Ultimate Europace Air Conditioner Review: A 2021 Buying Guide

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Europace is a well-known brand for portable air conditioners in Singapore. Each unit from the brand is equipped with great cooling features and dehumidifying functions. But apart from these main selling points, Europace is known for its competitive pricing, offering a more affordable lineup of products compared to its more popular aircon contemporaries in this aircon review guide.

In this Europace aircon review, we’ll give you a closer look at the aircon brand’s pros and cons, along with the great features that come with its collection of aircon products.

Pros and Cons

Before we take a closer look at Europace’s best-selling aircon features, here’s an overview of the brand’s pros and cons:

The Good


Europace offers a competitive price point without sacrificing the quality and durability of its products. The aircon products from the brand are more affordable and come with cheaper price tags. This is ideal for new homeowners or individuals who are looking to buy their first-ever aircon unit without making a big price splash.

But if you are looking for other affordable aircon brands in Singapore, then we recommend looking at Midea's product lineup. Click here to see our in-depth look at each of its popular units and their best-selling features.

State-of-the-Art Features

Europace’s lineup of aircon units come equipped with a host of the latest features in air conditioning technology. These include energy-saving modes, temperature controls and performance enhancers such as chips and air swing functions.

The Bad

But before you make your purchase, here’s what you need to consider when it comes to Europace air conditioner units:

Service and Repair Compatibility

While Europace aircon units are generally known in Singapore, it’s worth noting that the brand can still be incompatible with some licensed aircon service and repair centers in Singapore. This is the total opposite when it comes to more popular aircon brands such as Daikin, Mitsubishi, Panasonic and Samsung.

Limited Aircon Unit Options

Europace offers a relatively limited selection of aircon units that can prove inadequate for the needs and requirements of aircon owners in the country. For instance, the brand only produces portable aircon units and system air conditioners. If you’re looking for a traditional window or cassette aircon, you’d be better off looking at other popular brands.


  • High quality and durable yet competitive price point
  • Packed with latest air conditioning techonology features


  • Limited aircon service and repair centers
  • Limited to portable and system types of air conditioners

Europace Aircon Features

europace brand logo

Up to 53% Energy savings

Europace aircon’s unique saving mode offers up to 53% energy savings in a study test that compared inverter vs. non-inverter aircon units. This is based on the total power consumption of 1 year at 8 hours per day.

Quick & Precise Temperature Control

This technology enables Europace’s aircon units to work at ultra-low frequency of 1Hz, allowing the units to perform more efficiently with less fluctuations compared to non-DC inverter and conventional inverters. This is a great feature that saves up on energy consumption while prolonging the lifespan of the aircon compressor.

High-Speed DSP Chip

The high-speed DSP chip enables the units to have a more accurate control of the compressor, resulting in a more stable and highly efficient unit performance. This is an exceptional feature that doubles down on the energy-saving capabilities of the units and reduces electricity bills for owners. 

Europace’s own aircon inverter control additionally also reduces compressor rotation speed when the machine’s load is low. Frequency is thus lowered, cutting down any unnecessary electricity consumption on the aircon unit’s end.

Optimum Performance with Adjustable Cooling Capacity

The Europace DC inverter aircon’s wider output range is designed to adjust different cooling powers depending on different room occupancy levels. This is a great feature that allows the unit to give optimum speed and air cooling for different room types. 

Aircon Twin Rotary Compressor

Europace DC inverter aircon’s stable frequency control technology takes care of the compressor by ensuring that it runs efficiently under low frequency. Not only that, this technology also optimizes the compressor’s overall efficiency whenever in use. 

3 Types of Healthy Filters

Europace aircon units come equipped with different health filters that act as barriers for the air you inhale and breathe. Every air particle is trapped, filtered and processed to the most thorough selection as possible to avoid any health issues for room occupants.

4-Directional Auto Swing

The front louver auto swing feature allows the aircon units to blow air vertically and horizontally, optimally producing air at every corner of the room.

Wide Angle Louver

Europace’s wide angle louver is designed to swing to a wide angle of 120 degrees, ensuring the optimal distribution of cool air into every corner of a room big or small.


Europace is a well-known air con brand in Singapore that offers quality products with competitive pricing. Whether you’re looking to score your first aircon unit or eyeing another one without breaking the bank, we recommend keeping the brand on your list.

1000+ Reviews
All our happy customers can’t be wrong! Let us take care of your home cleaning need.
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