Best Garage Air Conditioners - A Buyer's Guide

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Whether your garage is a workshop for personal projects or a garage gym, the last thing you want to be doing is sweating from the intense heat outside. Installing a garage air conditioner can not only make it a more pleasant place to stay in, but it can also keep the rooms around your garage cooler by removing the heat that may be hindering the cool air.

Here are a few AC for garages that you can look into if you want to keep the hot air at bay.

Things to Consider

Garage Space

One of the most important factors to consider is the floor space available in your garage as this will dictate the best garage air conditioner that you should be looking for.

Cooling Capacity

Another thing you should think about is the cooling capacity of the air conditioner. Most commonly measured in British Thermal Units (BTU), an air conditioner's cooling capacity indicates how quickly it can cool a room and how much space it can cover. 

However, keep in mind that a higher cooling capacity isn't always the best choice. Choosing an air conditioner whose BTU rating is too high for the amount of space available will not only exert unnecessary stress on the air conditioner by forcing it to switch on and off too often, but it can also make the room too cold and ultimately lead to some discomfort. 

Type of Air Conditioner 

The last thing that you should consider when choosing a new air conditioner is the type of air conditioner you can get. Since most garages are connected to the main house, you may simply choose to extend your existing HVAC system to also serve as your garage air conditioner, so long as you do it properly to prevent the creation of negative pressure.

If you find an unused electrical outlet on a garage wall, you can choose to buy a portable air conditioner. Portable air conditioners are great for being incredibly compact and easy to move with no installation required, while also being able to cool a garage. Portable AC units also don't take up too much space, which is great if you don't have a lot to spare.

If you have a big enough garage window, you can get a window air conditioner. However, make sure that the window you choose isn't facing north or east as this will place the window air conditioner in the direct sunlight, which will make it harder for the garage AC unit to produce cool air. For window air conditioners, it's best to choose a west-facing window.

Another option you can choose to entertain are mini split air conditioners, which are installed on your wall. Whatever you choose, the important thing is that it makes your garage cool and comfortable.

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List of Recommendations

Senville LETO Series Mini Split Air Conditioner (12,000 BTU)

This ductless mini split air conditioner is a 4-in-1 system that also serves as a heat pump, a dehumidifier and a fan. The inverter technology it utilizes also makes it incredibly energy efficient, while still being an effective cooling system.

And apart from its powerful 12,000 BTU rating, this mini split air conditioner is also equipped with smart technology compatibility, which lets you control it either through a smartphone app or through voice control with Amazon Alexa.

Midea EasyCool Window Air Conditioner (10,000 BTU)

Midea 10,000 BTU EasyCool Window Air Conditioner, Dehumidifier and Fan - Cool, Circulate and Dehumidify up to 450 Sq. Ft., Reusable Filter, Remote Control

With a 10,000 BTU rating that can pump cool air through 450 square feet, this window air conditioner also serves as a dehumidifier and fan with three fan speeds to help maintain the indoor air quality of your garage. This unit can also be a very energy efficient garage air conditioner with features like Eco Mode and EasyTimer, as well as an Energy Star Energy Efficiency Certification.

Another thing that makes this a great garage air conditioner for those of you with the window space needed is that it produces minimal to no noise levels during operation, making it ideal for those of you who choose to work in your garages. It also comes with a remote control to let you easily set the timer, temperature and mode from across your garage.

Maintenance is also very easy with the removable and reusable filter that removes any dust or pet hair and leaves nothing but fresh air for you and your family.

BLACK+DECKER BPACT10WT Air Conditioner (10,000 BTU)

This is one of the best portable air conditioners you can get for your garage with no need for professional installation. Not only is it perfect for even small garages due to its size, but it also packs an impressive cooling capacity that can cool a garage of up to 250 square feet and fill it with cold air. 

This indoor unit also comes with three energy efficient functions—cooling, dehumidifying and fan modes—to help you keep your preferred temperature without the insane energy costs. And with the remote control that comes with it, you can easily change settings to make a more comfortable living space.

Frigidaire FFRE153WAE Air Conditioner (15,000 BTU)

This window AC unit is a great air conditioner for larger garages. As a garage air conditioner, the 15,000 BTU rating of this window unit can cover up to 850 square feet of space, but the Energy Star certification means that it's energy efficient and won't put too much of a strain on your energy bills. It also serves as a dehumidifier to make sure that the warm air in your garage is under control.

It also comes with three different fan speeds, as well as a programmable 24 hour timer. Apart from that, it also has a sleep mode that lets this window air conditioner gradually raise the temperature a few degrees throughout the evening as you sleep. And with the handy remote control that comes with it, you can choose between these features from across your garage. The easy to clean filter also means that maintenance is much simpler.

Homelabes Portable Air Conditioner (8,600 BTU)

The 8,600 BTU rating of this portable air conditioner can circulate cold air in spaces between 450 to 600 square feet silently. It also evenly distributes the cool air with its automatic vertical swing. 

It also comes with a remote control that lets you set the temperature, switch between fan settings and choose different modes like cooling mode and sleep mode with a simple click of a button. The washable filter and filter indicator light also make its maintenance incredibly easy.

Having a garage air conditioner is great to keep you cooled when you're working, but you shouldn't forget to take care of it and give it a good cleaning every once in a while. It might seem like a lot of work that you don't want to do, but Luce Aircon is here so that you won't have to!

From installations and cleaning to repairs and maintenance, we'll make sure that you walk into a cooled garage with no worries.

Send us a message and schedule your first appointment today!

1000+ Reviews
All our happy customers can’t be wrong! Let us take care of your home cleaning need.
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