How to Clean Industrial Warehouse

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Industrial warehouses are great for inventory control and storage solutions, but it can seem incredibly intimidating to clean them yourself. While you might have a cleaning agency come by and perform regular cleanings, there will be those times when you’ll have to get your own hands dirty in between sessions, which is why it’s helpful to know how to go about it.

You might think that it’s completely impossible, especially with how much space you have to cover, but here’s an easy way to clean an industrial warehouse yourself.

How to Clean a Warehouse

Step 1: Prepare the Warehouse

The first step is always to make sure that your warehouse is ready to be cleaned. This means setting aside any heavy duty vehicles or machineries and covering them with a protective sheet to avoid any accidental damages or dust fallout. Make sure to also keep an eye out for any additional obstructions that could make the cleaning harder or more dangerous.

Step 2: Remove Any Large Debris

Before getting into the nitty gritty of it all, it’s best to tackle any large spots where dirt or debris could have accumulated. Focusing on these areas first will make the cleaning process much more manageable and easier overall. You can address these areas with either a large broom or an industrial-strength vacuum cleaner.

Step 3: Cleaning Higher Areas

After giving the whole space a preliminary cleaning by removing any visible dirt and dust, it’s time to clean the higher locations of your warehouse like shelves, racks, windows and cooling ducts. 

It’s best to start with the higher areas rather than working from down up because the dust you’ll sweep up will naturally fall onto the lower levels anyway. Cleaning the higher areas is simply more efficient and will stop you from having to sweep and clean twice.

When cleaning higher areas, you can use either a long-handled duster, or an industrial-strength vacuum cleaner with a telescoping cleaning attachment to make reaching farther spaces much easier. Just make sure that you’re following all safety protocols when working at great heights.

Step 4: Cleaning Floors

Cleaning the higher levels of your warehouse will naturally cause some of the dirt and dust to fall onto the floor, as well as the lower levels of your racks and shelves. Simply follow the same procedure used to clean the higher areas to also clean the lower levels and tiers.

Once finished, it’s time to clean the floor, and you can do this with any industrial floor cleaner available on the market as these are great for removing any dirt or stains. Just make sure that you follow the recommended instructions at the back of the packaging when going over the entire space.

Step 5: Final Checks

With the vast amount of space inside an industrial warehouse, it’s best to make sure that you didn’t miss any dirt or debris that could be clinging to the nooks and crannies. Before ending your cleaning session, walk through the entire warehouse to make sure that every area was addressed and properly cleaned.

These are some easy steps that you can follow to clean your entire warehouse from top to bottom, but you can also feel free to only implement certain ones if you’re dealing with a more isolated area. To make sure that your warehouse stays tidier in between professional cleanings, here are some additional tips that you can do!

Additional Tips to Keep a Clean Warehouse

Wipe Down Every Package or Item Delivered

The entire point of an industrial warehouse is for the storage of different items and consumer goods, but that doesn’t mean that you also need to bring in the dust and dirt that come with it. You might be unknowingly welcoming loose debris into your warehouse when you bring in these deliveries, so make sure that you give each item a good wipedown beforehand.

Cleaning Machineries and Equipment

Your heavy equipment could be another place where dirt and debris could be lurking, especially with the amount of work that they do transporting potentially dusted packages around your warehouse. To make sure that there’s nothing clinging onto your machines, take some time to clean them every once in a while.

Regular Cleanings

The best way to stop the massive accumulation of dust in your warehouse is to perform regular cleanings, which will stop any messes from getting too out of hand and instead break the task of cleaning down to manageable portions. 

Make sure to keep an eye out for whatever dirt could be forming in your warehouse and take the necessary actions to address these before they grow out of control.

When In Doubt, Call Luce SG

An industrial warehouse is also a place of work for many employees, which is why it’s important to keep everything neat and tidy to ensure the best working environment for them. However, there will be times when you won’t be able to spare a few hours to clean everything yourself, and that’s when Luce SG comes in!

When you just can’t fit cleaning into your crazy schedule, don’t worry about subjecting your employees to work in a dirty warehouse because our well-trained and experienced cleaners can get the job done for you! Leave the cleaning to us so that you can focus on the things that matter.

Send us a message and schedule a cleaning appointment today!

1000+ Reviews
All our happy customers can’t be wrong! Let us take care of your home cleaning need.
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