular household cleaning method, mopping would only inconvenience people who have important places to be. It could also be counterproductive as there is a high chance that people would simply walk all over the wet spots and leave dirty footprints lying around. 

The bottom line is that despite being a well-known way of cleaning, mopping could be a vicious cleaning cycle that gets nothing truly clean. Luckily, there have been many innovations and advancements when it comes to cleaning commercial buildings that are specifically tailored to work around the number of occupants it sees—one of which is pressure washing.

What is Pressure Washing?

Pressure washing is a cleaning method that uses pressurized water to clean different surfaces. The pressurized water is produced by a pressure or power washer, which is a machine with a water pump and motor that lets the cleaner adjust the water pressure accordingly to meet specific cleaning needs. 

Washing through this method can be done with high pressure or low pressure, with each having its own advantages. High water pressure is used to clean more durable or porous surfaces that need more pressure to be thoroughly cleaned, whereas low water pressure is used for more delicate surfaces and are usually accompanied by other forms of cleaning.


Pressure washing is usually done with cooler water as opposed to power washing that includes a heating element to release warmer water. There are many scenarios that warrant the use of a pressure washing such as cleaning vehicles, roofs, sidewalks, parking lots, gutters, and commercial buildings.

Benefits of Pressure Washing Commercial Buildings

Pressure Washing Cleans More Thoroughly

Pressure washing is a very popular way of cleaning commercial buildings because of how much better it cleans compared to more traditional forms of cleaning like mopping. While mopping across each floor only moves any dirt and debris around, a good pressure washing  will actually eliminate these particles all together thanks to the high pressure water.

Many people underestimate the importance of a hygienic environment, but this is especially true in buildings that house several businesses and companies. A cleaner and healthier environment not only allows employees to work harder and thrive in their roles and responsibilities, but it also imparts a good impression on customers and clients that visit.

Pressure Washing Saves More Time

Other forms of cleaning tend to consume much more time and energy. Not only does the cleaner need to cover the entire space, but there is also the waiting time needed to let everything dry completely. These aren’t things that can be afforded by commercial buildings that have thousands of people visiting everyday.

The last thing that anyone wants is to walk into a commercial building, only to find a wet floor sign surrounded by several dirty footprints. Another benefit of pressure washing is that it's an effective method of cleaning, while also being time efficient. 

The high pressure used to clean means that there’s no longer a need to spend more time scrubbing at more stubborn areas, which means that cleaners no longer have to spend as much time getting an entire floor spotless. And when availed through a professional cleaning service, you can schedule your pressure washing to align with the building’s closing hours.

Pressure Washing is Versatile

With the amount of people walking in everyday, commercial buildings are naturally put through a lot. Not only can these patrons bring in the dirt and dust of the outside world into the building’s pristine floors, but they can also be causing different accidents that they just leave and run away from.

Contrary to popular belief, pressure washing isn’t only for cleaning building floors. A good session with this cleaning method can undo all of the wear and tear that a commercial building sees everyday. From uncleaned spills that have long since dried to various stains left by different customers, a good pressure cleaning can get your building looking good as new.

Pressure Washing is an Investment

Pressure washing can also be used to maintain the exterior of your building. When left unattended and unmaintained for too long, different stains and contaminants can be much harder to clean away, warranting much more maintenance costs. 

However, a good pressure washing can give the outside of the commercial building a refresh without the high costs. It’s also a great way to sustain the integrity of the infrastructure by dealing with trapped moisture, mold and mildew growth, and different dirt particles that could cause the building’s facade to deteriorate.

Pressure Washing is Accessible with Luce Office

Despite the many proven benefits, many individuals and building owners may still feel some skepticism about pressure washing with the belief that it’s a very hard service to secure, but that isn’t true. As one of the leading cleaning companies in Singapore, Luce Office offers a wide range of services to help your workplace remain spotless, including pressure washing.

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1000+ Reviews
All our happy customers can’t be wrong! Let us take care of your home cleaning need.
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