How to Clean Gym Facilities & Equipments

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Fitness facilities often have harmful germs as people sweat and bring in bacteria during their workouts. Regular cleaning may not be enough to keep germs at bay, and you will need to disinfect your exercise machines, rubber mats, and other equipment.

Why Clean Gym Equipment?

Imagine all the dirt, sweat, bacteria, and odors picked up by the yoga mats, benches, and handles at the gym - that's not an ideal environment for you to be working out in! Gym equipment is subjected to a lot of grime, especially as people sweat while exercising. Sweat, combined with dirt tracked in by shoes, and dust in the air, can easily mess up workout equipment.

Not only is it unsanitary to keep gym equipment uncleaned, exercise equipment that is not sanitized between uses can spread germs, diseases, and skin issues from person to person. It is important to clean gym equipment for a healthy environment.

Whether it's cardio equipment or other workout equipment, it is standard practice to clean and disinfect them between uses, particularly after the pandemic period when most people are concerned with the spread of viruses and germs. Maintain a healthy and clean fitness facility, and follow these steps to ensure a pristine area:

How to Clean Gym Equipment: A Step-by-step Guide

This guide will walk you though cleaning different parts of the gym: from the foam rollers used in yoga classes, to the leather seats of the bench press. You can follow these steps to clean home gym equipment as well.

Step 1: Dismantle Removable Parts

The first step is to dismantle any removable parts from the gym equipment. This goes for the foam or rubber grip on handles, seat covers, mats, and more. Clean these separately as these are often the high-touch areas. Wipe down rubber and silicone parts with a disinfectant wipe, and wash foam and fabrics.

Step 2: Spray and Wipe Gym Equipment

Most workout equipment can be cleaned with a disinfecting solution or an all-purpose cleaning solution. Keep a spray bottle of sanitizer around for convenience, and use this to clean different types of exercise equipment like exercise mats, yoga balls, dumbbells, free weights, electrical components, and more.

To do this, spray the solution directly on a soft cloth, and use the damp microfiber cloth to wipe the entire surface of fitness equipment clean. This method is also a good way to clean home gym equipment, and many gym goers do this prior to using the equipment as well.

Step 3: Wash Fabric and Foam

Wash foam and fabrics at least once or twice a week to maintain cleanliness. This should be done not just on gym equipment like yoga mats and foam grips, but also on seat covers for the reception sofa, office chairs, curtains, floor mats, and other fabrics around the gym. Deep cleaning gym equipment frequently will help prevent odors from forming as well.

Between uses, you may use a disinfectant spray to clean yoga mat and foam handles as they are used by gym-goers. Make sure these parts are dry before letting people use them, and it is helpful to have disinfectant wipes around your gym or fitness center for patrons to use before and after working out.

Step 4: Wipe Down Stationary Parts

Next, wipe down stationary parts. These include the bulk of treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, and other similar equipment. Use a microfiber cloth and spray a disinfectant solution on it. Use this to wipe down all stationary parts, including any mirrors, glass partitions, and similar fixtures in the gym. Let the equipment air dry.

Step 5: Mop the Floors

At the end of the day, it is a good idea to mop the rubber floors with a disinfecting solution. This will keep your gym equipment clean as you are removing dust from the space, and will also clean up sweat particles, dirt, and bacteria tracked into your gym.

The same goes for your home gym: mopping the floors will keep your home gym equipment clean as the dust is swept away from the room. Mop the floors daily to keep the space pristine, and give you a healthier facility to work out in.

Step 6: Use a Deodorizing Spray

If needed, use a deodorizing spray to remove smells and odors from the fitness center. Avoid using sprays with artificially added fragrances as they can mix with the odors present in the room. Avoid using sprays with harsh chemicals, as gym goers can inhale the cleaning solution as they work out.

Instead, use a homemade solution of baking soda and water to get rid of smells. Place two cups of warm water and 1/4 cup of baking soda in a spray bottle, shake, and use to deodorize. You can add a few drops of tea tree oil for an extra disinfecting boost, but this is optional. Let the equipment air dry completely before letting patrons use them.

Workout Spaces

Having trouble cleaning your fitness facility or home gym? Our team at Luce SG can help! More than just cleaning commercial offices, our team is well-versed in maintaining sanitation in different facilities, and we use commercial disinfectant solutions to make sure your space is pristine! Upkeep healthy facilities, and have our team tackle the grime for you.

Contact us to discuss a cleaning schedule, and provide your gym goers with a well-maintained space! 

1000+ Reviews
All our happy customers can’t be wrong! Let us take care of your home cleaning need.
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